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How to find the best drug treatment centers

How to find the best drug treatment centers

Treatment for drugs and alcohol is a life or death matter. That is why you need to find the best drug treatment centers for your level of care. Whether you are interested in luxury rehab centers or more affordable spartan rehabs, here is the information you need to help you choose the best rehab for your treatment program.

A Medical Assessment of Your Dependence to Substances

Start by determining what level of care you are at. This can be best diagnosed by a physician. Go to your primary care physician and explain your concerns with substance use and dependency. They will most likely give you a series of tests including blood tests that will help determine the level of toxicity in your system, as well as the physical distress your body is in due to substance use. The doctor will also refer you to a type of treatment based on your level of care. Use this information to guide you to the next step.

Programs and Services of the Best Drug Treatment Centers

At the most reputable and experienced drug rehab facilities, you will find a wide variety of treatment settings and services. Depending on your substance use you may require detox as part of your treatment. If so look for this as you search for a rehab. However, not all detoxification programs are created equal. Look for a medically supervised and painless detox, which is available at the best treatment facilities. Other services that ensure an effective treatment program are, as noted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse:

  • Counseling of various levels including individual therapy, group sessions and family counseling
  • Prescription medications to curb withdrawal symptoms and to manage other co-occurring disorders, such as mental health issues
  • A tailored treatment plan for each and every client
  • Medical treatment for clients whom are also dealing with medical issues, such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis or hepatitis B or C
  • Treatment programs that are available as needed by clients

Finding the right rehab center for your treatment program is a vital part of your success and recovery from dependency to substances. While you may consider rehabs based on geographical proximity, cost and popularity, in the end the main goal of a stay in rehab is to treat your drug or alcohol dependence issues. That is why it is up to you to do the research when looking for the best treatment facility to meet your goals and level of care.