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The Fellowship House opened in 2008 when Sima and Ross Miller, a husband and wife team decided, after years of battling their own addictions, to get clean and open up their home to fellow addicts. Providing a structured program for adult men and women about an hour from downtown Los Angeles, in Newbury Park, California, it is not just a sober house—it’s a place that treats you like family.

Accommodations and Amenities

The beautiful three-level, six-bedroom house offers scenic views, hiking trails, a large balcony, state of the art appliances, a gourmet kitchen and media room for up to 12 residents. All of the bedrooms are double-occupancy, with queen or double beds in each, with the men on the middle floor, women on the top. Each level has two private bathrooms equipped with showers and tubs. The Fellowship House offers many amenities including a gym membership, all food and snacks provided, transportation, high speed wireless internet, laundry facilities, and a cleaning service that comes three times a week.

With an emphasis on the family environment that the house provides, clients eat most meals together. Each individual usually prepares breakfast and lunch for themselves, but residents come together at the end of the day to take turns cooking dinner for each other. The provided food is healthy and balanced, with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean proteins on the menu.

Rules and Regulations

The Fellowship House is unique in that it not only is designed to give the client a sober place to live, but also teaches them how to live day to day with the disease of addiction. Residents are required to regularly attend 12-step meetings, participate in household responsibilities and provide support their fellow housemates. For the first 30 days, clients must attend three AA/NA meetings a day, and after that initial time period, a minimum of once per day.

A typical day in The Fellowship House includes a 7:00 am meeting, followed by a quick tidying of the house, then off to the gym. An afternoon session of step work or Big Book study within the house takes place and then around 3 pm clients have some free time to relax. 5 pm is family dinnertime and then an evening meeting around 8:30 pm or so. All the meetings are held off site.

For clients who attend work or school, different meeting times are permitted as long as they are discussed beforehand with the staff. Getting a sponsor at the beginning of the clients stay is also mandatory, along with step work. The minimum stay at The Fellowship House is 60 days, though most clients choose to stay for longer, sometimes up to a year.

While rules are important, the house staff also believes that fun is important to ones sobriety. During the weekends, group activities like movies, dinners and going to the beach are a common occurrence. There are weeknight and weekend curfews of 10 pm and 12 am, respectively. Families and spouses are welcome at the house anytime, as long as it isn’t during a scheduled meeting time. Having the family members be very involved with the process is very important.


The Fellowship House offers a beach house getaway to clients on occasion in nearby Oxnard on Silver Strand Beach. The two bedroom home is for those who need alone time with their husbands and wives, or who just need to unplug and reboot.

Three recovery support coaches live on the premises and are available 24 hours a day. His or her main focus is to provide a sober companionship to anyone that needs a helping hand, especially during the first few weeks. Sober coaching and escorts are also available.

In Summary

The Fellowship House provides a peaceful home to those who are seeking a structured sober living situation. Mandatory meeting attendance ensures that clients keep up with their sobriety. The location and small client load creates an intimate, but exciting place to experience recovery.

The Fellowship House
188 Midbury Hill Rd
Newbury Park, CA 91320

The Fellowship House Cost: $3,000 (30 days). Reach The Fellowship House by phone at (805) 368-4049. Find The Fellowship House on Facebook

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