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Father Martin's AshleyAshley Addiction Treatment Review

For those who think that 12-step recovery is a religion, the alcohol and drug treatment center, Ashley Addiction Treatment, probably won’t do anything to convince them otherwise. The 31-year old, Maryland-based rehab was founded by Father Joseph Martin—a Catholic priest who earned national acclaim after the US Navy filmed a talk he gave on addiction—and Mae Ashley Abraham, an alcoholic who was inspired to get sober after hearing Father Martin’s talk. It’s 12-step recovery at its finest—one carries the message to another, and they join forces to forward the message to thousands.

Although Father Martin passed away in 2009, Father Martin’s Ashley does still have Catholic influences. The current CEO is also a priest and the rehab’s gift shop sells religious paraphernalia (as well as keepsakes with images of Father Martin’s face on them), but the most identifiably Catholic influences are the gravity and discipline with which the treatment program is run. In fact, other than the standard God talk that comes with most 12-step recovery, Ashley Addiction Treatment is non-denominational and welcomes people of all faiths (or lack thereof).

Accommodations and Food

Residents are housed at same-sex residences that have been described as clean and cozy, and each person should expect to have two roommates. While clients are encouraged to practice self-care and respect when it comes to caring for their personal space, Ashley Addiction Treatment does provide housekeeping and staff members take care of the laundry.

Ashley Addiction Treatment is a fairly strict and standard rehab, there is one area where they stand out—the food. It’s nothing gourmet or California-healthy, but the above-average quality of their down-home American cuisine is uncontested. Breakfast buffets of fluffy eggs, crispy bacon and fresh pancakes are enough to lift any addict’s spirits. Lunch and dinner are an array of solid choices from pasta dishes, fresh fish, and juicy steaks to chicken and meatloaf.

Treatment and Staff

Upon arrival, new clients are presented with their own copy of either the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous’ basic text, as well as Hazelden’s Twenty-Four Hours daily meditation book. Days at FMA start bright and early at 6 am and the curriculum will typically have their (up to) 78 clients occupied until about 9 pm—which might sound exhausting, but helpfully provides little time to think about using drugs or alcohol. For those distracted by the opposite sex, there will still be little to worry about—the only mixed-gender activity is group counseling, and the assigned seating at meals leaves little opportunity to co-mingle.

Combined with the program’s strict rules on phone use—and total restriction on music, outside reading and Internet—there aren’t many ways to lose focus. Most waking hours are spent in 12-step style groups, individual therapy or studying the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Ashley Addiction Treatment boasts an impressive array of professionals on staff including medical doctors, psychologists, registered nurses, addiction counselors and specialized clinicians. The staff and its dedication to recovery truly embodies the mission of this rehab’s founder.


Despite all the AA, there is some time for clients to engage in therapeutic activities like working out, aerobics, yoga, meditation, arts and crafts and playing the drums. Massage is now also available for an extra fee.

Another specialized area for Ashley Addiction Treatment is relapse prevention. Back in 1986, they became the first alcohol and drug addiction treatment center to offer a focus in this area. They have since designed The Ashley Relapse Treatment program, which incorporates renowned relapse researcher Terrance Gorski’s Relapse Prevention Model, 12-step approaches and Ashley Addiction’s treatment philosophy. This also goes hand-in-hand with Ashley Addiction Treatment’s strong alumni network, which continues correspondence with the nearing 40,000 former clients and arranges and hosts events on the main campus, as well as at other venues up and down the East Coast.

In Summary

Overall, this is a thorough program that doesn’t shirk on activities on treatment. Those who are resistant to 12-step or any religious program tracks might not find exactly what they need here but others could find they help they need.

Ashley Addiction Treatment Location

800 Tydings Lane
Havre de Grace, MD 21078

Ashley Addiction Treatment Cost

Call for cost. Reach Ashley Addiction Treatment by phone at (800) 799-4673. Find Ashley Addiction Treatment on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. I attended FMA late last year, and I am transcribing all of my journals onto the computer, which just makes me remember how truly horrible this place is. My counselor told me I talked too much in class, I needed to “get in line or ship out” because a lot of people wanted to be there, I was eventually kicked out after 2 weeks for “fraternizing” (aka playing chess with an old man, monopoly with a group, frisbee outdoors), doing my treatment plan first too slowly then too quickly, for being a behavioral nuisance, and essentially my counselor hated me and the head counselor said “they couldn’t help me.” Mind you, I own my own company, got a full-ride to GWU on academics and athletics, make six figures, and developed a problem with alcohol due to abusive relationships. Does that sound like a behavioral menace to you? Hmm. Needless to say, I basically begged not to be kicked out, left shell-shocked, started drinking 8 days later, then went to a WONDERFUL treatment center after that for a month, and stayed clean! FMA, such a shame that you tried to ruin my recovery.

    • Lily, Congratulations on getting sober. That is 1st . If nothing else.
      After reading your blog, you do sound like a handful. You should go back and read what you wrote. You back it up with you have your own business making 6 figures. Now the only way to do that is to Be A Talker & Hustler. Nobody gets ahead by being Little Bo Peep sitting quietly in the corner. I never heard a successful business woman say, “I sat quietly in the corner for Years and then made 6 figures”. See, it does not even sound right. I too, am a business woman who graduated from FMA. I spoke the truth when I was there. But I was smart enough to close my mouth, to hear what they had to teach me.

      • Jonathan Dillard on

        They have nothing of value to teach if its forced 12 steps which are not help

        12 step facilitation is psychiatric abuse.

  2. I attended FMA and I must say I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the place. First off, its beautiful. I was coming from nothing to this place and felt like I was living in another world. The therapy is top
    notch. The group therapy and individual was awesome. I learned so much. The patients were a mixture of people..from rich to poor, alcoholics to heroin addicts. What I learned most was I wasn’t alone, a lot of people felt the way I do and I learned tools to fight my addiction.

    For people who are saying they are all about money, that’s not true. I went for a 28 day stay free. On scholarship. My father and stepmother even were invited to a family weekend to help the addict/alcoholic that was all expenses paid. I’m sure that these scholarships aren’t available to everyone, they do have them there for uninsured people in need.

    I believe whole heartedly in twelve step programs. And yes that was “pushed” in this rehab, however I never felt like they forced Christianity or Catholicism on anyone. More spirituality. I’m sure some people need different things, for me being so low, and feeling like I was a horrible person, FMA pampered me and made me feel like I had hope.

    They do have rules. Part of being an addict is thinking rules don’t apply to them. If you break the rules, you face consequences. Its very simple.

    Also if someone relapses after going to rehab, its not the rehabs fault. Most addicts relapse at some point. I’ve read as high as 90 percent of addicts relapse. But although AA/NA Is full of cliches, a lot of them are true. So yeah athough a lot of people relapse, just take it one day at a time. It does work and you can recover if you do the next right thing.

    For me I got out of Ashley, do d what I was supposed to do…went to a recovery house, got a spobser went to meetings…HOWEVER, I never called my sponsor, I met a guy, flirted and giggled all through the meetings. They told me don’t get a boyfriend in the first year, I married him within five months. I relapsed. I really went hard BUT when I finally crawled out of the gutter again, I had all the tools FMA taught me and I got clean and sober. Iwent to meetings, I told my story, I helped others. I’ve laughed and cried and made wonderful friends. and today I’m worthwhile member of society. And I truly believe if FMA hadn’t taught me all that they did and showed me I was worth saving, I wouldn’t be alive today.

    • I just wanted to add because I just read other reviews, it seems like families and addicts want to blame others for the addicts behavior. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO GET HIGH THEY WILL. that’s it. FMA can give you everything you need but if you don’t use it then that’s on you. If people bring in drugs ,and they choose to use, their choice. Drugs are everywhere, in Baltimore its easier to get heroin then a cigarette or a beer. Does that mean I have to use it? No. Someone else said it was FMA fault that they “allowed ” someone’s girlfriend come see them and the guy ran off. Who’s choice was that? The mans. The girlfriend didn’t abduct him by force. The man chose to have his girlfriend come visit. If the program didnt work for some people, that’s too bad but it is a good program. Staying sober is very simple. We make it complicated.

  3. Its all about sucking the insurance company dry, insurance company need to send a investigator for Ashley Treatment center.
    I think there are kick backs to certain corporation.
    Most employees counselors are former if not still drug addicts. watch the Iop program extended sucking insurance company dry.
    I have bed bugs and lice bits.
    Medical care out side to specialist is very slow.
    pill pushers they are

    • I had a total different experience. Nothing but positive things to say. And of course counselors are former addicts and alcoholics….most are. Sorry you had a bad experience, wish you well.

      And certain corporations have a CONTRACT where if their employee needs help, they go to FMA. Is that what you mean?

  4. Brokenhearted on

    My loved one attended your facility before we were a couple. I believe he was clean 4 to 5 years before we got together. For 3 months he was great, then things started to change. He would here voices in his head telling him I was being unfaithful when I would leave the house which caused him to become abusive and destructive. I had a wonderful relationship with his family but he changed all that with his lies and deceitfulness. He stole my jewelry, my mother and grandmother’s jewelry that was given to me. I caught him many time smoking crack and even physically fought him to get it away from him. The abuse got so bad I had to leave. I waited until he was at work and packed all I could in to my car and left. I was so in love with that man. It broke my heart to drive away but I was scared for my life. I really think he should have returned to Father Martin’s Ashley but if I mentioned it he went nuts. I hear from him occasionally. I don’t ask how he is because I know the lies he will tell me. He lied so much about everything but always would say “I don’t lie”. I will always love him but I will never have another relationship with him. Their is no trust where he is concerned. I feel for his family. They have given up a lot for him and him being a middle aged adult, they should not have had to.

  5. All
    We have a son at FMA right now in continuing care after completing 28 days. So, number one, he wanted to go and wanted to try to get clean, Two, he has done everything they have asked him to do, three, the whole family is actively involved with his recovery. Our experience thus far has been nothing more than all we could have hoped for. He loves it there and has no complaints, every phone call an email has been promptly returned, all the staff have been more then nice to us and seem to really care. Family weekend was one of the best things our family ever did, it brought us all closer together than ever. Here are my observations so far, If the person does not want to go and resist they are probably not ready forcing them when they don’t admit the problem is an uphill battle, Be involved all that you can be, learn what the disease is all about and how you can and can’t help. the bad things, COST, program is not cheap and I totally understand why people get frustrated if someone isn’t “cured” sorry, no such thing. for us this has been a blessing in disguise, lots of issues that were buried for a long time have come out and are being dealt with in a healthy manner. I wish everyone could have the same experience as us, but there are no guarantees and if the addict isn’t willing they wont be able…………….good luck to you and your loved ones, thanks to FMA we have a bit of hope we didn’t have not that long ago. God Bless

  6. Tia Mariana on

    My loved one attended Ashley and totally disregarded everything they taught her. She relapsed within two weeks, and, since then, has lost her job, totaled two cars, let her house get filled with filth, and is being pursued by debt collectors. She goes to the hospital every week with a BAC over .3 and recently reentered Ashley (less than a year after she was released). She is back in the same program. There has been no contact with family, despite the fact that my loved one can’t even figure out how to set her clock and seldom know what day it is. I think Ashley has good staff, and good ideas. but it is not for the long-term, chronic drug addict or alcoholic who has good insurance and knows how to work the system.

  7. My loved one just completed a 35 day program at fma and I am so happy and impressed with the love, caring and security there. He is a new person and their alumni contacts will help him stay sober. No guarantees, just one day at a time. Not all addicts will get better but if they are ready, fma is probably the best in the country. Ask my heavy metal, tattooed, counter culture loved one who is not religious. He told me he was really sad to leave, but anxious to start his life anew. I am forever grateful to fma.

  8. My son is a herion addict and has been in and out of many rehabs, and he finally started making progress, but ended up getting kicked out for very minor offenses…being a few minutes late for drum circle because he took too long talking to a staff member who was running the art class, talking to women who approached him after a meeting after he finally opened up (only talking), being a few minutes late here and there. Not 6 months ago he was homeless living in a jungle gym with a needle sticking out of his arm. He got clean, moved into a halfway house, but relapsed and showed up at my door. He was serious about getting clean and he turned to Father Martin’s Ashley for help. They essentially gave up on him. I understand consequences for actions, but make him scrub a floor so he learns a lesson if you’re trying to help him, don’t kick him out the same day you give him kudos for the great changes he is making. Not very Catholic of them… Not very therapeutic of them either. I am praying that the way they gave up on him doesn’t lead to a relapse.

    • Father Martin's Ashley on

      We take administrative discharge of our patients very seriously. The decision to release a patient before treatment is complete is not based solely on one event but on several violations of our rules and policies. We exhaust every effort to resolve serious issues clinically until it is clear that a patient is unwilling to adhere to the facility rules as outlined. The well-being of all of our patients is our paramount concern. Therefore, we establish and enforce our rules and policies to ensure the safety and security of every person who trusts us to treat them and help them reach recovery. We invite you to please call us at 410 273-2309 to address your son’s specific experience.

      • Concerned mom on

        Oh come on… Even your psychologist recommend against him leaving which leads me to wonder if the reason for him leaving were personal or financial. All I know is I wouldn’t recommend your program in a million years and a phone conversation with you guys was had already before he was kicked out… When you mattered. You are nothing but a bad experience to us and I don’t wish to call you. I only wish to help others not have our experience.

        • I addressed “concerned mother” in thefix site and there was no rep!y from the concerned mother! I find it disturbing that YOU the concerned mother blame this on the rehab. You need therapy! I was there during your son’s stay. The only thing you are right about is the fact that he was making progress and did not cause a threat to anyone there! He should never have been dismissed! FMA should have not NOT NOT sent him home! Why they did is bs ! He deserved another chance! Why do nt you take time to mend his horrendous childhood?? Rather than keep sending him to rehabs? How many has he been to???? Step up and YOU make the amends and take responsibility for your part in his addiction??

        • His actions have consequences. Most addicts think rules don’t apply to them and then they have family cosigniNG this BS.

          When I went the rules were laid out, if you broke them, you had to leave. Give the spot to someone who wants help. If he is still using its because he wants to. Getting kicked out has nothing to do with him using. He could have left and went straight to a meeting, he chose to use. I hope he chooses to stop. Addiction is an ugly disease. I’ve been there, I ve been homeless with a needle sticking out of my arm, today its not like that. No matter how bad it is, he can always get better. All you can do is pray for him and don’t enable him but be there for him emotionally. I wish you and your family the best.

  9. Father Martin's Ashley on

    Thank you for this review. We want to clarify a couple of key points.

    First, Father Martin’s Ashley (Ashley) is a non-profit center that is not affiliated with any religious institution and welcomes patients of any or no faith. As you note, one of our original founders, Father Joseph Martin, was a Catholic priest in recovery who was a pioneer in the field of addiction treatment. His legacy is our inspiration and the foundation of our mission: Our sole purpose is to heal and we welcome and treat every patient with dignity and respect.

    We also believe addiction treatment must be comprehensive and tailored to meet each individual’s needs. Twelve-step abstinence is part of a full spectrum of treatment methods – including medical care and psychotherapy – we use to support each patient’s recovery in mind, body and spirit. Our medical director, Dr. Bernadette Solounias, is board-certified in psychiatry and also certified in the sub-specialty of addiction psychiatry. Additionally, our programs are managed by a PhD-level psychologist and staffed by highly qualified professionals who are known for their excellence and years of experience in the addiction treatment field. Our staff physician, pain specialist and director of nursing are onsite and full-time.

    We invite your readers to visit to learn more about our current offering or call our admissions team at 800.799.4673 Ext. 213 or 410.273.2213.

  10. My wife went in with a dual diagnosis of depression and alcoholism after relapsing from a 28 day treatment exercise at Desert Hope.
    From day 1 she asked to see a psychiatrist since part of her problem was a regimen of psychotropic drugs that she wanted to escape.
    After detox, 4 days, she kept requesting a psychiatrist but to no avail.

    Midway through the 28 day period and after we both screamed, raise hell and threatened them for malpractice; and after we decided to move her to a residential clinical setting, they said she was scheduled to see one “next week.”
    What a marvelous coincidence!
    That date would have ben around the 21st day of treatment which is laughable if it wasn’t so harmful to my wife.
    They were also either deceptive or just negligent and stupid about keeping us advised about insurance coverage..always at the last minute would they disclose the extent of coverage,

    Everyone with whom I spoke with rare exception sounded stupid and kept passing the buck…no one knows anything beyond their armpits.

    The grounds are nice and their inept treatment has provided grounds for legal action which I will relish taking.

    • Father Martin's Ashley on

      Cazzie, we appreciate your feedback. We apologize for not responding sooner but your post was just brought to our attention. At Father Martin’s Ashley, we implement a comprehensive treatment program for every patient. Addiction is a multi-faceted disorder that affects each person differently, which is why we work with the individual to find the right balance of medical care, prescription medications, psychiatric and psychological therapy, clinical counseling, holistic healing practices and 12-step methodologies to support recovery in mind, body and spirit.

      Our medical director, Dr. Bernadette Solounias, is board-certified in psychiatry and also certified in the sub-specialty of addiction psychiatry. Ashley’s counselors are certified addiction specialists – many of whom have multiple specialties, licenses and certifications – and work directly with our psychiatrists and psychologists every day to provide an integrated team approach to treatment. We take your feedback very seriously and invite you to please contact our VP of Development and Communications at (410) 273-2261 to address your experience.

      • FMA stop making g excuses! There are many issues to be addressed so suck it up make the necessary changes and admit it rather than say ” call us and we can address your concerns ” I did very well at your rehab BUT I consciously made an effort to use the frustrating situation s as a learning lesson because in the outside world I will have to adjust to frustrating challenges ! I wanted to be clean you presented the tools and I took them with me thank you so much! A happy sober graduate of FMA

  11. Spiritual guy on

    I was released from FMA on July 4th, 2015. I completed my 28 days successfully. I chose treatment there because of the views of the Chesapeake bay and the reviews I’d seen online. Also the long term sobriety that I’d read about from people who had attended FMA. FMA worked for me because I wanted it to work. I jumped in with both feet. I needed recovery. I was depressed, had high anxiety, I was suicidal. I was addicted to alcohol, taking benzodiazepines, doing cocaine and meth, having extramarital affairs, all of it. I paid attention and was all out honest from the beginning. The groups, community, food, facilities, staff, we’re all excellent. Above par. I had a spiritual awakening while at Father Martins. I am alive, sober, and working my recovery today. I’m not depressed, not anxious, not using any drugs or alcohol.

    so I wanted to put this online for others to read. I want everyone possible to read this.
    While I was there some knucklehead brought in some form of opiate, be it heroin, MDMA, Molly or some synthetic drug. At first it was only 3 people on it. Before those 3 guys were caught it got to about 20 people. They caught the 3 guys. After the 3 were kicked out it spread like wildfire. By the time my stay was up I could not wait to leave. Watching all of these addicts give into their drug of choice, because heroin is so prevalent along the east coast, I saw these people , the pain in there eyes. I knew they wanted help but they were in the grips of addiction. Out of 78 or however many people there-only 10 people-including myself were not on this drug. That’s men and women, the pain recovery program, relapse program, everyone. Young men, young women. All of it.
    It was brought to staffs attention, upper staffs attention. There were drug tests, searches, everything. This drug wasn’t showing up on the tests that FMA was giving them.
    Just think of this: if you were a drug dealer? Where’s 80 addicts with lots of money to buy your drugs? The nearest rehab.
    FMA needs better security policy and better drug testing. These drugs made it in inside a shampoo bottle that was never checked. Why? Because it could only be shampoo in there, right?

    • Father Martin's Ashley on

      Hello Spiritual Guy, we are glad that you completed treatment at Father Martin’s Ashley and are successfully continuing your recovery journey. However, we are sorry to hear about your concerns. We know you posted this a while ago, but it was just brought to our attention and we’d like to address it now. Ashley follows very strict security procedures to ensure our patients recover in the safest and most secure environment. We conduct frequent canine-facilitated drug searches, random drug tests and drug screenings.

      This is a challenge that healthcare institutions around the world face. Our security team and staff are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure they are kept abreast of the newest ways addictive substances can be hidden, enabling us to successfully detect them. If you would like to address the specific concerns you shared, we invite you to please contact our VP of Development and Communication at (410) 273-2261. We wish you the best in your recovery.

  12. My brother was put in this institution after a difficult intervention by his wife and I. Much of what appealed to us was there so called commitment to isolation, no cell phones or contact outside certain friends/members on the list. This was important to us specifically because he had been having an affair with a woman that continued to encourage drug use and tear his family apart. Once we dropped him off we were both disappointed by how business like it felt once they registered him in, it was all about sign this, pay for this, it’s extra for that… Within two weeks the institution permitted a visit from this woman he was having an affair with and who was specifically requested for him to have no contact with. In great negligence the center allowed this woman to visit on a Sunday, which of course ended with him running away from the institution and off with her. The analogy is like allowing a heroin junkie to have visitation from their dealer. How irresponsible and unprofessional can they be ?! When my sister in law was trying to find out how this can happen his counselor did not bother to return phone calls and was basically insensitive, apathetic, and dismissive. I think some staff members, particularly this one, need to recognize that this isn’t customer service for a washing machine, instead they are playing with people’s lives and families depend on them which is why we were willing to put in so much money. The experience at Father Ashley put our situation steps behind if not at a total loss and our bank accounts 20,000 in the hole. Thanks for nothing !!

    • Father Martin's Ashley on

      Ayal, we’re sorry to hear about your concerns and thank you for taking the time to share feedback. We just learned about your post and we want to address it now. We assure you that Father Martin’s Ashley adheres to strict Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protocols and that our patients’ safety, security and well-being is our top priority at all times. We understand that addiction is a family disease, and that substance use disorders affect more people than the person who is addicted. This is why we developed one of the best family programs in the country, inviting all to explore their potential for transformation and engage in life beyond addiction. The program is managed by one of our PhD-level psychologists. Additionally, our medical director, Dr. Bernadette Solounias is board-certified in psychiatry and also certified in the sub-specialty of addiction psychiatry.

      We take your comments very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve our services. Please contact our VP of Development and Communication at (410) 273-2261 so that we may address any questions specific to your experience.

      • Tia Mariana on

        While your Family Program is excellent, if the “patient” doesn’t buy in to it, there’s no hope. I wish there were a way that family members could meet with the counselors once, for 30 minutes, and let them know what’s really going on with the addict. Some of us have been dealing with this problem for 20 years or more, and it’s frustrating for the family member to start with a counselor who takes them at their word. My loved one needs serious psychiatric help, but, since she doesn’t seek it, all she’s getting is routine group counseling. In addition to being a long-term serious alcoholic, she is also manipulative and deceptive. She agrees to after care that she has no intention of attending. Ashley needs to have a program for older, end-stage alcoholics who have attended multiple programs with no improvement.

        • I wish your family member the best. However, no matter what she won’t get better unless she wants it. For me the group therapy at FMA was extremely beneficial. It was really one of the best parts. I doubt your loved one is pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. They can give her the tools but they can’t force her to use them. Addicts and alcoholics are the most manipulative,deceptive people out there. The counselors know that. However as I said all they can do is give her tools and suggestions, if she chooses to drink, unfortunately that’s her choice. I really wish you well. Have you ever heard of Alanon? It can be extremely helpful to alcoholics loved ones. Good luck to you.

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