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Family Recovery Center in Oceanside, California, offers both residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment to women. This facility is part of the Mental Health Systems network. This non-profit organization was founded in 1978 to provide low-cost mental health and substance abuse treatment services. With numerous programs spanning the country, clients have the option to choose the services that best suit them and their location.

Food and Accommodations

The accommodations for the residential treatment program at Family Recovery Center are a home-like environment. There are 15 beds in total with the number of people varying per bedroom, depending on whether some of the woman have their children with them while in treatment. There is a living room, three bathrooms, a dining room, a front and backyard, a laundry area and a fully equipped kitchen. Meals are provided three times a day and food restrictions can be made available to the staff. There are separate rooms for therapy and treatment.

Treatment and Staff

The length of the residential program at Family Recovery Center is 28 days; clients must already have gone through detox in order to be admitted. Although the basis of treatment is similar for all clients, an initial evaluation and assessment helps to determine which therapies will be most beneficial to each individual throughout the duration of the program. Most of the therapies are CBT-based and treatment includes goal setting meetings, individual and group therapy, family therapy, involvement in off-site 12-step recovery groups, educational seminars and basic informational sessions. Leisure activities and physical exercise are also integrated into the program to insure a holistic approach is incorporated.

Those who live off-site but would still benefit from intensive treatment have the option to do the day treatment program at the facility. These clients attend treatment Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. There is also an additional outpatient option where clients can choose group or individual sessions as needed, Mondays through Fridays in the morning or evening.

The staff at Family Recovery Center consists of LPCs, CADCs, LSWs and LMFTs.


The program has a family day where family members and loved ones of clients are encouraged attend sessions and educational seminars on-site. Upon completion of the residential program, the client also discusses a continuing care treatment plan with their counselor and may also be referred to additional treatment if needed.

Family Recovery Center’s Child Development Center is a licensed day are program available to infants up to preschool-age children whose mothers are in treatment.

In addition to the comprehensive Family Recover Center treatment program, Mental Health Services also offers a variety of other programs and services to its clients and community members. Other services include male outpatient programs, male residential programs and a co-occurring disorders program.

In Summary

The residential program at Family Recovery Center is an excellent program for those seeking strictly structured care with a no-nonsense approach to treatment. Clients not only have an individualized treatment plan developed for them, but also a variety of evidence-based practices, including the 12 steps and physical and leisure activities.

Family Recovery Center Location

1100 Sportfisher Dr
Oceanside, CA 92054

Family Recovery Center Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Family Recovery Center by phone at (760) 439-6702 or by email at [email protected]. Find Family Recovery Center on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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  1. Recently my daughter put herself n there because she found out she was pregnant and had been addicted to Meth and knew she had to quit and wanted to clean up. She was one of the very few who wasnt court ordered to be there. Unfortunately it turned out to be a terrible place and nothing like they had told her it would be like and everyday she hated it but I told her she had to do it and she couldnt come back home until she finished the program. It was awful the way they treated her and she was going nowhere fast, not learning much because they so often were short staffed they had to watch childrens movies or the same movies over and over. She had gotten written up on two occassions for things she didn’t do and they very obviously had favorites they let do things and get away with everything and others didn’t allow them to better themselves As for me a parent i had to go to 4 meetings a week apart before i would be allowed to visit her yet I have only actually been to one The first one I couldnt attend because her Counselor didn’t put e on the list, the 2nd was cancelled due to it being Thanksgiving and the Instructor didn’t feel like coming in the 3rd I was able to attend and I was the only parent in there and then the last was cancelled for who knows why. Her Counselor obviously doesn’t like my daughter and goes out of her way to not allow her any privledges and is not in more than she is in and never returns phone calls.The Staff all had rude and condensending attitudes and it was just a terrible experience

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