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With more than 160 behavioral health, addiction recovery and community services in 14 states, Resources for Human Development is a massive non-profit with a wide reach. One of their notable substance abuse programs is the Family House Now (New Options for Women) program which provides long term residential substance abuse and mental health care for women and their children. Family House has two locations in Pennsylvania; the Family House Now facility in Philadelphia and Family House in Norristown and an additional facility in Terrytown, Louisiana.

Accommodations and Food

Located in West Philadelphia in a residential home, Family House Now is one of the few programs nationwide that allows for long-term residential care for pregnant women or mothers with their children. Residents typically stay in the program for six months. Clients and their children have their own rooms in the house, each with two twin beds, basic furnishings and a shared bathroom in the hall. There are never more than nine clients in residence at a time at Family House Now.

In an effort to inspire independence and life skills, residents are in charge of preparing all of their own meals in the house kitchen. All clients are required to be on public assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or food stamps, though these benefits are set up for them during their initial evaluation if they are not already receiving them. Each month, half of each woman’s benefits go into a house fund which is used for weekly grocery shopping trips. It is worth noting that this collective fund is also how clients pay for treatment at Family House Now, though each person receives their remaining stipend at the end of their stay. This fund also helps pay for occasional group outings. 

Treatment and Staff

The inpatient substance abuse treatment at Family House Now offers dual diagnosis support, with mental health counseling a major component of the overall program. Typically, clients attend two group therapy sessions each day in the house which are led by LADCs. Residents can also expect frequent individual therapy with counselors throughout the week.

Clients address a host of addiction and mental health related issues, including relapse prevention, anxiety, depression and parenting skills, as well as special prevention and intervention classes for children, who receive free day care in common areas of the house during the day. There are also 12-step meetings held at the house during the week. While Family House Now does not have a staff psychiatrist who visits the house, clients can set up appointments to visit a nearby practitioner who can facilitate medication management. There is no medical detox at the house either, though clients can be referred to a local facility to take care of this process before their stay begins. Family House Now does provide an aftercare program in the form of setting clients up with an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or standard outpatient program sponsored by Resources for Human Development.


In addition to placing clients in outpatient programs after residential care is over, Family House Now offers the Project Advantage program which offers long term housing for women who have been through primary care. During their stay in the Project Advantage program, clients receive counseling and assistance in finding permanent housing and employment.

In Summary

As part of the Resources for Human Development network, Family House Now offers a unique program for women with children in need of substance abuse recovery. Clients can expect long term housing which can extend beyond initial treatment and an inpatient program with dual diagnosis support. Women here learn independence and life skills while attending to their children, creating a stable atmosphere that paves the way for a lasting recovery.

Family House Now Location

1020 North 48th St
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Family House Now Cost

Covered through public assistance funds (30 days). Reach Family House Now by phone at (215) 878-8616 or by email at [email protected]. Find Family House Now via Resources for Human Development on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram

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