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Established in 2003, Falcon Ridge Ranch helps girls between the ages of 11 and 19 who suffer from mental, behavioral, emotional and substance abuse issues. Located in scenic Virgin, Utah, near Zion National Park, the ranch offers a majestic atmosphere filled with beautiful sunsets and a barn full of horses. Through the use of equine therapy, CBT, 12-step programs, recreation and a strong family component, girls are able to gain stability and direction in a home-like environment.

Accommodations and Food

At the 18-acre Falcon Ridge Ranch, cottonwood trees, towering red sandstone cliffs and spectacular skies are part of the everyday experience. During their 12-month stay, girls occupy a warm, 12-bedroom ranch house. Each room is shared between two girls and includes two twin-sized beds and wooden furniture. The rest of the house follows an equestrian theme, with a modern kitchen, dining room and several bathrooms. The downstairs common room is a favorite hangout spot during free time, offering cozy couches, games and a television.

A courtyard, surrounded by trees and a duck-filled pond, can be found just outside the ranch entrance. This area features a covered patio and fire pit that can be used at night for stargazing and roasting marshmallows. When the weather permits, group therapy sessions are also held in this space. Just beyond the courtyard is the building that houses the classrooms, offices, a library and the multi-purpose room for yoga, dance, dodgeball, art, presentations and other recreational events.

The arena and equine areas of the facility accommodate up to 40 horses at a time. Girls are able to feed and interact with the animals on a daily basis. The grounds also feature a garden filled with corn, carrots, peas and cabbage and fruit trees that produce apples, peaches and apricots.

The cooks at the ranch prepare nutritious meals on-site, taking time to craft tasty dishes full of love. If special diets are needed for health or religious reasons, they will come up with alternative dishes. All meals are eaten together at the dining room table.

Treatment and Staff

With a staff consisting of nurses, teachers, cooks, therapists and equine directors, the girls heal in the hands of trained professionals. Everyone works together to make sure that therapy is integrated into each part of the girl’s stay. Weekly individual sessions in addition to 10 small group sessions per week make up a portion of the schedule. Group topics include substance abuse, problem-solving, positive peer culture and emotional management.

In addition to the mental and behavioral health components, the ranch is well versed in helping those who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. Treatment is provided through group therapy, AA/NA meetings and co-dependence groups. While this program does not offer detox, recommendations for outside facilities can be given.

Family therapy is another important part of treatment. Weekly teleconferences, parent support groups, parent-teacher conferences and workshops allow parents to play a continual role in their child’s recovery. During family weekends, family members are invited to the ranch for individual therapy. When a client is ready to leave the ranch, a graduation ceremony is held and all family members are invited.

Academic plans are individually tailored to suit the client’s learning needs. With classes that run five days a week, a 12-to-one student teacher ratio and credits that can be transferred, the girls are able to develop a strong academic foundation.

In Summary

For parents looking for a 12-month program to fully rehabilitate their daughters, Falcon Ridge Ranch offers a great alternative to traditional schooling and recovery. Through the use of equine therapy, home-cooked meals, the 12 steps and intensive counseling, girls can heal in a loving environment.

Falcon Ridge Ranch Location

633 E Highway 9
Virgin, UT 84779

Falcon Ridge Ranch Cost

$7,800 (30 days). Reach Falcon Ridge Ranch by phone at (801) 821-5815. Find Falcon Ridge Ranch on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. I was an original girl at falcon ridge. One of the first 10. Before we shut it down with the FBI for the headmaster impregnating and kidnapping one of the 14 year old girls. My life took a terrrrrible turn after leaving I never looked at my parents the same again. I ran away to the streets within a year of leaving. Before attending falcon, I never used drugs, never had problems in school, was a good kid with a sassy attitude and too much intelligence for my own good. I’m so disappointed to read these reviews and see that this terrible place is still in business. RIP Alena (committed suicide a few years after we left from the trauma this place instilled on us)

  2. Sophia Trujillo on

    It is a good program, I was there for a year and although I didn’t graduate the program I learned so much about myself as a person. I was an awful kid with so much self-hatred that it was scary and it took me years to realize that the program did do some good. They are not perfect and there are things they could fix but the truth is the only reason half the kids don’t succeed at graduating the program is because they don’t want to. You can’t succeed at anything if you don’t try, they give you the skills but it’s up to you to put them to use. So before anyone goes and says anything bad about the program learn your facts. I was put in this program because I went from A+ student with scholarships lining up and had the chances of becoming an Olympic swimmer to nothing more than a depressed drug addict kid on the verge of being a drop-out but I learned so much. I hated the program with all my heart and I thought everyone was out to get me when they were just trying to help me. I am disgusted with the way I acted there and to this day wish I could go back and slap myself for treating the staff like crap. I used to get restrained everyday for what I used to think was nothing but now I believe I deserved it, if not worse because I was a terrible human being. All anyone ever did was try to help me and the same for the other girls. They use to talk to me at night because I couldn’t sleep because of my insomnia, bring me books for when I was bored, read me night time stories to sooth my night mares, do my hair and give me words of inspiration to make me feel more confident and less ugly, bring me snacks to get me to eat because I was starving myself to the point of having to go to the hospital, they celebrated my birthday when my own family didn’t want anything to do with me. Yes they should have been stricter but they never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to do unless it affected your health. Gosh I’m turning 18 in two days and I wish I could go back and thank them for putting up with someone like me. Dave, Larry, Lisa, Nale, and the night and day staff were so helpful and I’m so thankful for them. No matter what anybody says I will continue to support this program. I didn’t deserve anything they did for me but they did it out of the kindness of their hearts, even when I was there I believed they should get paid more for what they do because us girls treated everyone like crap. People need to stop blaming this program and own up to what they did wrong because yes the program has flaws but it isn’t the only one at fault here.

    • Sophie! Heyy! It’s me lil sof! Hit me up girl! I am soooo unbelievably proud of you! I left a few days after you and you deserve the world! Happy late 18th birthday! My instagram is sof.wycklendt and my sc is http.sof1 I love you and I can’t wait to hear more about your success!

  3. Here is what you do to make your daughter well. Dad, eliminate the mistress or paramour in your life. Love only your daughter’s mother. Give up alcohol and drugs. Turn your problems over to a power greater than yourself. Like magic your daughter will straighten up. If you do not do this, your daughter will have a life time of unhappiness, and so will her children. It is all up to you Dad. btw: Dad, you will be happy too.

  4. This facility was recommended by a Judge that is also a good friend of mine, I highly doubt that it is a terrible program if he is willing to put his reputation on the line. But still I am worried, my daughter has already been through so much but is completely self destructive living at home, I can tell you one thing if I am not able to contact with her once she gets there, I will be on the first flight over there. And if these stories are true, why hasn’t it been reported and shut down????

    • this rally isn’t a terrible program. It’s up to How your daughter makes it. I’m a recent graduate and i learned that it is all about attitude. Her attitude determines how far she goes. Their is a 21 day observation thing that keeps your daughter in place. If she is self destructive, they will observe her and make sure she is keeping herself safe. You will be able to talk to your daughter. The family weekends are nice family times. Can I ask which group she is in?

      • Yes there are bad reviews, every treatment program has them if you think about it this way most of the bad reviews come from the most negative people who came out and werent successful. The positive reviews are from those who enjoyed it invested in the program and are successful, Took it seriously work on themselves and are happy. I think that’s something to look at it because I do know that the people who hate falcone are the ones that took it as a joke and faked it and told everyone the “right things”. Your daughter will be fine (she just needs to keep herself safe )you can email her every day. Falcon is such a family oriented program and if she is willing to make changes, she will enjoy it more, I promise you that. Hopefully she is at that place because life is a lot easier for you and her. The biggest advice I could give her is to to focus on her circle of control ( bc their is drama in the group that will happen) . Tell her to focus on her thoughts or behaviors or actions your own consequences. That will help her become closer to her self and find her real self. The staff that are their will take care of her. and take the time to work with her. I know that she may not like it or say she doesn’t like it ….. but it’s gonna be one of the hardest goodbye she’ll ever have!!!

  5. This place left me more insane than I first was. I have 3 different therapists now and all of them are against girls going to Falcon, they even said I should never have gone here. My parents are no better, in fact everything has fallen apart. My parents are no longer together and it’s entirely your fault. So thank you Falcon for destroying my family and shattering my sanity.

  6. Kristin O'Leary on

    IMPORTANTl: PLEASE READ: yes Falcon has its bad points, so does every treatment center. you can always find negative in everything and anything. I was at falcon for 3 years. almost the longest out of anyone. I hated it almost every second I was there. But to all the parents out there who are reading all these comments and freaking out, DO NOT WORRY! falcon may have its downsides, but your daughter will only heal if she wants too. it is not up to the staff or therapists to when she goes home, it is up to her. If she works and improves and does what she needs to do, she will be successful and leave a new person with a new and healed heart. I was broken, shattered, and a hot mess when I arrived in 2015, I was discharged in 2017 and have never been better. I have never been able to tell myself that I am capable until I went to this place. THE STAFF REALLY DO CARE. now that I am out, I still contact falcon and the previous staff for advice and care when I am struggling. THIS PLACE SAVED MY LIFE! I DO NOT IN ANYWAY REGRET GOING HERE. I met some of the best people here who will be my friends forever.

  7. My daughter was there 12 years ago for 18 months. They brainwashed her into thinking that her Dad’s new whore was going to be her new mother. (Dad wrote the checks). She is currently age 28, pregnant, and in jail. Her life after Falcon Ridge Ranch has been a downward spiral. This is a terrible place.

  8. I’ve been here. And it really turned my life around. As for the comment made by Gabs, yes restraints were used and sometimes in unnecessary circumstances, but the staff really do care about us. It is a good facility

    • How foolishly blind you are. You’re suffering from stock home syndrome and symptomatic to their evil ways. Your own words speak for themselves “Gabs, yes restraints were used and sometimes in unnecessary circumstances, but the staff really do care about us”. How sad you are. You are lost. As is anyone parent and child sent here. I will never forget what they did to me. I won’t pretend that it was all for the better and allow myself to keep suffering thier brainwashed expectation.These people are paid thousands to act a role. They aren’t some kind souls really looking to help.

      • Since you can’t spell stockholm syndrome I doubt you are qualified to offer that as a diagnosis. You make many judgments that you have no evidence for. Your experience might have a lot to do with the fact you where not in treatment long enough to get any real help or form a informed understanding of how this thing works. I have heard Megan’s story i saw her graduation and i believe she is being honest and was helped. I have a daughter there as well and she is in a much better place emotionally then when she left.

        • pissed off mom on

          I read both comments, and I have to say how dare you pass judgement on that child who was abused by that school. She may have misspelled what she felt, and went through but that does not take away from what happened! Does a child need to know how to spell rape to feel violated and abused!!! At least she didn’t double post and show technology illiteracy like you! You are pathetic! How dare you try to use a lapse in English literacy and grammer to devalue her comment! I won’t share what my friends daughter went through in that hell hole, but if you had a good result, it was because they knew how to control your weak, lost child. You should be ashamed of your self for having strangers do that to your child! I would insult you further, but nothing I can say would be more insulting and damaging than what you have let happen to your own child, pathetic. I helped my friend and her child, she thrived and became a great person. I hope you’re happy with your puppet child because that’s all you will have now. Enjoy controlling her life and keeping her on edge. I have nothing else to say to a lost ignorant person like you, and won’t waste my time with anymore of your comments! This was for the girls who had no voice and were broken due to that place!

      • Since you can’t spell stockholm syndrome I doubt you are qualified to offer that as a diagnosis. You make many judgments that you have no evidence for. Your experience might have a lot to do with the fact you where not in treatment long enough to get any real help or form a informed understanding of how this thing works. I have heard Megan’s story i saw her graduation and i believe she is being honest and was helped. I have a daughter there as well and she is in a much better place emotionally then when she left.

  9. hi im a recent student. On August 6 2015, a very large man and woman entered my bedroom. My parents were no where in sight and all i was told is “we can do this the easy way or the hard way”. Needless to say it was the hard way and i was restrained and hauled into their car. They began driving and said my parents hired them to transport me to Falcon Ridge Ranch in Utah. In the Florida Airport, i got my period. The transporters refused to give me any pads or tampons saying to just to deal with it. Two more flights totaling 6 hours and a long drive later i arrived at Falcon. The transporters abruptly left. Four staff surrounded me and forced me to strip all of my clothes for a full body check. Tired and sad i complied. I was then given one tampon which i was told to hand back to staff when i needed a new one (gross). I was also given a thin sweatshirt, two green shirts, and two pairs of jeans. Afterwards i was led to a old dilapidated building known as the west unit. I put my only belongings in a drawer shared with another stranger. Then i was escorted to my new peers known as “A” group. ” A” group mainly consists of girls who hate themselves (cutting, suicidal, depressed). “B” group mainly consists of very angry, petty drug and theft type girls. “C” group mainly consists of hardcore drug users and fronters (aka fake bitches). Finally, “D” group is the most legit group in that most came directly from juvie or are court ordered. Now upon entering “A” group i was told a long list of rules: staff must be listening to your every conversation, have to be watched while going to the bathroom, have to ask to walk in and out of a doorway. must have permission to eat and speak. no tv. if you get less then ten reprimands known as “OB’s”, you can POSSIBLY watch one PG movie, must be watched while taking showers, cannot form groups, CANNOT HAVE ANY PHYSICAL CONTACT WITH OTHER PEERS, cannot open window shades. Cannot open windows or doors. No Pens. No Eraser’s. You possibly get one 15 min phone call a week. You can not in anyway put ridicule on Falcon during a phone call or it will be ended and phone calls will be taken away. You can not in anyway put ridicule on Falcon in a letter or ask to go home or your letters will be taken away. If you refuse to listen to what staff says they (without warning) kick you in the back of the knee, knock you to the floor, hold you down, and PAINFULLY restrain you. Or they make you stand for 20 min, sit down for 1 min, and then make you stand another 20 min. Or they put you on GHOST which means no one (peers and staff) is allowed to acknowledge your existence. I have see many girls get restrained there for: not putting away a puzzle, talking, not doing schoolwork, not talking, giving a dirty look to staff, eating when not supposed to be eating, hugging a crying peer, and walking away to clear her head. Half of staff are a bunch of Utah hicks who had children at 17 and never graduated high school, they like to act like they are knowledgeable about therapy. But of course they like to establish control whenever possible. The other Half of staff are very large Samoan men and women who just love to establish their brute strength and dominance over small girls. The Facility is very unsafe with girls scared shitless by their staff and the fact that the girls themselves are abusive towards each other. But no girl ever says anything for fear of being a snitch. I’ve seen girls get ganged on, stabbed, punched, kicked, hair pulled outa head, suffocation on one another, and horrifyingly forced sexual acts. While i was there only 4 girls “graduated” and a countless number were pulled. The ones who graduated were masterful at fronting for long periods of time. Long enough being that they convinced all adults they were back on the right track. Only to be sent back to Falcon or just to do what they did before they came all over again. Thats really the only way out to get pulled or “front”. Its just not a good facility. Mabey it was back in the day, with caring staff and a purpose. But now its just a factory reciving girls and taking their families hard earned money. Just look at the commercial. How incredibly fake. Do your daughter a favor and send her somewhere else. It’ll just make her hate you more and make her have to deceive everyone to obtain freedom again. I am so thankful that my family ran out of money and i got pulled only after 4 months. Most girls are there for Years. I still cant get over it, granted its been only 14 days but i wake up screaming after horrible nightmares. I cant walk past a man without feeling afraid and i cant look and any adult with out wanting to flee, i have gained nothing but lost a sense a security and learned the world is very evil. Those poor girls are sitting in that awful place just rotting away. It makes me so sad. Please Not here. Anywhere but Falcon Ridge Ranch.~ a past peer

    • Awfully vague. Can you please specify your daughter’s problem and what you feel went wrong. Was she resistant? Was the facility unresponsive too her needs? I would truly appreciate your input. Thank you.

      • WENDY. DO NOT SEND YOUR DAUGHTER HERE! I won’t try to convince you or say anything, for if I do, they will know. This place is covered with lies and other horrible things. All the good things are fronts. If you think us girls sent here are better when we come out, think again. We are permanently f***** up. Make your choice.

      • Wel when I was there 3 years ago it helped me . I’m successful now I’m a pharmacy technician and have a car and a home . I thank them for that

        • Samantha Carlson on

          I was a girl that walked in to Falcon with the intent to completely manipulate the system, or die within a week. I put the staff through a lot of pain, and pressure. But, because of them not giving up on me like the 20 previous places I went to, I survived. I am a COMPLETELY new and improved person x100 today. I was there for 1 1/2 and graduated the program. I did choose to transfer to another place after though. PosItive things: teachers are amazing!!! You are able to have a more personal relationship with your teachers unlike public school, and they are understanding when you make mistakes. They make school fun. I completely led 3 years of school in 1 1/2 years there thanks to them. We even tour colleges. We do a lot of volunteering, and activities on holidays, and go to movies. The equine program is so amazing and helps so much. I even had private singing lessons with a music teacher. We go on hikes which I liked. Overall, I would definitely not be where I am without falcon. I wouldn’t even be alive. But… I do disagree with a lot of things about Falcon. A lot of the staff are very uneducated and some seem to even need treatment themselves. Most staff break the rules and force us to keep secrets from the higher-ups. The girls threaten to “jump” me if I “snitch”. One staff told a girl with urges to self harm that if he had a daughter, he would hand the her the knife himself. A staff told me that she was a sex addict and possibly a sociopath, and I reported it after I transferred to my new place. Some staff have relationships with the girls. I got restrained for standing by the door. They bend your wrist back if you refuse to get out of a chair. They use physical pain to make you stop. Some staff think that scaring the girls is the way to get through to them, and they don’t allow us to even process what they are saying. The yell. They tell us how we are doing, and sometimes I didn’t feel safe to struggle. If I struggled then i was “regressing”. Sometimes I just needed to live. I suffered really bad there even when I was doing good and making progress. I thought I was happy because I had a good head on my shoulders and was a leader but I was absolutely miserable and completely depressed without knowing it. I was terrified to struggle because I knew I would be misunderstood. Sometimes the staff think they know us when they really really don’t. Some girls were told they weren’t going to succeed when they are. I truly do love falcon for what they did for me, but if you are thinking about sending your kid here I will tell you this… do not send your kid here to get soft guidance and support, they are going to have to go through a lot and be strong the whole way. They have to do the hard work. They will have to teach themselves most of the teaching. That’s all. Not a bad place. Not a good place. Depends on you.

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