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What to expect in executive drug rehab

What to expect in executive drug rehab

Plenty of busy professionals are struggling with addiction, whether behavioral as with gambling addiction or with alcohol addiction. For these individuals finding treatment comes at a far greater cost. After all, when you have a Fortune 500 company to lead, you cannot afford to spend 120 days in a rehab center across the country. Instead, you have the option of executive drug rehab. Here is what you can expect at this type of treatment center.

Privacy for C-Suite Professionals

When it comes to seeking treatment for addiction as a c-level professional you need private programming. This is often crucial to the ongoing economical stability of your business. How can you maintain your privacy while going into drug rehab? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse this is what you can do to ensure your total confidentiality:

  • Tell your colleagues and friends you are taking medical leave, but do not disclose the reason.
  • Your primary care provider and/or addiction specialist are prevented by law from discussing your medical information without your permission. You must provide written permission in the instance you choose to share your medical information.
  • Your privacy is protected by HIPAA HSS Information on Health Information Privacy and associated substance abuse confidentiality requirements.

This ensures that you have total confidentiality with your rehab provider and medical team while you are going through treatment at an executive drug rehab. As another tip, you can select to pay for your rehab drug treatment with cash pay in order to get around the paper trail associated with PPO insurance coverage of your treatment.

Going to C-Level Rehab

At this type of treatment center you will be able to maintain your executive lifestyle in the positive manner of recovery. You will have luxury, convenience and accessibility with the following aspects of your treatment:

  • Stress management
  • Nature therapy in scenic locations
  • Nutrition and gourmet food preparation
  • Exercise facilities and programs

For example, you can expect to have a personal chef on staff preparing fresh meals using organic and high end ingredients you are accustomed to eating at three-star restaurants. These types of rehabs are also geared at holistic treatment, in which exercise, mental health, spirituality and nutrition are used to help remedy and repair any parts of the mind or body that have been damaged by addiction. Furthermore, at this level of treatment you are treated as an individual. You are prescribed a treatment program that is customized to fit your busy schedule and lifestyle.