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Excelsior Youth Center is nestled on a 33-acre campus overlooking the Rocky Mountains in Aurora, Colorado. Through inpatient, outpatient and community based programs, EYC caters to the unique needs of young women in recovery. Programming is gender specific and highly structured to provide safe and effective support. Girls between the ages of 11 and 17 who are struggling with mental health issues, substance abuse disorders and co-occurring disorders are all welcome. 

Accommodations and Food

Young girls at EYC are housed in one of two cottages located on campus. Each cottage holds up to 12 girls at a time in dormitory-style bedrooms with twin beds, dressers and desks. Each cottage has its own common living area, dining room and fully equipped kitchen. There are also sports fields, a gym and nature trails for residents to enjoy during down time. Clients typically engage in daily recreational activities throughout the week. Free time is extended on the weekends.

Dining is a communal affair with all meals except lunch served family-style at one large dinner table. Residents are served lunch in the cafeteria during the school week. The kitchen and cafeteria staff can accommodate any dietary restrictions. Meals are served hot and include comfort food options like pizza, pasta, salads and soups.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at EYC begins with an assessment to properly determine each client’s needs. After this, each resident is placed in either the 21-day short-term program or the standard 90-day inpatient track. Both programs consist of educational services along with group, individual and family therapy sessions. Psychiatric medication management is available to those in need of support for co-occurring disorders.

An average day at EYC begins with breakfast and continues with school from 9 am to 4 pm. During school hours, clients engage in core subjects like Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science, along with electives including Physical Education, Art, Women’s Studies and Leadership Studies. After school, girls take part in a variety of life skills groups covering topics like vocational goals, trauma, self-esteem, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, stress management and money management.

Aside from group therapy, residents are offered individual and family therapy sessions. Those in the short-term program are offered daily individual therapy sessions and family therapy three times a week. Girls in the 90-day program are offered one individual and one family therapy session a week. All sessions use evidence-based treatment modalities like CBT and DBT. Alternative therapies like Animal Assisted therapy and EMDR are also offered in efforts to deal with trauma.

There is also an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) available for those interested in continuing treatment after returning home following graduation. The program is offered Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm during which clients engage in individual and group therapy sessions. Group topics are similar to those discussed in the inpatient program. Family therapy is also implemented as part of treatment though it is scheduled only as needed. Length of treatment in IOP varies based on the needs of each client.

Staff members at EYC include LADCs, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses and special education teachers.


Excelsior Youth Center also offers community based services that are facilitated in each family’s home. Treatment includes individual and family counseling along with psychiatric services and career counseling when needed.

In Summary

At Excelsior Youth Center, young women participate in treatment that includes evidence-based modalities during individual, group and family therapy. Regardless of the setting, each client is offered supportive recovery aimed to promote healthy life choices. With a credentialed staff and communal atmosphere, young women develop a peer support network to lean on in the early stages of recovery. 

Excelsior Youth Center Location

15001 East Oxford Ave
Aurora, CO 80014

Excelsior Youth Center Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Excelsior Youth Center by phone at (303) 693-1550. Find Excelsior Youth Center on Facebook and Twitter

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