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Offering sober living for men and women in recovery, Evolution House is a safe and affordable option for those living in San Antonio, Texas. EH helps clients lay the foundation for sobriety by teaching healthy habits and life skills.

Accommodations and Amenities

EH provides modest accommodations in a comfortable and safe home environment. The house has three shared bedrooms with two or three residents in each for a total of six to eight clients at any given time. Closets are also shared and twin beds are provided, though clients are expected to provide their own bedsheets, pillows, blankets and linens. Residents also get a bookshelf and a three-drawer chest for additional clothing and belongings.

Connected to the bedrooms are bathrooms; only hand soap is provided, all other toiletries are the client’s responsibility. A separate lavatory area is available for grooming, namely make-up and hair.

The communal living room offers comfortable couches and a TV with cable. Computers with internet access are available for clients to send emails, work on their resumes or search for jobs. The community kitchen has pots, pans and utensils for meal preparation and each resident is responsible for providing their own food. On-site laundry facilities are available. Those who need help getting to work and meetings can use public transportation, which is just a short walk across the street to the bus stop.

Rules and Regulations

Prior to admittance, EH management prefers that clients spend time in an inpatient or Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). The facility has a strict no drugs or alcohol policy, and random drug testing and breathalyzer tests ensure residents stay remain sober during their stays. If a client brings any substances on the property or if they relapse, they will be asked to leave EH immediately.

Attending 12-step meetings is required—clients must attend a minimum of five AA/NA meetings per week if they are working, or one a day if they are still seeking employment. Within two weeks, residents are required to find a sponsor and begin the process of working the 12 steps. Having a job or seeking employment is required throughout each client’s stay. For those unable to find a job, volunteerism can be an alternative provided the organization is approved by staff.

Helping with house upkeep at EH is an important role for each resident. Keeping rooms and bathroom areas clean is required, and every week some additional chores are assigned. Curfew during the weekdays is at 11 pm and at midnight on weekends. Breaking curfews or any of the house rules are grounds for expulsion and forfeiture of rent.


Residents at EH are active in San Antonio recovery community events—barbecues at the park, trips to the movies and restaurant outings are typical group events for the house members.

In Summary

Overall, Evolution House offers modest accommodations at an affordable price. Residents are able to focus on strengthening their recovery while developing a means of supporting themselves and building life skills. Surrounded by a strong sober community in San Antonio, clients are able to attend a variety of meetings and pull from the resources around them.

Evolution House Location

Evolution House
1405 S Hackberry St
San Antonio, TX 78210

Evolution House Cost

$300 (30 days). Reach Evolution House by phone at (210) 318-7348 and by email at [email protected]. Find Evolution House on Google+

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  1. Nick wilson on

    I have s friend that’s staying. There. She needs help. She got out of jail, then came there.. She is back using drugs. We have 4 kids. I divorced her recently. We live in another state. Your website says alot of rules they need to obide by. Meetings, community service, having a job, curfew at 11pm, drug tests. None of these things are happening. My ex wife could die because she’s not getting the help she needs. She’s got a master key to kitchen and things. I don’t wanna see her go out that way. Management needs to clean up the house asap. It’s really not a good place.

    • Stephanie Malone on

      Nick stop stalking your ex-wife and making false accusations. She IS NOT back on drugs nor have you seen your ex-wife in well over a year. Seek him for mental health conditions, if not for yourself, at least for your children.

  2. Sat, the owner, or co owner,
    Hello, I am currently staying at Evolution House at 1405 Hackberry in San Antonio. I am in room #4 hoping to move to room #7. Today is November 8, 2017. When I talked to you last week you said that room #7 would have its floors redone this week, but so far I see no work started. So I think that you don’t want to rent room #7.
    So I am moving out since $150 a week is really too much for me to handle.
    I think that you wanted to know why I am moving out. The major reason is that the manager, Stephanie, thinks that it is okay to yell and be sarcastic to me and other residents here. I see I am not the only one. She is so highly argumentative that just asking questions have become out of the question. It is like I have to walk around her on glass–very, very carefully. This goes against the rules that I signed to be here. No abuse is to be allowed by anyone. I feel highly abused by this manager. Plus, I have noticed several other rules being broken, like the one that says no smoking on the front porch. I saw one man come out of his room smoking a cigarette that I could smell from my room.
    Stephanie says her sarcasm and yelling is just the way she is. Well, just the way I am is that I was severely abused by a woman that was very sarcastic and yelled a lot in just the same way that Stephanie does. Only my childhood abuse was much more violent and constant. My buttons still get pushed near this type of behavior so that I dread being near Stephanie. I feel that my presence is not appreciated in any way, even though more than half of my social security is taken by the rent here. Stephanie demands that the word “dues” be used instead of the word “rent” but I don’t see a sober house here. I don’t see a club of any kind. I can’t continue to pay rent or dues in a place that abuses me.

    This abuse I feel in more than one way. Not being able to close the women’s bathroom stall doors is highly distressful because when the door to the hallway is opened, the person sitting on the toilet can be seen with their pants down. There is only one shower stall that works half way correctly because it is either hot or cold at full blast of water. To get warm water, the pressure of the water is cut down to half. The shower stalls are so small that one has to get out to dress. Then they are standing naked in front of the door when it is opened out to the hallway. There is no privacy.

    I have had to buy my own screen for the window in room #4 to get cool air into the room because sometimes the temperature is near 80 and still the air conditioners do not come on.

    The wifi signal is very weak. I tested it online at speedtest.com and it showed 10 to 11 Mbps upload speed. And 36 to 60 Mbps download speeds. I took 3 tests. Sometimes the wifi signal cuts off completely for several hours. Sometimes it cuts off sporadically. I just left an apartment where I paid $53 a month for over 100 Mbps and the signal never cut off. Room #7 did not receive a signal at all when I tested my computer there several times. Recently the wifi went off for 2 to 3 days. Stephanie said that the whole area was out. I did like what I do when I live somewhere and my signal goes out. I don’t trust what one person says. I call back to get 2 or 3 answers to see if they all match. I was told by 2 people that there was no outage in the area. One of these people told me that the bill had just been paid that day and worked to get service reinstated. She said that she did get service going and that it should be working. I asked Stephanie if she had turned the router on to see if the service was working. I thought that Stephanie would appreciate this, but she yelled at me sarcastically that i should not have called them.
    When I first arrived here, Stephanie said the rent was $600 a month at room #4. Then when I pay, I am told that monthly rents are not taken, that the rent is actually $150 a week. I felt cheated. This adds 2 to 3 more days rent to that original amount.
    I was told that there was a washer, but then told later after paying rent that this washer cuts on and off 3 times, so I have not used it once.
    I feel that paying this much money for a place where I am abused and the wifi and washer and showers don’t work correctly is just too much. Plus, chores are expected on top of all that.
    I feel that you are taking advantage of people in many ways, capitalizing on their homelessness. This is why no drapes have been put up in room #4. You are trying to do as little as possible and make the most money at the same time.
    Also, the explanation of Evolution House on this page is not correct. Little of it describes where I am at now at Evolution House in San Antonio Texas.

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