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Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center


Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center ResidentialEvergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center Review

Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center provides several comprehensive chemical dependency and substance abuse treatment programs in Paramus, New Jersey. Evergreen is an arm of Bergen Regional Medical Center, a large hospital complex offering acute and ambulatory care, long-term care and behavioral health services to residents of Northern New Jersey.

Evergreen offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), a three-week residential treatment program and a short-term detox facility (four to eight days) with fifty beds. Evergreen’s mission is to make accessible individualized treatment that combines the evidence-based methods of individual and group therapies, psychoeducation and the 12-step recovery program.

Accommodations and Food

Evergreen’s residential program treats approximately 20 residents at a time. The facility, which consists of two units of a large hospital, assigns 2 residents per room, each with a private bathroom. TV is available in each unit’s common room. As for meals, standard American fare is brought to the units from the hospital cafeteria, and staff insists the food is on the better end of the cafeteria spectrum.

Treatment and Staff

ESATC’s residential treatment is a 21-day program, with many residents having also completed a stay in the hospital’s detox program before admittance. Treatment consists of group and individual therapy, 12-step meetings, education classes and psychiatric consultations. The group schedule is intense, with residents usually attending six to seven groups each day. Groups utilize CBT and topics include skills and addiction education. Residents typically attend two onsite 12-step meetings each day.

Groups are led by MSWs and LADCs and each unit also has a resident psychiatrist to support those with co-occurring disorders. All 20 residents attend every group—save for times when clients are scheduled for individual therapy and medication administration.

Computers and cell phones are not permitted during treatment, but a unit phone is available which residents can use with permission. In the evenings residents can watch TV until lights out at 11 pm and on Sunday afternoons they can receive visitors.


Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center hosts Teen Track, an outpatient program for teens recovering from substance abuse. It also offers Suboxone and Vivitrol prescriptions and support groups. The facility has a medication program for senior citizens in which clients are evaluated based on their daily functions and memory and how they may be negatively impacted by their prescribed medications.

In Summary

Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center at Bergen Regional Medical Center has programs to provide care for every patient on the recovery continuum and its Charity Care department ensures that no patient is turned away for inability to pay for treatment. As a facility that also provides long-term medical care and psychiatric programs, clients can be assured that staff has considerable experience supporting those with co-occurring disorders and handling the medical components of addiction treatment.

Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center Location

Bergen Regional Medical Center
230 East Ridgewood Dr
Paramus, NJ 07532

Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center Cost

$21,000 (21 days). Reach Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center at (800) 730-2762. Find Evergreen Substance Abuse Treatment Center on Facebook

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  1. Still Learning on

    I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff at Bergen Regional. From emergency detox cattle call intake to discharge from the “psychiatric pavilion” of F1. I was released for five days in between to wait for a bed to open. They supplied me with the bare minimum amounts of medication to get through, and understandably so. I was told if I were to pick up, my bed would be given away. I managed to keep writhing pain, vomiting, hallucinations and insomnia under wraps for those five days because I wanted that bed. This institution played an integral role in saving my life. If I die today, it assisted in granting me over two and a half years of sobriety that I would trade for nothing. It pains me to read all the negative reviews. These people are not getting rich off of us. I do not know how or why they do it and it doesn’t matter. Not important. I have been to some pretty cushy facilities. Not always as a patient. I can tell you for a fact that if you need a shiny, sparkly, facility with a nice pool or a beach. If you need tender care to your feelings. If you have an incessant need to run your mouth. If you need five star dining, electronic devices and a massage. If you need to feel like the only addict in the world that needs help more than anyone. Then not only is this the wrong place for you, but quite simply, you are wasting everyone’s time, effort, and cash, wherever you may go. When you taste death and you choose life, I recommend Bergen Regional. Best of luck and God bless.

  2. If your looking for a third world, hell on earth medical service experience and a complete obliteration of your mental state Maria Felipe ANP is thee person for the job. Very unprofessional dynamic. Treats your medical concerns conditionally. This was my experience while addressing my health issues Bergen regional medical center clinic primary care

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