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Located in Everett, Washington, Evergreen Recovery Services, formerly known as Evergreen Manor, offers detox, a mother-and-child residential program and a variety of outpatient services for substance abuse and mental health issues. The facility uses evidence-based treatment techniques and immerses clients in a therapeutic environment with highly trained staff. Through individual and group therapy, clients can gain the necessary life skills and coping tools needed in the outside world.

Accommodations and Food

The 20-client residential women’s program for mothers and their children accommodates clients in a residential home. Bedrooms are shared between two clients and their children, with twin beds, dressers and closet space. The house also includes a large kitchen, dining room and living room with a TV. For therapy, the women walk over to the main facility, which contains therapy rooms, offices and lecture halls. Smoking can done in designated areas during break time.

When it comes to food, three meals a day are prepared for the women and children. Meals are served family style, featuring nutritious and hearty options. Special dietary requests can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

Treatment and Staff

The 16-client detox program helps clients safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol. This process typically lasts between two and seven days, offering round-the-clock care from nurses and chemical dependency counselors. Detox costs $395 per day.

The long-term women’s program allows mothers to bring their children to treatment; pregnant women may also begin treatment and deliver their babies at the facility. During their stay, the women participate in individual therapy once a week and daily group therapy. Group therapy topics include relapse prevention, parenting, anger management, self-esteem, trauma, domestic violence, employment and life skills. When it comes to the 12 steps, several on-site AA/NA meetings are offered each week. While the women are engaged in their daily schedules, the children attend the state-licensed daycare program. This program costs $195 per day for the mother and $75 for each child.

There are several outpatient options to choose from. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) program takes place three times a week, for three hours at a time, a relapse prevention program meets twice a week for three hours at a time, and the Continuing Care program meets once a week, for three hours at a time. Each of the programs has space for up to 20 clients and offers individual therapy once a week, in addition to a variety of group therapy. Group topics include trauma, processing, life skills and parenting. In order to best accommodate client’s schedules, morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. The costs for the outpatient programs are assessed on a sliding scale basis.

The staff includes nurses, social workers, therapists and counselors.


Clients are able to bring family members in for family therapy sessions with their primary therapist.

When it comes to exercise, the women and children are able to go for walks, as well as participate in play therapy.

In Summary

Evergreen Recovery Services offers care for chemical dependency at a variety of levels. Their unique mother-and-child program allows women to receive the treatment they need, without having to worry about leaving their children behind. Through intensive therapy and a strong community, clients can learn how to live a sober life.

Evergreen Recovery Services Location

2601 Summit Ave
Everett, WA 98201

Evergreen Recovery Services Cost

Depends on the program. Reach Evergreen Recovery Services by phone at (425) 258-2407.

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  1. Robert Boenish on

    In my opinion, the staff is they cant hit their butt with both hands. I was a voluntary patient not court ordered and they didn’t seem to want to help. After 3 weeks this place couldn’t figure out the insurance. There were various excuses, computers, lost information ect… Part of the problem was Evergreen lost my insurance info twice. They also do not have an organized process to admit a new person to the program. I had to resign at least three different documents that were either lost or not included the first time around. I have great insurance and went to another place and was approved within a couple hours. If you have a problem and want immediate help I would not go the evergreen.

  2. The inpatient service is good the curriculum is great. But the communication from staff to clients is very poor. I as a resident went from inpatient in Seattle to their transitional house in Everett. I had apparently gotten into trouble that I had no idea about I only knew about it from another client who has the same name as me I only got the punishment for it. When I first moved in to their transitional house no one could give me a straight answer of how long I could be here. About three months into my stay my roommate and I were finally given a teneitive exit date of January 12, 2016 no written paper work to back their end up. Apparently my roommate and I were granted an extension she got two and I only received one extension unbeknownst to us. So today January 14, 2016 we were asked to forfeit our house keys and told we had to leave by 3:00pm tomorrow the 15th. We have places lined up about two weeks out and evergreen manor is aware of what we have lined up but the program manager claims that “they have done all they can do to help us, we signed a paper stating that we agree that this is only a 90 day stay and that we can be granted extensions”. According via third party their deciding factor of not granting me another extension was that I wasn’t motivated to find housing until I was made aware of said exit date. I went into the place where I am due to go next and got written proof that I’ve been trying to get in since October a month after I moved and where I stand. That still didn’t satisfy the program manager or evergreen manor. My roommate and I were in group yesterday and our counselor is aware of our situation but refused to let us talk about our situation she said that “let’s not put your business out on front street” I’ve had a feeling that we weren’t able to utilize our group for support due to living on their campus. They made it very clear that we are not allowed to talk about issues that happen in the house.
    So needless to say I am very displeased about their service mostly about the Everett locations service. I wasn’t able to use group to help me through my housing issues and that they are okay with putting me out on the street even though I’m in full compliance with my outpatient and commenced from Iop to OP. Heed my warning if you find yourself in their transitional housing either the summit house or manor house that they will ask you to leave at the end of your stay even if you have no where to go and aren’t able to utilize group like everyone else. So if you can go somewhere else before coming to evergreen manors transitional house and outpatient groups.
    Thank you

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