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Eureka Imperial Residence


Gilbert ArizonaEureka Imperial Residence Review

Eureka Imperial Residence operates two long-term residential treatment homes in Gilbert, Arizona, a large city in the southeast valley of the Phoenix metropolitan area. EIR opened its first residence five years ago and treats clients with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders with the aim of preparing them for independent living. Both homes provide numerous evidence-based treatment methods as well as Christian faith-based activities including Bible Study.

Accommodations and Food

A maximum of ten clients live in each residence, both of which are well-appointed suburban homes with modern décor and amenities including stainless steel kitchen appliances and recreation rooms. Residents usually have one roommate and a shared bathroom, though singles are available for an additional fee. EIR makes sure to match roommates with complementary goals and lifestyles so that they can motivate each other’s recovery. Residents must observe quiet hours in the evenings and head to their rooms at 9 pm each night to study and/or prepare for work the next day.

House staff prepare all meals, taking into account each resident’s preferences and health needs and residents are encouraged to improve their life skills by helping out in the kitchen and learning food preparation.

Treatment and Staff

Most residents stay at EIR for six months to a year, though many choose to stay longer. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized, created by clinicians and the program director. EIR’s treatment philosophy encourages clients to actively partner in their recovery and so treatment plans generally have an end-goal of functioning independently at school or in rewarding employment.

The homes have a licensed clinician—usually a CSW—and five staff members on site from 9 am to 5 pm. Two staff members, one male and one female, are on the premises overnight. An addiction counselor with LPC, Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP) and Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor (LISAC) credentials comes to the residences to conduct group and individual therapy (with two weekly sessions for each client) twice a week. Residents are also required to attend at least three 12-step meetings each week, which EIR will transport them to. The visiting counselors are trained to offer dual diagnosis support and use CBT modalities to teach self-management and coping skills. A psychiatric nurse visits the home as needed to administer and prescribe medication.


EIR takes clients to the local YMCA three times each week for exercise and recreation. Families can visit as long as the visit is arranged in advance with the house staff.

Additionally, four evenings a week a counselor takes residents on sober recreational activities such as movies or sporting events, or leads them through sober living and motivational exercises at the home. EIR also offers a Bible Study group twice a week, but attendance is not mandatory.

Helping clients achieve their professional or educational goals is also a priority at EIR. Counselors aid residents in applying to nearby colleges and help arrange transportation to classes. EIR has also recently partnered with state agencies to bring clients to community vocational training programs.

In Summary

Eureka Imperial Residence provides long-term residential treatment that seeks to improve each client’s sense of personal responsibility and optimism about his or her future. The comfortable and supportive atmosphere of each home relaxes and rejuvenates clients, while its comprehensive “team approach” enables it to create customized routines and goals around each client’s changing needs.

Eureka Imperial Residence Locations

1740 S. Heritage Dr
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Eureka Annex Residence
2668 S Heritage Dr.
Gilbert AZ 85295

Eureka Imperial Residence Cost

$5,000 – $7,000 (30 days, depending on double or single room accommodations). Reach Eureka Imperial Residence by phone at (480)375.5192 and by email at [email protected]. Find Eureka Imperial Residence on Facebook

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