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Epiphany House Sober Living


Epiphany House Sober Living Review

Located in Beverly Hills, California, in one of the priciest zip codes in the world, Epiphany House Sober Living was founded by former business executive Brian Bresnan. After experiencing his own struggles with addiction, he felt compelled to help other men. Today, most of the staff at Epiphany House’s two facilities—the first opened in 2013, the newest in 2015—are also in recovery. In a comfortable, even posh, environment, Epiphany prides itself on delivering luxurious surroundings and structured sober living, but at an affordable price that is less than many of its competitors in Beverly Hills.

Accommodations and Amenities

Epiphany House has two locations, on Bedford and Roxbury streets in Beverly Hills. Both are regarded as “luxury” facilities in that they are stylish, well-maintained and equipped with many amenities. Though both residences have many of the same features, their physical design and styles are different: Bedford tends to be warmer and more comfy while Roxbury is more pristine. Two styles for different tastes and sensibilities.

Bedford, which was Epiphany’s first residence, is a two-story gated Spanish-style house obscured somewhat from the street by a tall hedge. Vines cover the ornate front door, and two balconies are visible from the left side of the house. The décor is comfortable and somewhat traditional. Though clients typically share bedrooms, private rooms are available for a higher price. All rooms have full-size beds with pillow-top mattresses and 42-inch TVs with satellite services. Bathrooms, which are shared, are modern and tiled. The living room, with its wraparound brown leather couch and upholstered chairs, has a 60-inch flat screen TV. There are both indoor and outdoor jacuzzis in addition to a pool. The outdoor space around the pool, with lawn chairs and a table and umbrella, is the most idyllic spot in the house. In the on-site gym, which is located in the garage, residents can work out with weights and cardio equipment as well as play ping-pong.

The Roxbury is Epiphany’s newer location, having opened in May 2015. A two-story white stone house with interior hardwood and marble floors, it has a pool and comfortable seating in the back yard. The decorative palette is darker in this house: the dining room and adjacent living room are done in tones of grey, black and brown. There are two living rooms in this residence, both of which have leather couches. A spiral staircase leads to the upstairs bedrooms, which also have full pillow-top mattresses. The bathrooms, which clients share, have marble countertops and multiple vanities.

Rules and Regulations

Epiphany accepts clients at various stages of sobriety. For someone in the very beginning of sobriety, Epiphany refers to an outpatient program and private therapy or recommends working with a sober coach. These suggestions are made on a case-by-case basis. Epiphany takes an individualized approach to each client and his needs. For example, there is an 11 pm weekday curfew at Epiphany, but if a client is gainfully employed and can provide proof of employment, an exception will be made for him to work late. The one hard and fast non-negotiable rule: all residents are required to submit to random drug testing.

Though Epiphany has parking space, and there’s also plenty on the surrounding streets in the neighborhood, clients typically do not bring their own cars in the early phase of sobriety. Transportation is included in the cost of treatment. Between the two houses, there are 16 full-time staff and a cook. Groceries are provided, and clients don’t prepare their own meals.


Both Epiphany House locations are just a walk away from the Hillcrest Country Club, where the tennis courts are open until 10 pm every night, and non-members can pay to play by the hour.

The staff provides career coaching and helps residents navigate employment-related issues.

In Summary

Epiphany House is less intensive than an inpatient treatment facility, but not as lax as some transitional living facilities. There is support staff available 24 hours a day who are in ongoing communication and on top of how residents are doing. Though it charges less than many of its competitors, the price tag is still substantial. Its location in Beverly Hills makes it peaceful and yet close to plenty of restaurants and shopping in the nearby area. In other words, even without a car, clients don’t feel stranded and can easily walk and get around Beverly Hills.

Epiphany House Sober Living Locations

Epiphany House Sober Living
1264 Bedford Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Epiphany House Sober Living
10655 Cushdon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Epiphany Cost Sober Living Cost

$4,500-$7,500 (30 days). Reach Epiphany by phone at (424)-262-4168 or by email at [email protected] Find Epiphany on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn

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