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With its multi-pronged approach to treatment, numerous medical resources and proven 35-year track record, Endeavor House North is a hopeful recovery resource. Acquired by the Pittsburgh based Pinnacle Treatment Centers in 2011, Endeavor House joined a medically-oriented addiction resource network that includes 20 facilities serving more than 7,500 adults each year.

Accommodations and Food

Endeavor House technically has five locations throughout New Jersey but the primary inpatient residences that officially bear its name are in the towns of Kearny (Endeavor House North) and Keyport (Endeavor House South). The Kearny location is the larger residency and can house up to 40 clients while Keyport only has room for 20. Clients share rooms with bunk beds; linens and towels are provided but clients are instructed to bring their own detergent. There are also a few group meeting rooms, a dining room and kitchen in each house. There is no gym or fitness center.

Menus are flexible and diverse. Chefs work closely with each client and their clinician to meet any dietary requirements such as gluten free or vegetarian. Whole foods and healthy options are in the rotation but outside food and drink are not permitted. Clients are also not allowed to bring have any personal electronics like cellphones, laptops and cameras. Approved reading material is restricted to that of the 12-step or spiritual persuasion.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment begins with a medically-supervised detox, if necessary, which usually lasts for seven to 10 days. This can include Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction, utilizing Suboxone and Vivitrol.

Clients attend individual therapy multiple times a week, as well as group therapy aimed at addressing the emotional aspects of getting sober.  Alternative modalities are also offered, including art and music therapy. Residents attend relapse prevention groups and begin building their recovery foundation through a 12-step program, either through AA or NA.

Perhaps most important aspect of treatment at Endeavor House is the family program. They host a “Multi-Family Group” at each location once a week where family members and friends can learn more about the disease of addiction, 12-step philosophy and the red flags for relapse.

The staff is not short on medical professionals. There are several doctors on full-time staff as well as a team of registered nurses.


Endeavor House offers yoga, recreational activities, art and music therapy, as well as nutritional education.

In Summary

With a treatment approach spanning from MAT to music therapy, Endeavor House is a place where you can find what you need to begin your recovery from substance abuse. A particularly good place for those struggling with opiate addiction who haven’t had success with abstinence-based treatment, Endeavor House comes equipped with a highly credentialed and well-informed staff who can help you build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety.

Endeavor House North Location

206 Bergen Ave
Kearny, NJ 07032 US

Endeavor House North Cost

$15,000 (30 days). Reach Endeavor House North by phone at (800) 570-2626 or by email at [email protected]. Find Endeavor House North on Facebook

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  1. Hmmmm, no Ann. Almost all of the reviews of Endeavor are horrible and that is because it is an awful place both to work and to recover. I know because I’ve done both. The people on this site, Yelp, Indeed etc. are all telling it exactly how it is. The place should be shut down. People, DO NOT send your loved ones here!!! Heck, I wouldn’t send my worst enemy here.

  2. mark stepanian on

    I was there in November 2016 staff has a bad attitude the 5-day detox had no AA or NA ligature first I was ignored about getting ligature to get my thinking in the right place. They had to order the books rehab without an AA or NA book we were off to a good start. I shared in the morning group about my doubts and the counselor said I don’t care and half the group laughed with counselor laughing as I almost cried. I’m not a young kid I was 44 I could handle the rejection and bounce back. My advise if someone you love goes into this lockdown institution call them at least once a week because they don’t let you call out. I signed myself I’m self-employed and pay my own insurance i should be able to call my mom or dad once a week.

  3. I was at the Keyport facility in April of 2010. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Still sober 7 and a half years later. Admittedly it wasn’t the cleanest place but certainly much cleaner conditions than the way I had been living the prior 10 years. If you want someone to get you sober – well- there is no such place. If you want someone to help you get sober Endeavor is the place to be. As our spirit rises above our ego so does our effort rise above our excuses.

  4. This is my 2nd post here. This time I will relate my experiences while at Endeavor House Keyport. I was there July-August 2009. I was required to be there in order to continue my career. At the time, my father was terminally ill with lung cancer. My father was a very ornary, hateful man who had been estranged from the rest of the family. Not only did he have guns, He also had a car that he was in no condition to drive. I had real concerns that he might attempt to drive to either obtain groceries or worse yet attempt to murder my mother (which he once attempted long before he got sick.) I was not allowed even one phone call in order to check up on him for 2 weeks (during which I was being eaten from the inside out with worry and preventing me from trying to work on my recovery for half the time I was there) and was only allowed to call him after writing a note to the administrator requesting a meeting with a member of the clergy so that maybe he could explain my very basic human need to check in with my father because my repeated requests and explanations of this basic human need to check on my father under these circumstances was not sufficient enough to convey this to them. At the time I had HEP C (which is spread through blood contact) and was recovering from surgery to remove the mother of all hemorrhoids. The nurse there once denied me access to the fiber pills I needed to keep from blowing it out again and even though I “self medicated” with raisin bran, this turned out to be the only time since this surgery that I started bleeding again when I went to the bathroom (which I was sharing with the other male “inmates”, possibly putting them at risk of infection.) These are only 2 of my biggest issues with this place. Their main technique is to hone in on anything that you care about and hold it over your head (wanna hang on to your 16 year career?, wanna keep your health insurance?, wanna keep taking insulin for your diabetes? wanna get treatment for your HEP C?) My stay at Endeavor House taught me that my will is more important than all of these things. The so called “Blue Book” (the AA “bible”) says that apathy is the biggest threat to one’s recovery. My experience at E.H. taught me that apathy is freedom from the tyranny
    and exploitation imposed by the people who you go to for help.

  5. I was at Endeavor House Keyport July-August 2009. My experience there left me with nothing but contempt for the very concept and process or “rehab and recovery”. Before I even get into my experiences there, Let me say that my recovery was doomed even before I got there. I was led to believe that the disability claim was put in before I attended. Turned out that I had to put the claim in after I had gotten out. My employer would not allow me to work again until Endeavor House informed them that I was “recovered” . I was required to make multiple trips there and jump through all sorts of hoops (without any income, lucky I had gas in my tank) befor I could work. I could not wait until they allowed me to have an income so I had no choice but to take my will back (I will NEVER surrender it again) and saw my pot dealer, got an oz. spotted to me, and resumed dealing just so I could have an income. Bye Bye recovery. I had conquered my worst drug issues but got fired after coming up positive for marijuana a year later. My next “job” was being a driver for a local cocaine kingpin and did the worst drugging of my life AFTER my stay at E.H. If nothing else, they taught me the value of apathy to the point that when a friend of mine OD’d (he was another Endeavor House alumni) I felt (and still feel) that if he needs to be incarcerated, if he needs to surrender his will in order to save him from himself, then he’s better off dead.

  6. My son was at Endeavor House in 2016. I am not going to complain about how he was treated, I had no issues with that–I was pleased with the Keyport facility. My problem is this–I am getting a medical bill from Millennium labs for services provided a year ago. My insurance does not cover this and i am a little annoyed that I was not made aware of the fact that lab services would not be covered. This was my first experience with a rehab so I was totally unaware of how much lab testing was done and the expense. I am wondering if this has been a problem for others.

  7. Marsha Lewin on

    If Ann, you are an employee of Endeavor House and are allowed to speak to past clients the way you are right now, WOW!!! then maybe an investigation is needed.

  8. My son attended Endeavour House in Kearny NJ for his addiction issue. He completed that last year summer time. He has since been to court on numerous occasions as part of his responsibility for his fines and such. One particular court in Holmdel with Judge Mary Casey has been asking my son for his completion papers from Endeavour house. My son has requested these on at least 3 occasions in 2 months yet has not received them. he keeps being told someone will call him but they never do! He has asked the papers to be emailed to him with no response. Ive called and asked. I UNDERSTAND about HIIPA trust me on that. Judge Casey still requests these documents. Why wont anyone do their job and give my son the paperwork?! At this point I am telling Judge Casey the shenanigans that are going on and that its Endeavour House that is wasting the courts time.

    • I’m so sorry. Endeavor House does its best to keep up-to-date with any and all requests made by the patients. I’m sure that someone will be in contact shortly. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to ask the judge (or his/her clerk) to contact the facility to expedite the process. Best!

  9. I beg to differ with the following statements:
    “The staff is not short on medical professionals. There are several doctors on full-time staff as well as a team of registered nurses.
    Endeavor House offers yoga, recreational activities, art and music therapy, as well as nutritional education.”
    I left Endeavor House the beginning of November of 2016 and I have to say they definitely have a shortage of medical professionals. The MD’s and Psych doctors were only there 2x’s a week if that. I didn’t see a psych doctor until the middle of my 3rd week in treatment. I don’t know how they are stating there are “several doctors on full time staff” – that is a lie. My hands and feet were swelling from the very salty food (more on that later with I address the “nutrition education”), and the constant sitting (more on that too later). The Nurses (or as I call them, medicine dispensers), save 2 or 3, were pretty much glorified medical assistants. if you had an issue and you needed to see a doctor, you had to tell the morning nurse who was giving out meds. Because I never had this swelling issue before, I wanted to see the doctor – so I had my name put on the list to the see the MD daily. I say daily because since the MD was only there 1-2 days a week there was no guarantee they would see you that day. New patients that came into detox were a priority over patients on the rehab floor – so since there were always new admissions, the residential patients got put to the back of the line. It was about a week and a half after I first noticed the swelling that I finally saw a doctor.
    So first let’s talk about the sitting. Sitting for breakfast, sitting in morning group, sitting during “recreation time” (recreation consisted of sitting in a sweltering room for about 2 hours and either watching TV, playing chess/checkers, assembling puzzles that were missing pieces, or trying to play a Wii which was broken – the games would play for about 5 minutes before the machine turned off. There was also air hockey and ping pong tables. Yoga was once a week, and was more a warm up stretching more than anything). After rec time, you sat for nursing or “clinical” group. After that you sat for lunch, then you had two more hours of back to back sitting for two groups after lunch. You were allowed “floor time” for about an hour after that, then you went back down to the cafeteria for another group they called Didactics (some sort of medical education group – it was usually run by the RA’s who don’t have any medical training and their sole claim to fame is that they are recovering addicts too). Then you sat for dinner. After dinner you sat for a pits and peaks group where you talk about the high and low points of your day. After that you’d sit for an AA/NA meeting. They would take some of the patients (based on which bed you were in, a or b) to outside meetings and the others would stay (and sit) for a meeting in the cafeteria. The only real exercise you’d get came from taking the stairs instead of the elevator to get back up to your floor.
    Now on to the “Nutrition”. The dietician (who, like the doctors, was only there once a week) would hold a “demo” cooking class once every two weeks (it was instead of recreation time) and she would stress the need to eat clean and organic. Now mind you our daily meals consisted of any and everything fried. the only veggies we’d consistently get would be from the salad bar – even then it was salad from a bag, there was sometimes spinach (which I’d always try to get) but depending on where you were in the line, there wasn’t always any left by the time you got to the counter. They had steak and lobster tails (frozen ones) once and they told us it was because they’re trying to remain competitive with other rehab centers in the area. One overcooked steak and lobster meal does not a successful rehab make. Breakfast always had fried hash browns, potatoes, and some sort of meat – usually pork roll (it is in Jersey after all) sausage or bacon. The omelets had cheese whiz in the centers. There were also pancakes on some morning and French toast on others. You always had the option of cereal (generic brand Total, Rice Crispies and Cheerios) and bagels (they were thawed out from frozen) and instant oatmeal. Snacks consisted of cereal (the same cereal they put out for breakfast), those orange peanut butter crackers, granola bars and those Uncrustables – Just ONE of them has 320 calories and tons of fat. But when you bring that up to the nutritionist, she says she doesn’t make the menu….so why have a dietitian who tells us to eat healthy, but the chef who actually puts the daily menu’s together – who himself weighs about 380lbs, serves us fried everything?
    Endeavor house isn’t all what the website leads you to believe. The pictures that are on the home page make it look like a beautiful place, but the pretty house with the beautiful porch is Endeavor South – it only houses 20 people and is actually where you go (if your insurance approves you) AFTER you go to the Kearny location. It’s a sober living facility.
    The pictures, in order, are
    Endeavor South House/Endeavor South living room
    Kearny’s waiting room/Kearny’s reception area
    Kearny’s cafeteria
    Endeavor South sitting room
    Endeavor South Sitting room
    Endeavor South Bedroom/Kearny Recreation room
    The Kearny location is housed in an old hospital and the building is actually over 100 years’ old – and it shows. The beds are very uncomfortable and if you’re lucky your room will have an actual mattress with a box spring. I wasn’t that lucky. My first room had an old hospital bed which was a foam pad on a squeaky metal frame that made a godawful noise whenever I’d so much as sneeze. Then I was moved to the 3rd floor (residential rehab floor). The first room I was in had a “junior” mattress on a regular box spring. Now mind you I’m 6’3” so my calves and feet hung off the bed. Then I was moved to another room on the same floor which had a platform bed with another foam pad as a mattress. You were either really cold or really hot – there was no middle ground when it came to temperature.
    In closing, Endeavor House will work if you’re ready to stop using/drinking, but it’s up to you to filter out all the crap and take what you can from your time there. The counselors have caseloads larger than they can handle – you’re entitled to 2 thirty minute sessions every 7 days and you can only make phone calls with your counselor in the room. I maybe saw my counselor 4 times in the 23 days I was there, and it was always 4-5 hours AFTER I was scheduled. Now, she was a great counselor and would take whatever time was needed to talk to me, but it put other people behind – they need more counselors so they’re not trying to handle 12-25 people each – there are only 5 full time counselors and two interns (who can’t have more than 3 clients each).

      • I’m so sorry that you had that experience! May I ask whether you were ever transferred to the less medical floor. Generally patients only ‘graduate’ to those accommodations when they’ve proven their ability to follow the rules and their desire to work the program. From your complaints, it sounds as though you may have stayed in the detox area (perhaps because you were less than compliant?). Regardless, I’m sure anyone at Endeavor would be happy to speak with you regarding your experience and perhaps work out some sort of refund (providing that you paid anything out-of-pocket at all, which I somehow doubt), anyway, you know the contact info – best!

      • This is entirely inappropriate and Endeavor has strict policies regarding “relationships” between patients. For shame!

    • I’m so sorry that you had that experience! May I ask whether you were ever transferred to the less medical floor. Generally patients only ‘graduate’ to those accommodations when they’ve proven their ability to follow the rules and their desire to work the program. From your complaints, it sounds as though you may have stayed in the detox area (perhaps because you were less than compliant?). Regardless, I’m sure anyone at Endeavor would be happy to speak with you regarding your experience and perhaps work out some sort of refund (providing that you paid anything out-of-pocket at all, which I somehow doubt), anyway, you know the contact info – best!

      • AMEN! Medical staff withholding your prn’s??? what’s with that. I know they had a nurse who was very abusive and on his facebook all shift, another one that sat with that one all evening eating and getting fatter and fatter, and another one who flirted with patients and staff. so needless to say, if you needed anything on the evening shift, just forget it.

    • there is a dr in the facility a couple times weekly. the psychiatric nurse practitioner is only there twice a week for a couple of hours, they are not a co-occurring facility! they are only licensed for substance abuse. counselors only see clients 1 hour per week, so if you need counseling, go to an actual dual-diagnosis program. counselors have a caseload of 12- 20.

  10. Elizabeth Gaughan on

    After I left there and went to an appointment with my aftercare program which my couselor at Endeavor House supposedly set up, I found out that no appointment was arranged for my continued treatment. Awful place with no recovery and certain counselors need more education about addiction. Overmedicated with inappropriate medication when I first arrived there that I don’t remember the first two days of my stay.

    • I certainly don’t mean to be rude, but this sounds rather like typical “blame everyone else” addict mentality. Perhaps you should look at your own contributions. Best!

      • or blame the addicts telling the truth about a money-hungry, cheap-ass dirty place. & obviously, you did mean to be rude

  11. The absolute worst place I have ever seen.. They are just about the money and DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PATIENTS. I intend to contact the better business bureau and make sure they close this house of horrors..I ran with my son who was to stay there as fast as I can .they will put you on the street the minute you can’t pay anymore.. I was willing to do all I was asked pay for whatever was needed to help my son and thank God I didn’t allow him in there.I am sickened by how they treat someone who desperately is in need of help.. There only concern was money .it is filthy dirty.. No one knows what they are doing.. The girls and counselor were more concerned about what they should order for lunch than admitting my son.it is so sad that people who really need help are taken by such places.. My son is in a great place and I am so thankful that he is now safe and able to get the proper treatment needed.. My heart goes out to anyone who has been to endeavor house.. I beg you please DON’T ALLOW ANYONE TO BE ADMITTED THERE.. HEARTBROKEN MOM but my son is now safe ..

      • But congratulations to you both for being in such a great place now! I’m thrilled that he got the help he needed and that your family did, from whatever source. ?


    • Gina Irizarry on

      I agree, this place is very inefficient. My husband has only been there a week and I’m already having a bad feeling about the place. I will just give you one example of something that does not sit right with me. The only exercise my husband has access to is a short walk outside near the building with all of the smoking clients. That is his only access to fresh air. Now, they are aware of his medical history and how 30 years of past smoking cost him two heart attacks and 3 stints yet, they are not concerned about the danger of him being exposed to all this smoke. Furthermore, I dropped off a bag of clothing to him at 11am today and now I’m being told he wont get it till tomorrow because they have to check it for bed bugs.. So…it takes 24 hours to search for potential bed bugs because of “potential danger” yet, they are not worried about his heart condition and let him outside with smokers????? The staff I met are unfriendly and act as if you are bothering them when you drop off items. I may not be a licensed social worker but I have studied enough psychology as an educator to know that if you want to rehabilitate people you need to offer exercise and healthy lifestyle activities. These things can be traded for vices and addictions and also release seretonin to the brain which helps depression and keeps the mind healthy. I am not digging this place or their lack of progressive approach to rehabilitation. Meetings all day are not going to cure people with physiological problems that cause addiction.

  12. I loved everything about this program. Everyone was so welcoming and warm hearted. I was able to deal with my problems and create a healthy life that I will carry once I get home.

  13. Raul E. Austin on

    A great place to get sober – After many years of drug addiction and a variety of other treatment facilities, this is the place that worked for me. I stayed there for a few months in 2015 and almost didn’t want to leave! The therapists and others that work there really care for the clients. The setting is idyllic, like a 5 star hotel, with luxurious rooms, swimming pools and a first rate chef. Their program is tailored to the individual and it’s quite intimate with a capacity of 14. They also encourage you to stay involved upon completion, with weekly alumni meetings and great aftercare programs.

    • That place is absolutely horrible it’s a house of horror the beds are horrible the people are horrible the staff is horrible I hate that place. I ran out of there so fast I didn’t even look back. Nightmare!

        • CAROL R MEAGHER on

          Ann, I have read all of your replies up until and including this one. You seem to be trying to outsmart, put-down and even belittle the complaining patients.
          Not therapeutic.

  14. Endeavor house was pretty clean in 2010 when I was there and again in summer of 2011..Unfortunately I returned again in 2012 and 2014… it was FILTHY…. I guess the lady who cleaned it good retired…they need to get that place clean ..it is pretty gross…all three houses art Dirty as hell…

  15. I don’t usually write reviews for anything. But I just feel I need to share how Endeavor House helped me turn my life around. Those who are addicts or know one, can understand what a terrible disease addiction is. Many people don’t make it. And I just wanna say I’m really thankful to everyone at Endeavor House for never giving up on me. I mean, they helped me even when I thought I didn’t need them, when I was crazy, acting like a jerk…They just never gave up on me.So thanks a lot.

  16. Worked as a Temp. Intake Coordinator at Endeavor House in Keyport several years ago and found it to be run down, dirty, poor security, with questionable Therapists and Staff.
    Owner of this facility seems more interested in making money than providing a clean facility ,while serving slop for food. The location of the Main House is both serene and peaceful, but the inside is quite rundown and the separate quarters for women is no better. I would question the qualifications of the Medical Staff and their propensity to over medicate. Generates money for the owner(s) when commitment to local A.A or N.A would be just as effective. In short, dirty, and outdated facility that would not provide a positive environment.

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