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Empowerment Treatment & Counseling


Empowerment Treatment & Counseling Review

Located a few minutes northwest of downtown Phoenix in Glendale, Arizona, Empowerment Treatment & Counseling is an outpatient facility that specializes in treating eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, in addition to trauma, relationship issues, mental illnesses and various forms of addiction. Founded in 2013 by Caryn Attianese, Empowerment believes in finding and treating the root cause of the condition rather than merely managing symptoms. It promotes an integrative treatment approach that combines an array of therapies rooted in evidence-based practices in individual, group and family settings. Nutritional guidance and holistic measures are also implemented for a well-rounded, client-based care plan. It is worth noting that medication management and 12-step meetings are not components of the programming.

Treatment and Staff

Empowerment treats clients with a range of personal and relationship and familial issues, mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, trauma as well as addictions such as alcohol, substance use and various eating disorders like binge eating and emotional eating. The goal at Empowerment is to help guide clients to shift negative, ineffective beliefs and behaviors back into balance. Before beginning treatment, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment that helps the team to create the most effective treatment strategy tailored to the meet the specific needs and goals of the individual. The evaluation also serves as a baseline for comparison throughout the duration of the program. Each individual has their own unique needs. As such, there is no set timetable for treatment.

Empowerment offers a multi-faceted and holistic approach to care that integrates an array of therapeutic philosophies including evidence-based therapy, experiential therapy, psychoeducation and nutrition in addition to traditional talk therapy. As previously mentioned, clients engage in individual and group therapy as well as family therapy, if needed. The facility also integrates DBT, mindfulness based therapy and emotionally focused therapy. When working with children and adolescents, Empowerment utilizes the developmental model of immaturity to treat childhood trauma and play therapy to help children express their experiences and feelings. In addition, the facility provides educational groups as well as nutrition education and cooking classes for those struggling with eating disorders and diabetes.  

Empowerment Treatment and Counseling employs a multidisciplinary team comprised of LMFTs, licensed counselors and associate counselors, registered dieticians, a certified life coach and a movement specialist.


Empowerment facilitates training seminars and retreats for professionals to educate them about eating disorders.

In Summary

Empowerment Treatment & Counseling provides treatment for an array of issues and disorders including personal, marital and parenting issues, trauma, mental illnesses like depression and anxiety, various addictions and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and emotional eating. The facility is open to adults, adolescents and children. It also serves as a consulting and training resource for professionals. Empowerment utilizes a multi-faceted, client-centered approach to care that synchronizes a host of therapeutic methods including evidence-based, experiential, talk therapy, education, nutrition and holistic methods. For clients in the Phoenix-area struggling with trauma and eating disorders, Empowerment provides an excellent and experienced team of counselors, innovative therapies and a commitment to caring.

Empowerment Treatment & Counseling Location

Empowerment Treatment & Counseling
5940 W Union Hills Dr
Bldg D, Ste 200
Glendale, AZ 85308

Empowerment Treatment and Counseling Cost

Call for cost; accepts most insurances. Reach Empowerment Treatment and Counseling by phone at (623) 810-1663 or by email at [email protected]. Find Empowerment Treatment and Counseling on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn

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