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For those looking for a non-12-step, new age Zen den to get away from substance abuse problems, Empower, located in Clearwater, Florida, may be the solution. Empower sets out to change perceptions while focusing on generating present well-being. Rather then choosing labels for what a person is or is not, Empower feels clients can find true recovery amid a plethora of spa treatments, yoga classes and alternative healing modalities.

Accommodations and Food

While many rehabs may have a clinical or institutional feel, Empower embodies a yoga studio sort of vibe. Named “The Ashram of Clearwater,” the facilities at Empower have Buddha heads, decorative Ong signs and Japanese rugs. The streaming of fountains can be heard around the clock while displays of positive affirmations are everywhere.

While living in this 10-bed holistic health club, clients enjoy their own private room and bath, complete with flat screen televisions and free WiFi. Instead of restricting residents, Empower aims to make recovery time as comfortable and relaxed as possible, even allowing cell phones and laptops.

All meals are catered at Empower. Clients have a choice of menu items including vegan/vegetarian, power protein or pescatarian for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is limited to coffees, teas and juices as guests are encouraged to bring in their favorite items for this meal. A concierge service is also available to make grocery runs once or twice a week on designated days.

The facility at Empower features a lending library, gift shop, hob tub, sauna, sun deck, gym and comfortable common areas to chat and kick back. Guests are free to use the facilities as long as they maintain the peaceful atmosphere. Conversations are meant to be wholesome and profanity-free.

Treatment and Staff

The overall goal here is to relax and rejuvenate, which hopefully leads to recovery. Empower uses “perception therapy” to try to change the way clients think by changing their “formed perceptions,” resulting in a change in behavior. The staff at Empower includes a highly trained psychotherapist, a resident MD, a psychiatrist, clinicians and a range of skilled practitioners.

Empower allows clients during their 30- to 90-day stay to create a college-style schedule of their own choosing. Clients are provided with a wide range of electives to pick from in addition to the mandated core classes and therapies. Instead of going through a traditional 12-step approach, residents shed the label of “addict” or “alcoholic” and set out on a spiritual journey of unconscious reprogramming through weekly individual therapy, trauma and grief healing, nutritional counseling, yoga, daily meditation, relaxation techniques, perception therapy, mind-body-spirit-environment therapy, relapse prevention groups and depression healing training.

There is no on-site detox at this facility. Empower expects clients to be high functioning, meaning they must go through detox prior to arrival. Outside arrangements with a partnering detox facility can made.


At Empower’s 15,000-square-foot facility, clients have access to up to 300 different classes a month. Classes such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Gong Bath meditation, crystal bowl healing and Qi Gong are all included in the cost. However, the practitioner-based healing treatments such as massage, acupuncture, tapping, reflexology, cupping, life coaching, lipo laser, facials or hydro colon therapy, additional costs are extra.

When it comes to recreation, clients are free to use the Jacuzzi, sauna, pool and gym during free time. Off-site passes are also available for those looking to venture out to local attractions such as Disney, Epcot, Sea World and Universal Studios.

In Summary

With a full spectrum of practitioners offering every alternative treatment known to man at a comparatively excellent price and a class schedule that rivals the top yoga studios, new age and non-new age, clients will enjoy this rehab. That being said, treatment isn’t meant to be a trip to the beach and those with low bottom addictions might be better served elsewhere. Still, clients who want to avoid 12 step have found this ”ashram” to be a great sanctuary.

Empower Location

2120 Range Rd
Clearwater, FL 33765

Empower Cost

$22,000 (30 days). Reach Empower by phone at (727) 410-8911 or toll-free at 888-834-2451. Find Empower on Facebook

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