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Emotional Health Counseling


Emotional Health Counseling Review

Emotional Health Counseling is an outpatient mental health treatment facility located in scenic Santa Monica, California. It treats a variety of mental health disorders using unconventional approaches based in philosophy of the self. Emotional Health Counseling staff prefers to use these therapies and holistic ones over treatment focusing on medication.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment at Emotional Health Counseling is considered to be an alternative to conventional therapy. It touts a more effective and faster-acting approach that uses a multitude of behavioral sciences. While treatment may include traditional psychology, it also integrates more unconventional approaches into the mix. Emotional Health Counseling targets the philosophical nature of the self, with therapies including ontology, which focuses on the nature of being, existence and the self. Also included is axiology, which helps clients explore personal values. Teleology deals with real-life causes and effects rather than an individual’s feelings and emotions, targeting the root causes of issues and helping to modify causal behavior rather than cope with the resulting symptoms or events. Neuro-linguistic programming, which is also offered, is an alternative therapy dealing with effective communication and self-awareness, helping clients take an active role in their day-to-day roles and interactions. Holistic treatments like hypnotherapy are also available.

Both couples and individual treatment are offered. Emotional Health Counseling’s approach begins with locating the root cause of clients’ issues—typically behavioral issues—and then moves on to addressing the resulting emotions and actions. There is also treatment available for “infatuation,” a concern with obsessive thinking and rumination about people or events. This therapeutic regimen helps clients step back from co-dependency and other infatuation-based issues, resulting in a feeling of empowerment and release.

Staff includes life coaches, psychologists, spiritual advisors and behavioral specialists.

In Summary

Emotional Health Counseling offers a unique approach to mental health, dealing with underlying issues rather than simply putting a band-aid over the resulting symptoms. It offers an interesting alternative for those who have found traditional therapy to be unsuccessful, or for clients who simply want to take a different avenue to treating their concerns.

Emotional Health Counseling Location

Emotional Health Counseling
2500 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Emotional Health Counseling Cost

Depends on service; accepts insurance in some circumstances. Reach Emotional Health Counseling by phone at (310) 752-3839 or by email at [email protected].

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