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Elevated Sober Living


Elevated Sober Living Review

Located in outside Austin in Ticondera, Texas, Elevated Sober Living is a comfortable sober living facility exclusively for men. Although the home itself is relatively high-end, the cost of treatment is kept as low as possible and the program encourages a strong community vibe. Though it is currently only open to men, the organization is in the process of opening a new program for women as well.

Accommodations and Amenities

All told, the sober living home has a total of four private bedrooms for clients. Although all are well-appointed, one is a master’s suite with a king-sized bed and its own bathroom; the others include queen-sized beds though not all have adjoining bathrooms. Each comes with carpeted floors, nightstands, dressers, TV and other decorations. In addition to the bedrooms, the house also has shared common areas, a game room, an office, an outdoor patio, a living room and an expansive kitchen. Throughout their stay, residents are expected to cook and prepare their own meals.

Rules and Regulations

Like any sober living home, clients are expected to obey a basic set of house rules. These include participating in a 12-step program, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and submitting to regular and random drug tests. All residents must remain active throughout their time at the home by either volunteering, attending outpatient treatment, working or going to school (or some combination of the above). Although clients are trusted to live their own lives, they also meet for regular house meetings and group therapy sessions. Other groups cover a variety of topics such as life skills, resume building, budgeting and other case management-related services.

The staff at Elevated Sober Living consists of house managers, LCDCs and additional support staff.


The house also has a shared car that residents can use to go to and from work, among other places. As an added bonus, all clients also get a gym membership throughout their time at the program. Breakfasts are provided by the facility and the home also has a pool table to help residents blow off steam. All lengths of stay are flexible and those looking for follow-up aftercare or discharge planning can get help from the counselors.

In Summary

Overall, Elevated Sober Living lives up to its name. Although the cost of staying in the home is relatively cheap, the house itself is well-appointed and provides a good balance of structure and freedom. Throughout their stay, residents attend 12-step meetings, learn life skills and begin to reintegrate into society. While those in need of more thorough medical or psychiatric aid throughout the sober living process may want to find additional help as well, Elevated Sober Living remains a strong resource for men in the area.

Elevated Sober Living Location

Elevated Sober Living
3404 Ticonderoga St
McKinney, TX 75070

Elevated Sober Living Cost

$1,040 (30 days; $260 a week). Reach Elevated Sober Living by phone at (214) 354-4598 or by email at [email protected]

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