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In a picturesque property 45 minutes south of the Boston Common, Edwina Martin House offers chemically dependent women a chance to change their lives through sobriety. A Brockton, Massachusetts resident, Edwina Martin was a long-time volunteer and activist for local drug and alcohol programs. Her committed advocacy resulted in this recovery house, established in 1982. It aims to enable all residents to return to society addiction-free, with renewed self-esteem, so that they can reconnect with their families and be economically self-sustaining.

Accommodations and Food

The residential home is a 21-bed, family-residence style facility with a wide porch and a tiny outdoor gazebo. Women in treatment share bedrooms and bathrooms with each other and up to four infants, depending on need. Edwina Martin House works to support postpartum clients and women attempting to make a sober transition from pregnancy to motherhood. Because there are often babies in the house, the no-tolerance relapse policy is especially strident. Lab tests are conducted four times a week.

Upon approval for admission, women secure food stamps from the MA Department of Public Health. Food purchases for are made using these food stamp cards. Meals are served family style in the residence’s dining room. Menus are planned by a certified nutritionist and then prepared by the clients, based off of a rotating chore list. Clients are responsible for all cooking, cleaning and laundry in the house.

The women here live like an extended family. There is no workout facility but one of the staff members leads a wellness group once a week and passes are available for the Brockton YMCA.


Edwina Martin House offers a six-month treatment program that is a step down from primary care and accepts Massachusetts residents from detox units, incarceration or short-term rehab centers. Clients are not accepted directly—caseworkers and local health services must make the primary recommendation. This is an extended care, working program, based in 12-step ideology. There are no doctors on staff and any prescription meds must be approved at the time of the intake interview. It is a specialty service of Edwina Martin House, however, to assist women and their infants by coordinating perinatal and pediatric care.

Once admitted, clients are allowed no outside contact for the first two weeks. While acclimating, they are also getting acquainted with the treatment protocol. As mentioned, Edwina Martin House builds its program on the 12-step model as well as on Motivational Interviewing (MI) and self-esteem building. After the initial black out period, Monday through Friday evenings are spent at local 12-step meetings. The women are encouraged to find sponsors and work the steps and to participate in the fellowship. Residents are expected to commit to the program for 30 days before weekend passes are available. After six weeks, all residents must begin the job search. Resume building and work force re-entry education are included in the schedule. Once employed, each woman is expected to contribute a nominal amount to her treatment.

The women of Edwina Martin House are in one-hour group sessions three times a day between 9 am and 3 pm with lunch between. These sessions include general process groups, addiction education, relapse preventionmusic therapy, nutritional education, family systems education and violence against women training. Individual counseling is planned as appropriate; one-on-one time is scheduled through a Master’s-level therapist, an addiction counselor and several peer counselors.

In Summary

At the Edwina Martin House, women can potentially learn who they are without the addictions that have defined their lives, distanced them from family and friends and hindered their education and employment. More than 4,000 women have begun to recover and find opportunities for personal growth here since 1982. By stressing personal responsibility, the House offers recovering women the opportunity to be the masters of their own lives. The support for pregnant women and new mothers could be invaluable at a time that is already overwhelming without the added pressures of addiction. Those who qualify would do well to continue their treatment at Edwina Martin House and improve their chances of staying sober in the long term.

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678 North Main St
Brockton, MA 02301

Edwina Martin House Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Edwina Martin House by phone at (508) 583-0493. Find Edwina Martin House on Facebook 

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  1. Concerned Citizen on

    If you do decide to go to edwina martin house you need to know the director and counselors like to pick favorites. So if you’re not chosen as a favorite you will be pushed, tested, and plain screwed with, so if you are the kind of person who kisses ass and reports on your fellow addicts then its a perfect place for you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how honest you are if they don’t like you then they will set you up for failure. I don’t know how some of them look in the mirror. God Bless anyone who’s seeking sobriety i just felt i should let people know the truth. They make their own rules up as they go like they’ll terminate you if you drink a redbull, or if you talk to someone they don’t approve of and they sneakily go thru your cellphone, your facebook etc. So try to lay low if your not an ass kisser. Someone should investigate their practices.

    • Wow. That sounds really bizarre. If you’re in a halfway house and you’re doing the right thing he getting up your attending counseling you’re attending the groups are showing up on time to these mandatory groups. Going about your business the right way like going to the AA meetings, joining a group getting a sponsor trying to get as active as you can while living w set rules n regulations by EMH. I would think why would they mess with someone that’s doing all those things to sabotage don’t feel yeah that doesn’t make any sense for the way it’s laid out in the program so that’s very interesting I’m a graduate of a halfway house I was not favored I just did what I was supposed to do to get sobriety so therefore I’m not a person that would say a program sucks or doesn’t work because it worked for me and again I didn’t go to bed when Martin house but I went to one just like it and it’s served to me good

  2. I was in Edwina Martin house many yrs ago Susan Dwyer i believe her last name is Dwyer, she was a force!! A wonderful woman that had a heart of gold at the same time she ran a tight ship zero tolerance for any negatively, and we all needed that like it or not. I was blessed with a councler so wonderful to this day i apply things she taught me around 20 yrs ago. Carol if by miracle you see this thank you so much, i could write all day but bottom line the Edwina Martin house was one of the best times of my entire life!!! Even though the tears, the feeling, dealing, and healing thank you all. Margaret Gaffney

    • Ya Sounds like the experience I had at the shepherd house dorchester. also, I attended stepping Stone Fall River which was another wonderful house I screwed up in that house by picking up and fortunately I was able to get right back on my horse and I let momentum carry me forward and I didn’t look back there was no future looking in the rearview mirror I moves forward I went onto the shepherd house and they did lead a tight ship. It’s been a long journey and it started with the great stuff I was getting in a half way house. 1994

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