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Edgewood Health is a large network of substance abuse treatment facilities throughout Canada. The Edgewood Treatment Centre residential program located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia offers long-term care to adult men and women. The comprehensive programming includes detoxindividual and group therapy for those struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. Treatment is individualized and based on the 12-step philosophy as well as more holistic therapy options.

Accommodations and Food

The Edgewood facility offers luxury accommodations in a clinical setting. The residence provides 40 beds for those in the first stage of recovery, and 42 beds for the extended program. The facility itself looks like an upscale hotel with floor to ceiling windows illuminating the spacious quarters. The bedrooms are all shared with one roommate in a suite style with each having a private bathroom. There is a dining room with several round wooden tables and shared spaces with wrap around leather couches. Walking paths and ponds adorn the premises and there are picnic benches where the clientele can relax with loved ones during visiting hours. There are also big meeting rooms on-site where treatment and graduation ceremonies take place, as well as staff offices and medical stations.

The food is top-notch and offers healthy meals from organic and local ingredients. Every meal is served with a few options, and a salad bar is available at lunch and dinner. Snacks are prepared and set out in the evening, and options like coffee, tea or sodas are also offered.

Treatment and Staff

On-site detox services are supervised 24 hours a day in a separate ward that is private and comfortable. The detox process can last up to ten days if needed, and then a comprehensive treatment plan is implemented. Edgewood offers an open-ended treatment program, though typically clients stay at the facility for about eight weeks for the initial inpatient process, and if they opt to stay on for the extended care program can remain for another 30 days to six months.

Treatment plans are individualized, so therapeutic methods vary from client to client. A typical day may include several group therapy sessions, Big Book study, journaling and exercise. Psychoeducational lectures and on-site AA meetings are included in regular programming. Treatment methods include CBT, DBT, recreational therapy, art and music therapy. Medication management services are provided along with frequent check in’s with the staff psychiatrist.

Those who continue on to the extended care program experience a less intensive schedule of therapy and focus more on relapse prevention and self-esteem. Clients also design aftercare plan with their therapist. The multi disciplinary team at Edgewood has many years of experience in the field of addiction. The staff includes several physicians and LPNs, as well as Master’s-level therapists that are LADCs and psychologists.


There is also an on-site exercise room that offers machines and free weights, and frequent instructor lead fitness classes are scheduled. The clients also experience events held at the facility, like fundraisers, and enjoy group activities like movie nights, hikes, nature walks, biking, camping or kayaking.

Family participation is an important part of success at Edgewood, and therefore they offer several family programs. There is a six-day residential treatment as well as a monthly education program. In addition to substance abuse treatment, there are also programs offered for sex addiction, gambling and eating disorders.

In Summary

The treatment at Edgewood Treatment Centre aims to reduce the amount of stress and guilt clients feel while going through an addiction program. They do this by not putting a time limit or “correct” way of getting sober, and by offering comfortable surroundings and a supportive atmosphere to encourage the healing process. This is a great choice for those seeking comfortable, affordable treatment in British Columbia.

Edgewood Treatment Centre Location

2121 Boxwood Rd
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Canada V9S 4L2

Edgewood Treatment Centre Cost

$12,750 CAD ($9,776.48 per publishing day exchange rate, 30 days). Reach Edgewood Treatment Centre by phone at (250) 751-0111. Find Edgewood Health on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube

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  1. Edgewood and their staff saved my family! My spouse attended their inpatient program for two months, and I attended the in-site family program. We both have a completely new outlook out on life. We are still in contact with counsellors and other patients there! Best money that could have ever been spent!

  2. My mother in law has been to Edgewood for 3 separate 30 day rehab sessions; the last in 2015. unfortunately she has not been able to stay sober. I however personally know of three patients that have been through the treatment programme at Edgewood since 2012, all of whom have been reformed in their addictive behavior and are in continued remission from their alcoholism.
    Addiction is unfortunately incurable. However, remissive disease prognosis is tenable even in those suffering with grave psychological and emotional disorders provided the addict is able to be honest, openminded, and willing to allow their innate spirituality to lift them out of their addiction. Unfortunately the success rate for staying clean or sober is low…Edgewood has no bearing on these statistics, as the remissive success is imbedded in the nature of the addictive process and the individual’s motivation and assertion. I can say that those who do recover from this hopeless state of mind and body become passionate caring and productive members of society.

  3. Edgewood nanaimo is a cash grab. You have to chase down your councilor to get any one on one and as a result of poor treatment to staff they have gone through tons of councilors and staff. They also give non trained people the title of councilor. I am amazed at the continued lack of well being for their patients. They fund raise for funds to put people through their bursary? which In the 6 years that I have been in contact with them, I have heard of 1 person that begged for her life for over a year to get into this so called program. They ignored her cries for help and when she finally had had enough and was going to go public on there lack of bursary patients, they put her through but she had to come up with a down payment (which her mom morgaged their house) and she had to pay the whole amount back? I could tell you some crazy true stories about this place including sexual harassment of patients, bullying ect ect but I will leave it at that. If you have a loved one in need of treatment please heed my warning. I have been through and I also know many people that have as well and most have the same opinion of edgewood. I also know many that have gone to both edgew and Cedars and every one has better results with cedars.

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