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Edgewood Health Network (EHN Canada)


Edgewood Health Network (EHN Canada) Review

The Edgewood Health Network—now known as EHN Canada, is Canada’s most diverse behavioral health organization. Offering a wide array of treatment options and a continuum of care for clients struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders, EHN staff and facilities offer more than 50 years of combined residential and outpatient experience. With operations in Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta, it is truly a national, bilingual, viable and geographically sensible mental health and addictions option.

Under the guidance of Master’s level clinicians, inpatient residential treatment programs are offered at Bellwood in Toronto, Edgewood in Nanaimo and Nouveau Depart in Montreal. EHN also provides outpatient programs at a series of clinics in Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Prince George, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.

Accommodations and Food

Between three inpatient facilities, EHN Canada provides a total of nearly 200 beds. Though the three locations differ somewhat, they are similar in offering comfortable and compassionate environments. Rooms are humble yet practical with beds, desks, dressers and armoires. The decor throughout the facilities is tasteful and modern, with soft touches easing the overall clinical affect. Amenities include therapy rooms, exercise gymnasiums, common areas with couches, TV rooms, plenty of grassy outdoor areas and walking paths.

Good nutritional choices are a major factor in recovery. Throughout their stay with the EHN, clients are served three healthy meals a day, and healthy snacks are always available in clean, open cafeterias.

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning a program, all incoming EHN clients go through an initial intake and assessment process to determine their needs. Under the supervision of full medical and psychiatric teams, those in need of detox and stabilization services can usually do so on-site.

Individualized treatment is a vital component of the EHN philosophy. Though program specifics may vary, all care plans include individual and group therapy with evidence-based treatment practices including CBT and DBT. Groups and lectures cover a wide range of topics including trigger identification, relapse prevention, anger management, 12-step recovery tools, dual diagnosis issues, codependency, spirituality and relationship skills. Clients also participate in holistic therapy approaches, including mindfulness training, recreational therapy, exercise and art therapy.

For those who have completed inpatient treatment, outpatient services are crucial in the first months of recovery. This is where EHN Canada’s unique network of outpatient clinics excels, offering a continuum of care which allows more people to find the help they need in a manner that works best for their individual situations.

Outpatient mental health and addiction services are offered at eight clinics across EHN Canada. These services include assessment and treatment placement, Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs), individual and family counseling, drug testing and monitoring, sex addiction therapy, aftercare group therapy and relapse prevention groups.

From B.C. to Quebec, the more than 300 staff members are experienced, compassionate and highly qualified to help. They include on-site physicians and psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, and a host of Master’s-level clinicians with a multitude of specialties and backgrounds. Also recognized as integral parts of the team, EHN employs art, physical and massage therapists, professional chefs, fitness instructors and myriad support staff.


First responders—military members and veterans, paramedics, police officers—frequently face critical situations which can cause lifelong challenges. EHN Canada’s Concurrent Trauma and Addiction programs are designed specifically with these heroes in mind. With small groups facilitated by trauma-certified clinicians, these programs are sensitive to the needs of those who experience symptoms beyond what is normally found in substance use disorder-affected clientele.

EHN Canada provides high quality programs and staff with expertise not only in treatment for alcohol and depression, but also drugs and prescription medication; sexual addiction; problem gambling; trauma and psychological injuries; addiction and PTSD; anorexia; codependency; and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Additional wellness programs and workshops are hosted throughout the year. Other services include relaxation therapy, couples and family therapy, recovery coaching and standalone individual therapy.

Often called a family disease, addiction goes far beyond the person burdened with the addiction. Families often live in crisis mode, relationships struggling under the weight of the consequences of unhealthy choices. Counseling, residential treatment, and an assortment of outpatient programs are all part of the continuum of care offered to loved ones who need help. EHN Canada’s Edgewood facility offers Insite, a six-day residential program for adult family members, and Bounce Back, a three-day program for children. EHN Canada’s Bellwood facility also offers a three-and-a-half-day program for the family.

In Summary

EHN Canada is one of the largest networks of adult inpatient and outpatient treatment services in Canada. Offering professional, multi-faceted, compassionate care to all who struggle with addiction and other mental health issues, EHN Canada’s network and its staff have decades of experience to offer. Each location features a unique combination of services with the highest standards of evidence-based care, dual-diagnoses support, 12-step integration and/or holistic therapies.

Edgewood Health Network Locations

Bellwood Health Services
175 Brentcliffe Rd
Toronto, ON, M4G 0C5, CANADA
(800) 387-6198

Edgewood Treatment Center
2121 Boxwood Rd
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 4L2, CANADA
(800) 683-0111

EHN Nouveau Depart Montréal
1110 av. Beaumont,
Ville Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E5
(514) 939-1919

EHN Calgary
Mission Centre
2303 4TH Street, SW- Suite #801
Calgary, AB, T2S 2S7, CANADA
(587) 350-6818

EHN Montréal
1110 av. Beaumont,
Ville Mont-Royal, QC H3P 3E5
(514) 939-1919

EHN Nanaimo
2121 Boxwood Road
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 4L2, CANADA
(800) 683-0111

EHN Prince George
1705 3rd Ave,
Prince George, BC V2L 3G7, CANADA
(250) 614-2261

EHN Toronto
39 Pleasant Blvd., 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON, M4T 1K2, CANADA
(647) 748-5501

EHN Toronto Leaside
175 Brentcliffe Road
Toronto, ON, M4G 0C5
(416) 495-0926

EHN Vancouver
1525 West 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC, V6J 1S1, CANADA
(604) 734-1100

EHN Victoria
#102 – 1245 Esquimalt Road
Victoria, BC, V9A 3P2, CANADA
(250) 590-3168

Edgewood Health Network Cost

Varies by insurance and program specifics. Reach Edgewood Health Network by phone at (587) 350-6818. Find Edgewood Health Network on FacebookTwitter, Google+, PinterestYouTube and LinkedIn

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