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Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women


canaanEden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women Review

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women, which opened in 2011, is a sober living house in the western Connecticut town of Canaan that also offers a 12 step-based recovery program, extended care and support from a staff of professional counselors and CSWs. Individualized treatment plans address the needs of each resident, and the facility emphasizes including family and friends in counseling and guidance sessions.

Accommodations and Amenities

The large country-style Eden Hill residence is situated on 16 acres in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains and has a spacious backyard and lawn. The house accommodates 12 residents in six double-occupancy rooms. Amenities include an on-site laundry and wireless Internet.

Residents are responsible for preparing their own meals. But dinners are family-style and a time for residents to share the day’s activities.

Rules and Regulations

Days at Eden Hill are highly structured and residents are required to attend at least one AA meeting daily. At 9 am, residents gather for a daily reflection and meeting and report on their schedule to the house supervisor. A reading from the Big Book follows at 10 am. From 11 am to 3 pm, residents have some free time, though they are encouraged to use this to attend meetings, find a sponsor or exercise. At 3 pm, residents gather for a group meeting with one of Eden Hill’s counselors. Residents convene again at 5 pm for dinner and spend the rest of the evening at off-premise AA meetings.

During the first month of stay, residents are not allowed off premises unless they have supervision. Eden Hill has a curfew during the week of 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm on the weekends. Residents have more flexible schedules on the weekends, when they are encouraged to meet with family members.

Though residents are permitted to bring their cars, for the first 35 days in the house they may only drive to and from meetings with another resident or member of the AA community. The house administers random drug and Breathalyzer testing.

Eden Hill has a minimum stay of 60 days and does not set a date and time for discharge until a client is ready. The house encourages and supports residents in understanding the challenges of transitioning back into normal life as well as creating a solid plan of action to prevent relapse.

Cell phones and laptops are permitted, but there are restrictions if residents are using them excessively.


Unlike most sober living houses, Eden Hill also offers on-site individual and group therapy, led by an LCAC and incorporating CBT. When residents first move in, an individualized treatment plan is designed for them by the staff and director to address not only addiction and related psychological issues but also nutrition, exercise, family relationships and career goals. Individual sessions deal with anxiety and depression, and dual diagnosis support is available. Counselors screen for co-occurring disorders during the intake process and may add weekly sessions if they feel it’s necessary.

An extra perk included in the rental cost is membership in a local gym and exercise is heartily encouraged. There are also organized outings and activities such as ski trips, hiking and excursions to local arts events.

Eden Hill has an active family program. Family and friends are encouraged to be an important part of the resident’s recovery, and are invited to participate in guidance and counseling sessions as well as visiting on weekends.

The house also offers a relapse prevention weekend event for graduates who need encouragement and support in their continuing recovery.

In Summary

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat is a good option for women who are looking for a level of treatment that is between a sober living home and residential treatment. The added level of therapy makes Eden Hill a highly structured living environment for women who have already completed a residential program but are not yet ready for full independence. The dual diagnosis capabilities also provide clients with co-occurring disorders a healthy step-down from inpatient treatment. With its attention to exercise and its mind/body approach, Eden Hill treats the whole woman to facilitate the development of healthy life skills in addition to recovery.

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women Location

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women
143 E Canaan Rd
Canaan, CT 06018

Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women Cost

$5,500 (30 days). Reach Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women at (860) 307-7512 or at [email protected]. Find Eden Hill Recovery Retreat for Women on Facebook and Google+

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