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Eating Disorder Therapy LA


The Basics

Eating Disorder Therapy LA is an outpatient treatment facility in Los Angeles, California. It specializes in treating eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. Programming offers an array of therapeutic methods including psychoeducation, relapse prevention, evidence-based practices, nutrition and meal coaching. The facility provides comprehensive, personalized therapy curriculums. However, it’s worth noting, neither 12-step nor medication management are available.

Treatment and Staff

Incoming clients spend the first session going through a comprehensive assessment. It includes a personal and family medical history as well as an account of the individual’s eating disorder. The team uses this information to create the most effective possible individualized treatment plan customized to meet the specific needs, goals and circumstances of the person. The length of treatment varies depending on the individual’s specific needs but most therapy sessions are scheduled weekly and last 55 minutes. They can make referrals to PHPs and IOPs when necessary.

The team here seeks to both treat symptoms and heal the root causes of conditions. Additionally, they promote an empowerment model that integrates an array of therapeutic methods and services including evidence-based therapies, psychoeducation, relapse prevention, nutrition and holistic measures. Clients engage in individual and group therapy rooted in traditional talk therapy and CBT. Psychoeducation courses focus on relevant issues like self-esteem, body image, and cognitive restructuring to identify and refute maladaptive thoughts. Participants can also expect nutrition therapy as well as holistic practices like mindfulness meditation and yoga to strengthen the mind-body connection. In addition, clients shop for, prepare and eat meals under the supervision of a team member in order to improve their relationship with food.

The staff is a tight-knit team including a clinical psychologist, therapists and dietitians. Qualifications include PsyD, LMFT and LCSW. Clients in need of medication management for a co-occurring disorder receive referrals to a partnering psychiatrist.


The facility understands the significant impact that family makes when it comes to the success of a sustainable, long-term recovery. As a result, it usually utilizes the family systems therapy method with clients and their kin to nurture relationships and improve communication without enabling negative behaviors.

In Summary

This facility provides integrative care plans for individuals with eating disorders and co-occurring conditions. While medication management is not available, the team offers a range of therapeutic methods that include weight checking, meal coaching and family therapy. For clients seeking an intimate, safe space and an incredible, dedicated team in the Greater Los Angeles area, this is a terrific resource.

Eating Disorder Therapy LA Location

4929 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 245
Los Angeles, CA 90010

Eating Disorder Therapy LA Cost

$160 – $250 (assessment); $140 – $225 (session); accepts most major insurances. Reach Eating Disorder Therapy LA by phone at (323) 743-1122 or by email. Find Eating Disorder Therapy LA on Facebook and Twitter

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