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Dayton OhioEastway Behavioral Healthcare Review

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Eastway Behavioral Healthcare was founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1957. Providing mental health care for adolescents and adults, EBH is an outpatient CARF accredited facility and non-profit organization. All substance abuse treatment is evidence based and designed for adults who are not in need of detox services. Additional community services including housing and employment assistance are available through referrals.

Treatment and Staff

Outpatient services are reserved for adults who do not require detox services. All clients are bio-psycho-socially assessed by an intake coordinator and must bring current proof of their financial status in order to determine cost on a sliding scale. Once enrolled, clients meet with their primary counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan.

EBH offers clients dual-diagnosis support and assistance with co-occurring disorders. Treatment may include working with psychiatrists, nurses, employment and housing specialists and community support professionals. EBH works with their clients to ensure their transition from treatment to discharge sets them up for success and long-term recovery.

The adult outpatient program is 16 weeks in duration with sessions held Mondays and Thursdays three times daily to accommodate work and life schedules.

Group therapy is the primary method of treatment utilizing evidence-based practices including DBT and CBT techniques in order to assist clients with behavioral and thinking pattern adjustments. Each group is two hours in length and cover a variety of topics. Once a week, clients also attend individual therapy for one hour. If a client has court obligations, their therapist works directly with probation officers and the court. Each client receives five hours per week of treatment.

Clients are not required to attend 12-step meetings, but additional support is encouraged. Treatment also includes working with a team under the Community Psychiatric Support Treatment (CPST) program which connects clients with community resources such as mental health wellness and employment assistance. There is an on-site pharmacy for prescriptions for dual-diagnosis clients. Drug testing is required and occurs twice per week at random.

Staff includes psychiatrists, nurses, CADCs and LPCs.


Eastway Behavioral Healthcare offers family therapy upon request. In addition, community resources are arranged including housing, employment and other mental health services. All therapists have referrals for additional needs.

In Summary

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare offers general outpatient treatment for adults that is individualized and flexible to the client’s schedule. All treatment is performed with evidence-based practices and offered on a sliding fee scale allowing clients to access treatment regardless of financial limitations. Operating as a non-profit, EBH is able to accommodate the needs of any individual and family regardless of their inability to pay.

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare Location

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare
600 Wayne Ave
Dayton, OH 45410

Eastway Behavioral Healthcare Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Eastway Behavioral Healthcare by phone at (937) 396-2535 or by email at [email protected]. Find Eastway Behavioral Healthcare on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn

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  1. My son was a client for over 3 years and they constantly changed case managers and most of the time the case managers were no where to be found or they would constantly send letters saying they had to reschedule cause their cat was sick, the next time they had an emergency and they kept asking me for the same paper work I brung in over and over again. Then when I finally got fed up with it and told them they need to figure out what was happening to it, I’m the one being uncooperative and all of a sudden after I started contacting the state somehow it is my fault my son had not seen a case manager, no it’s theirs we made it to every last one of his Doctors appointments there so common sense is he supposed to see his case manager after but they were never no where to be found. Good thing I kept all of the cancellation letters he received in the mail from these case managers trying to give us exuses why they were not there. Bev please look into your case management issues and figure out where the paper work is going and do not blame others for your mistake. I have been working in this field for over 18 years and if you do not do it for heart felt reasons and have empathy you should not be in this field and if you are in it for the right reasons you would understand why I finally got upset. My son does not do well with constant change and when we Leave there I have to deal with his behaviors not you or no one else.

  2. I want to file a complaint against nurse practitioner Janet. She had my order for Klonopins at Walgreens stopped. Their is a test I had a choice to take to check and what was the best ànti-psychotic by using a swab. I don’t trust this. She basically said that if I dshe will prescribe me a 30-day supply of Klonopins. I took this to be an ultimatum. So supposedly she went to find Dr. Torca which is my new Dr. there. She had to go to the medical director and get permission to give me my Klonopins. I had to pay $2, with which she didn’t tell me until the nurse called me back for pill boxes. I have to come every Monday to get the next week’s pills. They also said that I have to come to their pharmacy. I no longer have a choice to go to Walgreens. So somewhere somebody messed up. I thought they would help me. I guess I am wrong, because I am a new patient seeking their help. The case worker never called me back. Like she said she was going to do. I am sick and of Drs trying to prescribe me wrong meds or wanting to take me off my meds. I’m am appalled by Janet’s behavior. Then here’s the clincher. They put my Klonopins inside these pill boxes. Now the last time I heard that all pills that are prescribed need to be in their original pill bottles, or it’s intent to sell. If I got pulled over and this controlled substance was in these pill boxes are loose I could get a drug charge with intent to sell. I tried to tell them this. They said they do it all the time. Oh my is that what they do with their patients? Especially a controlled substance? To me and from what I know this is a drug charge. I’m waiting on a dectitve to call me back. Just to cover my own but. So if your a new patient with Eastway, they lie give ultimatums. And they do give out anxiety meds to those hand picked few that they don’t single out.

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