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Acadia: East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center


Lawrenceburg IndianaEast Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Review

An outpatient facility located in the town of Lawrenceburg, on the Indiana state line about ten miles west of Cincinnati, Ohio the East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center (EITC) offers clients medication-assisted treatment to battle heroin, morphine and prescription medication addiction. Abiding to strict government regulations, the facility provides a safe environment, as well as counseling services, for men and women aged 18 or older. It is part of the larger health network, Acadia.

Treatment and Staff

EITC specializes in Suboxone, Subutex and methadone treatments, with the cost of each decreasing accordingly. In the hands of qualified doctors and nurses, clients undergo an intake evaluation that takes two to four hours, including an interview, drug test and physical. Each new client is required to have abused opioids for at least the last 12 months, and be in an active withdrawal state of 20-24 hours.

Medication is administered seven days a week at the facility and take-home treatment is permitted once the client meets established prerequisites. The treatment timeline can vary considerably based on the client—ideally taking no longer than two to three months—and monthly meetings with an EITC doctor give each client personal support throughout. EITC does not provide dual diagnosis support, but clients with co-occurring disorders can receive referrals from the facility.

As well as medication-assisted treatment, EITC offers individual therapy with licensed counselors. These sessions focus on promoting self-confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness and are offered at no extra charge. One-on-one sessions initially occur once per week, but as the client continues medicating and progressing in the program, sessions can change to once per month, if deemed appropriate. The facility also provides group therapy, though these sessions are based on the facility’s client demand, and are not guaranteed each week. Family group sessions with an EITC counselor are available upon the client’s request.

The staff of EITC includes doctors, nurses and LADCs with experience dealing with mediation-assisted treatment.


Though EITC is primarily focused on daily medication-assisted treatment rather than counseling, other facilities in the Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Centers’ network, including the Evansville and Indianapolis locations, offer many additional services.

These include comprehensive outpatient substance abuse treatment (COSAT), in which a 12-step approach is utilized in a closed group format. These centers also offer a Pre-COSAT option for those not able to immediately join a COSAT group, as well as an evidence-based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that consists of several therapy sessions each week. Many of the centers in the network also offer additional assistance such as family education and peer support.

In Summary

East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center is a regulated facility backed by the expertise of a qualified, professional staff and a CARF Gold Seal accreditation to top it off. Though its focus is primarily on medication-assisted treatment over therapy, if you’re looking for trustworthy, quality medical addiction support in the Lawrenceburg area, it is a great choice.

East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Location

816 Rudolph Way
Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center Cost

$615 (30 days). Reach East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center by phone at (855) 654-0341 or by email. Find East Indiana Comprehensive Treatment Center on Facebook 

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