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Earl HightowerThe Basics

Located in Los Angeles, California and founded by Earl Hightower, a nationally recognized interventionist and motivational speaker, Hightower Services encompasses a network of companies. These include Hightower Intervention Services, Recovery Companion Services, Recovery Monitoring Services, Lucky Rose Publishing and Hightower Consulting Services, all designated to help alcoholics, addicts and their families. Hightower, who has been sober for over 34 years, is also the co-founder of Abstinence-Based Treatment Alliance, an organization whose mission is to share about the value of abstinence and prevention when addressing chemical addiction.

Besides Hightower, Hightower Intervention Services includes Jim Earnhardt who is a Master’s-level clinical psychologist, and Brodie Seagrave, a Master’s-level alcohol and drug counselor and interventionist. At Hightower Associates, their mission is to help alcoholics and addicts transition from suffering from the disease of addiction to finding effective primary care, as well as to help their families during the process.

The Background

Hightower, who founded the company over 30 years ago, is a recovering alcoholic who sought help after he lost his entire family in a plane crash. He became an interventionist and found that his service work has allowed him to find personal freedom. He sports an impressive list of credentials, which include Certified Intervention Professional, Board Registered Interventionist Level II, Certified Chemical Dependency Counselor and member of the Association of Intervention Professionals. He has conducted over 2,500 interventions.

The Approach

At Hightower Associates, the creed is that intervention should be a process, not a startling event. After a comprehensive assessment, the procedure is undergone in three phases. The first phase includes finding the right participants for the intervention and coordinating the appropriate time and place to ensure that the client shows up.

Family members are provided with drug rehab recommendations ahead of time. Contact is made to various residential treatment facilities, and staff coordinates with the clinical team at the drug rehab to ensure that the client will receive proper and efficient admission care. At Hightower Associates, the belief that the Minnesota Model is the most effective form of treatment, and clients are typically placed in 12-step based residential treatment facilities.

The second phase includes preparing family and friends, reviewing the letters of loved ones for the clients and working with the group, telling them what their roles are in the intervention process and clarifying any concerns. Finally, the intervention occurs at a predetermined time and place. If the client doesn’t appear or something goes wrong, the plans are rescheduled. If the intervention goes smoothly, the client is admitted into residential treatment.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Hightower Associates works with families for at least a year. The company provides aftercare and helps families find support in 12-step groups, including Alanon. In 2014, West Huddleston, the CEO of the National Association of Drug Court Professional, and actor Martin Sheen inducted Earl Hightower into the Drug Court of Fame.

Reach Hightower Associates by phone at (877) 642-0225 or by email. Find Hightower Associates at Facebook, Twitter and Google+

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  1. Hello,

    This article will be published in Energy Times magazine for their March 2017 issue, to a readership of over 400,000. It will be my fourth nationally published article on the subject matter. Thank you for taking the time to read if you so choose.


    Bill Smith
    The Addict’s Great Human Potential
    I live in San Diego; however, my job is doing intake admissions for Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico. If you asked me what Ibogaine was last year, I would have been stumped. However, since taking incoming calls from drug addicts, alcoholics, people desperately wishing to get off various pharmaceuticals (mainly, Methadone, Suboxone, antidepressants, ADHD stimulants, and benzodiazepines), sugar bingers, smokers, porn addicts, “rehab retreads”, “chronic relapsers”, as well as war veterans suffering from PTSD, I now know what ibogaine is. A month after I was hired, I took it myself and grateful that I did. After all, I had to make sure it wasn’t a snake oil scam. It was done in a medical clinic, safely and responsibly.
    Ibogaine is a plant from West Central Africa and has proven to be one of the best addiction interrupters on earth-it’s natural. It resets the neurotransmitters in the brain. A phrase I learned since working in the Ibogaine addiction treatment industry is, “Pressing the reset button”. Mine has been reset. What does that mean exactly for me?
    I was once a terrible drug addict and alcoholic. Since taking Ibogaine and another medicine we use at our facility, known as 5-MeO-DMT- a proven addiction interrupter in and of itself, my former addictions, negative thought patterns and incessant mental chatter, are in remission. I’m not “cured”, but certainly recovered. Providing, as Alcoholics Anonymous cofounder, Bill Wilson once stated, that I remain in “fit spiritual condition”. I find this to be vital, as in life-giving, thus, improving my emotional intelligence. Paramount to this, is remaining honest with myself and others.
    Bill Wilson’s friend, Dr. William Silkworth, once wrote, and I’m paraphrasing, that an entire psychic change must occur for the alcoholic, or addict, or essentially they’re doomed. He wrote that in 1939, when things weren’t quite as “clinical”, unlike today, with the massive promulgation of the dual diagnosis and ludicrously expensive, pharmaceutical drugs.
    I equate my treatment to another recently learned term, since working in the Ibogaine industry- “therapy at a soul-level”. Vital for post treatment success, I reintegrated my life-transforming experience with an open-minded therapist, whom like so many other therapists, are waking up to the therapeutic promise of entheogens. Entheogens is a word that was defined to me as: natural medicines that can invoke profound insights and possibly, spiritual visions. Ultimately for me, it was a release of energy that no longer served my higher good, predominately: shame, guilt, and fear. I knew I made the right career switch.
    I spent over five years as a drug counselor and case manager in some of Boston’s toughest city enclaves, such as “Southie”, Dorchester and Charlestown. After working on the front lines of Boston’s heroin epidemic, I got hired at an exclusive Malibu rehab and worked with some of the county’s wealthiest and somewhat famous. I devoted over a decade of my life to working with addicts.
    Regardless of demographic polarities, I encountered a lot of death due to overdoses and suicides. Although nothing is a “silver bullet” in terms of treating addiction, the new research on entheogens as a viable addiction treatment option is awesome. If one was to research the John Hopkins University study on the benefits of psilocybin for depression, I would think it would make one’s ears perk up. Does this mean that everyone who is an addict qualifies for getting treated with such entheogens as Ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT? Of course not. That is why all potential guests are thoroughly medically pre-screened.
    That said, there are some recurring questions I get from concerned Moms and Dads around the country: Why do our citizens have to go to Mexico or Canada for the chance to get well? Why is ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT illegal in the United States? Aren’t you just drugging the “druggies”? The answer to the first two questions is that in our country, the two medicines we use to treat addiction are deemed a Schedule 1.
    That’s a serious arrest and loss of freedom, while being confined to a cell. To expound upon the answer, I encourage you to do your online research, but heed my caution, as you may be entering a rabbit hole of a story. Ironically, addictive pharmaceuticals, and alcohol, possibly society’s greatest scourge, are ubiquitous.
    Schedule 1 means that they have no medicinal value and are habit forming. For those of us, whom owe our lives to the entheogens in overcoming our addictions, that is spurious. Fortunately, the many progressive doctors, therapists, nurses, and researchers who work in my field, would concur. The latter question is an easy answer as my retort is quite simply, “And the pharmaceutical companies aren’t?”

    In fact, given that politicians are pushing for the proliferation of more Suboxone and Methadone, it seems the United States government is very motivated in treating drug addicts with drugs, for harm reduction of course. At least half my calls come in from individuals who are desperate to get off Methadone and Suboxone, informing me that it is stripping away their personality and reducing the quality of their life.
    Often I will hear such things as, “I feel stuck on stupid”, “my sex drive is diminished”, “I don’t have dreams anymore”, I’ve lost my ambitions”, “I feel like a slave to it”, etc., etc., etc. So, harm reduction is great, until the harm reduction leads right back into the cycle of addiction. Often, other drugs are introduced to counter the side-effects.
    For many, the Suboxone and Methadone are substantially harder to “kick”, than heroin. Once I tell the caller that it is necessary for them to transfer back to a short-acting opiate for a brief time, for Ibogaine to work, they are more than willing to do so. The issue then becomes, can they find a doctor that supports the Ibogaine movement, or do they have to get it “on the street”. The yearning to get back to the days of not having addiction in their vocabulary are so great, that they usually find a way.
    I was recently in Mexico at our medical clinic and witnessed several guests go through their Ibogaine experience. The next day I sat up on a beautiful rooftop with a young woman, whom just two weeks prior was shooting meth into her veins. She said the experience had changed her life and we talked for a long time about how she intends to recapture the person she once was. I never saw such an abrupt turnaround in all my years of working in the addiction field.
    I don’t mean to lambaste the mainstream addiction treatment industry, because without a doubt, they do good work. Ironically, I grew up in a pharmaceutical environment, as my father worked thirty-five years for one of the big ones. However, knowing that so many addicts are dying every day, I think it’s time to bring the ibogaine discussion back on the table. I still believe in the great human potential, but it saddens me terribly to see so many lives being wasted. Therefore, I am simply offering some more hope.

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