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Since 1970, Dynamic Youth Community has provided substance abuse treatment for young addicts between the ages of 15 and 23. Its philosophy is that addiction is a family illness, and therefore requires a strong commitment from loved ones as part of treatment. Through a three-year program that starts with residential treatment in upstate New York and continues with outpatient services in Brooklyn, Dynamic Youth Community offers a way to keep kids and their parents both involved in sustained recovery.

Accommodations and Food

Dynamic Youth Community offers residential treatment in Fallsburg, New York, in what used to be known as the Borscht Belt of the Catskills. The facility resembles a big summer camp—situated in rural forests, surrounded by lakes and hiking trails; this location allows residents to be immersed in nature and away from any distractions. DYC is co-ed and houses 86 residents. There are a handful of single, double and quadruple occupancy rooms. Residents have the option of a room or dormitory.

There is a large recreation room on the first floor of the residence with a TV and a plethora of board games as well as two large rooms for group therapy. Outside are a rocky fire pit and a stream running along the property. Cell phones and laptops are not allowed.

The kitchen staff prepares all meals with the help of the residents. Food is served cafeteria style three times a day in the adjoining dining area. Basic food groups are provided with a salad bar at dinner. Certain dietary requests may be accommodated though this must be discussed during intake.

Treatment and Staff

DYC believes that young addicts need to learn how to live life without drinking and using in a realistic long-term setting. DYC is a voluntary one year residential in Fallsburg, followed by one year outpatient and aftercare in Brooklyn.

The facility can provide detox services. DYC allows all mental health related medication as well as support for co-occurring disorders. It provides medication management and currently has one medical director and two registered nurses on premises. Each client is assigned a counselor and meets once a week for a progress session. For group and individual therapy, CBT is the primary modality. Group therapy is three times per week and educational seminars are twice a week.

Residents eat breakfast at 7 am, have time to clean their rooms and then have a house meeting at 9 am. While a treatment technician initially oversees the group, the clients eventually take charge of the meeting themselves. Afterwards, all residents are on a maintenance crew; jobs range from landscaping and carpentry to preparing food and menus for the week. For those who have not completed high school, classes go from 8 am to 2 pm through ReStart Academy, a New York State-certified educational program taught by accredited teachers for at-risk youth. All clients without a high school diploma or GED must attend school on a daily basis; those who do have a diploma still attend some sort of vocational training, such as computer programming.

Dinner is served roughly around 5 pm, after group/seminar, and residents then have structured recreational activities or an additional seminar on all weekdays. Later, snacks are distributed, medications are administered and clients go to bed around 10:30 pm.

DYC does advise clients to attend NA and AA meetings while in the outpatient/aftercare portion of the program.

Residents may not leave the facility at any time without chaperones, and can only make staff-monitored phone calls to family after 30 days. They may have visitors after 30 days at the discretion of the treatment team; visiting is on Saturdays or Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm. Altogether there are six licensed CASACs on staff and six treatment technicians, for a client-to-staff ratio of seven-to-one.


Aside from treatment the campus has a stream for canoeing, an outdoor fire pit, the aforementioned gymnasium with a basketball court and a small exercise room. After six months, residents are able to attend off-campus activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, hiking and swimming in local lakes, depending on the season. Treatment technicians supervise all outings.

DYC is very strict about family participation. Relatives and legal guardians involved with the client must commit to Family Group, which meets every Wednesday night at the DYC outpatient facility in Brooklyn, for the full duration of treatment. Depending on the number of those in all levels of care, there could be as many as 12 families to a group. Parents have the opportunity to share and express their concerns, and can get support from staff and other families.

In Summary

Overall, Dynamic Youth Community is a voluntary long-term setting that involves considerable family participation in addition to the kids themselves. Residents learn to be of service to their community and their peers, and to be responsible. For young people in search of long-term treatment, DYC could do a solid job of healing them—and their families to boot.

Dynamic Youth Recovery Location

5803 Route 42
Fallsburg, NY 12733

Dynamic Youth Recovery Cost

Sliding scale. Reach Dynamic Youth Community by phone at (718)-376-7923 or by email at [email protected]

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  1. Armando Carranza on

    I was a member from Aug 1984 thru Mar 1987, I lived upstate for 18 months and completed re-entry about a year later. I did not complete the program but I must state it saved my life, if you are a parent looking to help your child or a person who realizes they need help or a convicted criminal with probation to treatment, this is the place to get the skills to assist you when life gets difficult. You learn to talk, express your feelings properly and communicate with the people you love or don’t! I was 15 when I entered treatment and it was voluntary but one of the best things I ever did to myself, remember every man makes his own destiny and has the power to steer it in the positive direction, you just have to believe in yourself, DYC will help you realize this.

  2. Completion of DYC on

    Hello, I’d like to share something with you guys. I grew up in Brooklyn for the majority of 21 years. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Clean, quiet, family orientated and I grew up with lots of kids on my block so there was really never a dull day. Growing up and going through middle school I never quite felt like I fit in anywhere. I struggled with making and maintaining friendships and that followed me through to high school. Eventually, I ended up falling in with a pretty negative crowd and suddenly nothing really mattered besides hanging out and smoking weed. I started cutting classes in school, my grades were slipping and by 10th grade, I had stopped going altogether. As my friend group began to expand, so did my drug use. I began to experiment here and there, a Xanax one night, a perk the next. All while convincing myself that this is “normal” for a teenager just barely 15. It didn’t become a daily habit until shortly after my 16th birthday. I would wake up in the morning withdrawing from benzos but I always had an excuse.. “hungover”. After a seizure scare one night I decided to quit the benzos. But I still needed that high, still not letting myself believe that I needed help. I was introduced to Oxys before my 17th birthday by a friend who had them readily available with a refillable script. In a matter of 48 hours, I was physically dependant on the opioid medication. About 6 months later I was 17, homeless and addicted to heroin. I was finally ready for help, I admitted myself into a young adult residential treatment program, Dynamite Youth Center. On February 11th, 2019 I will have 4 years of sobriety; I work full-time as an Intake Counselor helping kids and young adults get their lives back in the same program that helped save my life. I am currently in school to receive my CASAC-T at the age of 21. DYC helped me get my life back; they helped me learn to love myself and the honest lifestyle that I live daily. They gave me structure and taught me SO many valuable lessons that I will cherish daily. I wish that EVERYONE could go to this program, drug problem or not, this program will teach you how to live life. It happens, no matter where you’re from, what kind of family you have, addiction does not discriminate.

  3. I recently just completed my treatment at DYC. I can honestly say that, with the help of this wonderful program, I have completely changed my life around. In 2015 I was 17, homeless and heavily addicted to Opiates. Making the decision to enter long-term treatment was the best choice I ever made. I was tired of 3-day detoxes and 28-day programs. What I genuinely needed was time. Time away from my neighborhood, time away from my family, and time away from the drugs. While I was in the residential part of the program, I really had a chance to be a kid and grow up again. The staff there are truly role models and they actually care about the kids succeeding. This program has done so much for me and I am forever grateful. DYC will forever be my home and the reason why I am still alive today..

  4. Paula Missano on

    It appears the treatment modality has changed since the 70’s. Back then the “bum squad”, as well as other borderline unethical practices were the norm. Happy to see DYC evolved. I left quickly when I was a member back in the early 70’s when 48 hour groups would break anyone’s spirit. The counselors seemed empathic and caring, however used the “in your face” style that was common at the time. Keep up the good fight.

  5. I’m a very proud graduate of DYC! I completed DYC few years ago and since then I can honestly say that I’m living life to my full potential. Before I entered DYC I was addicted, broken, tired, and hurt many people in my life. Every time I tried to stop using on my own or tried to admit my self into a detox or a short-term program it wouldn’t last, I believe now that all I needed was enough time to not only get off of drugs but learn how to live off of drugs. DYC is set up to live daily life functions from the 1st day you get there, unlike other rehabs I’ve been to, where I would spend days of doing nothing and wait for an appointment with a specialist that would ramble on for 30mins. (very unproductive) and each time I wouldn’t last and leave, and in time I turned back to drugs (numbness). When I luckily found DYC, I remember walking in and seeing so many BUSY kind faces filled with joy and care, I felt so welcomed from the first moment there and immediately felt hope, In the beginning, there was a lot of fear within me but I have to say that the members and staff showed me such great concern, gave me a safe environment, guidance, and support which helped me battle my fears and I stayed. DYC taught me to look in the mirror and find strength, confidence, and self-respect. The staff there always embraced my potential and I’m truly grateful. Today I’m saddened by the “opportunist” out there and the way professionals misguide people that are addicted. They try to push on to people luxury rehabs and medications… (nonsense). I wish there were more people willing to work with people that are addicted with holistic approaches. DYC is an awesome environment and I’m truly grateful that they didn’t shove medications down my throat and taught me how to deal with feelings and live life. I always pray that a young person struggling with addiction would find his way to DYC 718-376-7923

  6. This is one of the most caring, passionate and no non-sense kind of place. I am currently a member at DYC going on almost 3 years and truth be told, I don’t really want to complete it! Coming into this program back in 2015 i was very skeptical. I thought they were the same as every program, get all the money they can from my insurance and then kick me to the curb. But they are so much different. They actually want to learn things about you and get to know you on a personal level before they even put ANY of your insurance information into the computer. The upstate experience of my treatment was definitely the best time of my life. I learned how to have fun SOBER, i was able to finish my high school education, i learned how to express myself and cope with feelings all while feeling like i was right at home. After a couple of months i made some of the best friends i have ever had (whom i still see and speak to on a daily basis) who support me, pressure me to change and grow all the time, and take none of my crap! Dynamite helped me fix my broken relationship with my mother and younger sibling, and now we are closer than ever. I will forever be grateful and will always recommend this place as the ONE and ONLY place for people to truly get help and a real shot at life again. LONG TERM TREATMENT IS THE ANSWER!!

  7. I am currently in the last phase of membership at DYC, about to be 3 years clean on March 6th. This program saved my life and saved my friends’ lives, and although I didn’t like getting in trouble or getting my flaws pointed out to me.. it is what saved me. I have been to other programs where they call you a “patient” and just want to give you medication that you will stay on for a lifetime, I now am on NO MEDICATION and I am a proud member, almost completion, of DYC. I have gained respect for myself, respect for others, independence, courage, happiness, a full time job, an apartment, I now attend school, sobriety, and countless other things. No one would believe 3 years ago I was in jail for shooting heroin and selling drugs. It is a voluntary program, and when you finally buy in to it (which takes a while for some), it works! I am not scared of staff, which someone also said, I am writing this review out of my love and appreciation for this program that saves lives everyday, and fights for good treatment to legislatures and does outreach to communities!

    • I was the in 2001 Is Nick still alive how about Pit?
      Good place after a month you start to feel like a family, like at home, you start to open up,you start to care abot things!
      I didn’t finish, but the tools that they provide me, helped sober up later on
      One of places where you can get real help
      At list back in the days

  8. If such a tragedy happened and your kid ended up in DYC, because he needs help – take it as you’re lucky! This place has the best people working with your kids!!! Trust me! Just follow each and every rule of the program, trust stuff – they fix what we broke educating our kids! They say: there is no miracle… But there is – they are!!! Every single person working in DYC (upstate or Brooklyn) is a miracle! I love you DYC!!!

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