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Dynamic Youth Community OutpatientDynamic Youth Community Outpatient Review

Dynamic Youth Community, founded in 1970, is a treatment program dedicated to the rehabilitation of adolescent and young adult drug abusers by drug-free therapeutic means. Its success can be attributed to a highly trained and committed staff, the participation of family, and the belief that eliminating drug abuse is essential to the welfare of America’s future. DYC’s Brooklyn outpatient serves as an aftercare to the residential component in upstate New York.

Treatment and Staff

Once clients complete the residential program in Fallsburg, they transition to the outpatient facility in Brooklyn to continue treatment and have support while re-integrating into society. The process of transitioning with their peers gives them sober support while navigating life in sobriety. DYC uses a step-down process. After completing residential treatment, members attend full-day treatment Monday through Friday in Brooklyn and then eventually three full days for groups and individual counseling, as well as working part-time. In the later steps, prior to completing treatment, members are working and/or attending school on a full-time basis while attending the program one to two evenings per week for group and individual counseling.

Dynamic Youth Community is a modified therapeutic community. In the morning, members have a meeting in which they share and relate to different readings. There are also motivational exercises done to start the day. Throughout the day, DYC members all contribute in a structured community like effort, which can include working with the kitchen staff to learn cooking skills, on an on-site construction project or in the office to learn clerical skills. On staff is also a vocational counselor that helps with applying to colleges, creating resumes, the job search process, etc.

Teachers are provided by Re-Start District 79, part of the NYC Department of Education Alternative High Schools for those who did not complete their schooling before entering treatment, or while in the residential component. Every client who does not have a high school diploma or GED must attend school on a daily basis from 10 am to 2 pm, with a lunch break.

Group therapy is held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with topics including peer pressure, coping skills, goal setting family dynamics and more, all facilitated by a licensed substance abuse counselor; individual therapy is once a week. Seminars are given on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for the members that are still attending five days a week, which can either be clinical, vocational, or educational.


Lunch is provided daily for IOP clients, made by a group of clients with the help of the staff. Dynamic Youth Community also has a large TV room with adjoining outdoor patio overlooking downtown Brooklyn, and a large gymnasium that can be used for basketball, handball, playing instruments, etc. during lunch or after IOP hours.

Family commitment is a mandatory part of treatment at Dynamic Youth Community. All families attend weekly family meetings on Wednesday evenings for approximately two hours at the Brooklyn facility, including a meeting and a group facilitated by counseling staff. Parents have the opportunity to share and express their concerns and get support from staff and other families.

In Summary

Overall, Dynamic Youth Community is a program that offers life-long friendships and sober support communities for everyone involved. Focused on treating addiction as a family disease, this facility provides an opportunity to repair damaged relationships and foster long-term recovery.

Dynamic Youth Community Outpatient Location

Dynamic Youth Community Outpatient
1830 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11230

Dynamic Youth Community Outpatient Cost

No one turned away due to inability to pay. Reach Dynamic Youth Community by phone at (718) 376-7923 or by email at [email protected].

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  1. Hello, I’d like to share something with you guys. I grew up in Brooklyn for the majority of 21 years. It is a beautiful neighborhood. Clean, quiet, family orientated and I grew up with lots of kids on my block so there was really never a dull day. Growing up and going through middle school I never quite felt like I fit in anywhere. I struggled with making and maintaining friendships and that followed me through to high school. Eventually, I ended up falling in with a pretty negative crowd and suddenly nothing really mattered besides hanging out and smoking weed. I started cutting classes in school, my grades were slipping and by 10th grade, I had stopped going altogether. As my friend group began to expand, so did my drug use. I began to experiment here and there, a Xanax one night, a perk the next. All while convincing myself that this is “normal” for a teenager just barely 15. It didn’t become a daily habit until shortly after my 16th birthday. I would wake up in the morning withdrawing from benzos but I always had an excuse.. “hungover”. After a seizure scare one night I decided to quit the benzos. But I still needed that high, still not letting myself believe that I needed help. I was introduced to Oxys before my 17th birthday by a friend who had them readily available with a refillable script. In a matter of 48 hours, I was physically dependant on the opioid medication. About 6 months later I was 17, homeless and addicted to heroin. I was finally ready for help, I admitted myself into a young adult residential treatment program, Dynamite Youth Center. On February 11th, 2019 I will have 4 years of sobriety; I work full-time as an Intake Counselor helping kids and young adults get their lives back in the same program that helped save my life. I am currently in school to receive my CASAC-T at the age of 21. DYC helped me get my life back; they helped me learn to love myself and the honest lifestyle that I live daily. They gave me structure and taught me SO many valuable lessons that I will cherish daily. I wish that EVERYONE could go to this program, drug problem or not, this program will teach you how to live life. It happens, no matter where you’re from, what kind of family you have, addiction does not discriminate.

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