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Founded in Phoenix in 1995, Dynamic Living Counseling provides a variety of outpatient treatment services to those battling substance abuse and addiction. Five locations now offer programs throughout Arizona, and are located in Mesa/Gilbert, North Phoenix, Central Phoenix, Scottsdale and Temple. The education and treatment services offered include DUI screenings, evaluations, education and treatment, domestic violence intervention and anger management. Dynamic Living is the preferred resource for treatment by local probation offices.

Treatment and Staff

Clients can enroll into one of the programs offered by Dynamic Living after an evaluation. This can be performed over the phone or in person. Screenings that satisfy the needs of the state, court, probation officers or employers can be given if required. Once admitted, a counselor will determine the best course of treatment and will suggest an individualized treatment plan.

The DUI level two substance abuse education program meets the Arizona requirements for DUI and Reckless Driving offenses. This class is between eight and 16 hour-long sessions, and covers a variety of issues. These include the effects of alcohol and drugs on driving, physiological, personal, financial and social consequences, the stages, signs and symptoms of addiction, denial and defense mechanisms, family systems, effects on the family and treatment options.

The drug level two education program also consists of eight to 16 hour-long classes. Those with DUI convictions must also attend this class for 16 hours, while those with minor charges may be assigned fewer hours. Classes cover the legal, physical and emotional consequences of substance abuse and driving while under the influence, side effects, stages, signs and symptoms of abuse, cross-addiction, withdrawal, relapse prevention and treatment approaches.

The DUI level one substance abuse treatment program is more intensive, and is designed for clients with significant drug related offenses. The length of the course ranges from 36 to 56 hours, which includes the mandatory 16-hour level two substance abuse education class. The additional hours consists of interactive group sessions and an individual session at intake during which the clients specific needs can be assessed.

The DUI level one Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) ranges from 56 to over 100 hours of treatment, and includes the mandatory 16-hour education course. This program caters to clients with multiple or very high blood alcohol content DUI’s and other substance-related offenses, which indicate serious substance abuse. The course consists of two-hour group therapy and meet twice a week. Topics discussed are recovery, self-knowledge, relapse prevention. Other groups cover stress reduction, balanced living, how life traumas affect alcohol and drug abuse and community resources, such as 12-step programs. The drug level one treatment program covers the same topics but meets once a week. It is for clients that do not require state approved course attendance.

Dynamic Living is a state-licensed agency which has a staff of CADCs and LCSWs at each location.


Both men’s and women’s domestic violence intervention programs are offered. They include CBT and psychoeducation classes based on the Duluth model, with some supporting skills. The structured groups provide information to stop violent behavior, understand the factors in the violence cycle, and teach new behaviors. The program consists of 26 to 52 weekly sessions, each one and a half hours long. An accelerated group that meets twice a week is also offered for men.

Anger management counseling groups are also offered. Classes are held weekly, in one and a half hour sessions. This program provides clients with communication skills, alternative behaviors and problem solving.

In Summary

Dynamic Living Counseling provides an extensive series of courses designed for clients with a variety of substance abuse-related concerns. Those with court-mandated treatment can find classes that meet their requirements, and have the opportunity to progress through additional treatment should they desire it. Dynamic Living provides excellent treatment education options for those that do not require more intensive, residential care.

Dynamic Living Counseling Location

Dynamic Living Counseling Main Office
5150 N. 16th Street, Suite B-132
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Dynamic Living Counseling Cost

$20 (per session). Reach Dynamic Living Counseling by phone at (602) 277-2112. Find Dynamic Living Counseling on Facebook and Yelp

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  1. This place is a ripe off, don’t waist your time if your coming for out of state alcohol evaluation. My fiancé needed one and they took 300 from him then slapped him with 52 hours of classes and told him he needed to pay $500 for the classes plus $20 every class. He doesn’t even drink but every once in a while. He had a evaluation done before and they said he didn’t need any classes because he was such low risk. How can this place just give someone with their first DUI, low risk, person hours that a two time DUI person gets. They want him to do 52 hours in a couple of days also knowing that he works from 9 am to 730 pm 5 days a week. They should have told him before they took his money about the possibility off paying out more money for classes. But he didn’t think he would be taking classes because he’s not a drinker like that. He already did this and was cleared to get his DLs back. But the first assessment expired. We have been trying to reach the counselor that he had for three weeks. Since the first day he gave the money and took pee test and did everything else asked of him. We have called just about every day, couple times a day and the front desk picks up and say he is with client, leave a message. Or he is not in leave a message, we have left tons of messages and he never returns any of them. Now my fiancé goes up there, they say he isn’t in and tells in the counselor wants him to do 52 hours. All this time we have been calling to see what’s next and they are telling us this today October 19th when he has 3 days before he has to start all over. They could have told him this a long time ago. Every time we ask to speak with someone over them they tell us we can’t give that info out. I asked for corporate number, they say they don’t give that out, that we have to speak with counselor that we are going thru. We can never reach him because he never call back, or every time we call he is not in or can’t talk because they claim he is with someone. I could go on and on about how bogus this place is and how money hungry they are. They knew they couldn’t help but took money anyway and want more money for something impossible. 52 hours in 3 days how to you expect someone that works full time plus over time to do that. Someone that has no money and has three kids to take care of. Someone that doesn’t even need classes. One DUI because he was being nice after a party and took home family that was stranded and to drunk to even walk. Avoid this place at all cost not unless you have money to throw away to Joe, Ruth and all the other scam artist in this place.

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