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Located in the peaceful setting of Highland, Utah, Ascend Recovery believes in offering individualized, dual diagnosis care in a retreat style atmosphere at an affordable cost. With no more than 16 clients on-site at a time, Ascend makes sure everyone gets a recovery program tailored to their needs.

Accommodations and Food

Set in a peaceful locale filled with lush greens and a small pond less than a mile from Lake Utah, Ascend’s facility definitely gives off a retreat atmosphere. By design, new clients almost always share a bedroom which comes complete with twin beds and a private bathroom. Ascend believes in a fellowship spirit and often pair a newcomer with a longer term resident to encourage positive connections. Occasionally, clients can receive a private room, but Ascend must first assess their particular situation and make sure it would be a healthy option. There is an all-purpose rec room on-site which contains gym equipment, a basketball hoop, ping pong table and even a drum kit for aspiring musicians. There’s a gym with an elliptical machine, treadmill and series of free weights on-site for residents to use. Ascend employs an on-site chef who puts a weekly menu together and prepares new meals each day, with a mind for diversity of entrées and overall nutrition.

Treatment and Staff

In keeping with their name, Ascend believes in a tiered treatment approach where residents progress through three ascending phases, each moving towards the goal of sober, independent living.

The first phase is a traditional inpatient experience at their facility in American Fork, Utah. With only 16 clients at a time, Ascend has the resources to provide extensive attention to their residents, and develops a unique plan for each of them. Ascend subscribes to the disease model of addiction and takes a holistic approach managing it, incorporating a nutrition program and daily exercise routine with the belief that physical health greatly aids mental health.

Family involvement is also highly encouraged so that members of a client’s family can be a part of the process once they graduate from treatment. Within each resident’s individualized program, there are many options for treatment, including equine therapy, experiential therapy, a ropes class and Amino Acid Therapy, which seeks to adjust one’s diet for proper protein balance. This phase lasts anywhere between 30 and 90 days, depending on each resident’s needs.

From here, Ascend puts clients through a second phase of treatment focusing on vocational and educational pursuits, all to prepare for re-entry into the world. This phase features greater independence and an emphasis on practical life skills. Finally, Ascend provides sober living housing in Salt Lake City for the third phase, wherein residents attend weekly therapy sessions. It’s important to note that while Ascend encourages all three phases of treatment, not all clients participate in the second two tiers of the program (though the latter two are offered at a significant reduction in cost).

There is no medical detox offered on-site, but Ascend uses the detox facilities at the nearby University of Utah which has one of the most developed programs in the country. They do employ a psychiatrist on staff and have a contracted medical doctor who makes regular visits with residents.


Ascend offers plenty of opportunities to get off the grounds and enjoy recreation activities. For those who find the on-site gym facilities lacking, every weekday starts by going off-site to a local gym. There are also multiple weekly trips to AA meetings, which are all held off-site. Clients frequently take excursions to local restaurants and movies as well. In the winter, residents can enjoy skiing and snowboarding in nearby ski slopes. Finally, Ascend’s proximity to Utah Lake, located about 800 yards from the grounds, is a major boon for recreation. The facilities maintain a boat on the lake shore for day trips, and hiking excursions in the natural majesty of the surrounding area are a major part of the weekly routine.

In Summary

By highlighting individual care and offering a retreat-like setting in a naturally beautiful atmosphere, Ascend definitely provides a quality rehab experience. Its three-tiered system offers clients a chance to graduate to different levels of care while they are on their journey to sobriety. Ascend is a safe bet for all-around quality and care focused on the individual.

Ascend Recovery Location

6595 North 6000 West
American Fork, UT 84003

Ascend Recovery Cost

$15,000. Reach Ascend Recovery by phone at (877) 527-2363. Find Ascend Recovery on Facebook and YouTube

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  1. The admissions people are friendly when trying to get your loved one into the center. Then when there are any hiccups in the road they will turn on you. Guy Hardcastle in particular, we had many problems with him. His comments were rude and not welcoming. I understand that people in his position have to be firm but I could not belive some of the harsh things he would say espeically when my family and I were already going through a very emotional time. He would say things and then we would tell the therapist about him and the therapists would agree that what he said was wrong. Very unprofessional. I used to recommend this place but can no longer deal with their highhorse attitudes. They will make not only your loved one but your entire family feel like crap.

  2. While there are some quality people involved with Ascend, I would not recommend this place for your loved one. My child went there on two different occasions and the result each time was the same. 30 ish days in residential followed by time in the half way house and then sober living. Each time my child relapsed in the sober living phase. This, of course, was not the fault of Ascend, however, once someone relapses, you are out and that is where the trouble begins. Ryan Salter, the owner, does not care about the clients. He is burned out and just collecting a pay check. When you are paying, he is nice and somewhat attentive, however, if you relapse, he is difficult, a bully and hard to reach. His wife, who is the manager, is a horrible business manager. You will go through multiple calls and long wait times to receive information about insurance refunds. She is very difficult to get a hold of also. Laura McBride is skilled at getting you in the door, but then also disappears if you need her help beyond signing on the dotted line. Ascend is very expensive, so if you are going to pay that kind of money, pay for something with better people and an updated program.

  3. Jean Roberts on

    Very weak program, poorly managed from a business standpoint as well. When our child relapsed and went to another facility, having spent 8 months at Ascend, within 3 weeks we were told that his recovery was not at all strong and he needed more intense treatment. Owner and staff are very defensive if you question anything. And they will twist your comments and questions to use them against you if it helps them.

  4. I spent 90 days at ascend recovery. Basically, it was find the money to pay for 90 days, you need it. Once I paid for that last 30 days I was an afterthought. As soon as I got to 85 days I was kicked out and the owner, Ryan Salters went out of his was to ruin my life. Please don’t waste your money on this place. I got clean on my own, when I was ready to get clean. I can honestly say that my three months at ascend was a huge setback. They never cared about me, I was played like I’ve never been played. Save your money, or go somewhere else.

  5. If you receive a confirmation for employment, be sure to get it in writing…otherwise you may receive an email in just a few days later saying “Another candidate has been chosen.” No explanation, totally deceptive.

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