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Dr. Raymond Nourmand, Addiction Specialist


Dr. Raymond Nourmand, Addiction Specialist Review

Dr. Raymond Nourmand is a Los Angeles based clinical psychologists who specializes in chemical dependency and gambling addictions in men. He offers an array of therapy options, including teletherapy, and over the years has contributed to several mental health publications citing his findings in regard to the disease of addiction and the long term effects it has on the individual and their loved ones. Before starting his own practice, Dr. Nourmand served as a psychotherapist at the acclaimed Chabad Residential Treatment Center of LA, and as a primary therapist at Seasons in Malibu.


Dr. Nourmand used a hands-on approach with all of his clients by getting to the root of where the addiction began, and why. Treatment is offered in an individual and group settings where he addresses triggers and introduces coping skills. Dr. Nourmand has individualized treatment plans that focus on client specific issues along with common problems that men who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders face.

Treatment modalities differ from client to client, though with each customizable program, Dr. Nourmand works on connecting with the individual and delving into the core of their anxiety or depression. He uses talk therapy with his clients using evidence-based methods like CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). He also incorporates elements of the 12 steps into his practice and recommends that clients attend regular meetings as an added measure of support.

Nourmand emphasizes that underneath all addictions, whether it’s drug and alcohol or gambling, that the end result is not to get high or to make money, but rather to self medicate. Clients often cover anger management, relapse prevention, low self esteem and learn relaxation techniques.


Couples therapy is offered at the private practice with the aim to have clients become more aware of themselves and in turn be able to relate to each other better by improving open communication. Family sessions are also available with main clients being present and not. These are offered on an individualized basis. Teletherapy can take place over the phone or video conferencing for clients that live in California, Washington and a select number of international countries.

In Summary

Overall, Dr. Normand’s main objective is to help his clients learn more about their behaviors so they can make the proper adjustments. His treatments don’t have a set method or approaches, but are instead entirely client centered with an emphasis on education and self care.

Dr. Raymond Nourmand, Addiction Specialist Location

Dr. Raymond Nourmand
11911 San Vicente Blvd, Ste 240
Los Angeles, CA 90049

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