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Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez


Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez Review

Located 30 minutes north of Fort Lauderdale in the small city of Delray Beach, Florida, the private practice of Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez specializes in the care of clients struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, eating disorders and an array of mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD. In addition to psychiatric treatment, evaluations, medication assessment and alcohol substance use testing, Dr. Rodriguez also operates a wellness center offering an array of therapies including holistic, evidence-based and experiential methods. As both a board certified psychiatrist and a medical doctor, Dr. Rodriguez can facilitate medication management for clients with co-occurring disorders.  

Treatment and Staff

Before beginning treatment, clients seeking care with Dr. Rodriguez undergo a comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment in order to determine the correct diagnosis and create the most effective personalized treatment plan. This evaluation and the ensuing accurate diagnosis are integral components to sustaining long-term recovery and wellness. The length of medication treatment varies depending on the client’s needs, though Dr. Rodriguez ensures that individuals are not kept on medication any longer than is absolutely necessary. Dr. Rodriguez encourages frequent appointments, especially in the beginning of care, in order to best monitor side effects.

In addition to psychiatric assessment and medication management, Dr. Rodriguez offers a multi-faceted treatment approach that includes individual and group therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. Rodriguez believes that a balanced clinical approach is the key to treating the root cause of an issue and for the client to take ownership of his or her own health. Clients engage in individual therapy in 55 and 85 minute blocks as well as a range of group sessions rooted in CBT, DBT and relapse prevention. Groups can also address gender-specific issues, codependency and anxiety. It’s worth noting, the 12-step recovery method is not a component of the programming.

As previously mentioned, the bulk of services are executed by Dr. Raul Rodriguez, a double board certified psychiatrist.


Holistic therapies include expressive art therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, acupuncture, biofeedback sessions and body image process groups. Individuals participate in physical activity at the fitness center and are educated in nutrition. They can also expect meditation sessions in the Sacred Tree house

Individuals seeking treatment for eating disorders participate in expressive therapy, movement therapy and massage as well as daily meal support.

In Summary

In the lovely beach town and rehab mecca of Delray Beach, Florida, Dr. Raul Rodriguez offers top notch psychiatric services for clients with an array of mental health conditions including eating and substance use disorders. In addition to assessment and medication management, Dr. Rodriguez also facilitates evidence-based process groups, experiential therapeutic methods, holistic models and biofeedback sessions. For clients seeking a passionate, knowledgeable and skilled psychiatrist and therapist, Dr. Rodriguez is a great option.

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez Location

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez
403 SE 1st St
Delray Beach, FL 33444

Dr. Raul J. Rodriguez Cost

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