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Dr. Karen Stewart


Dr. Karen Stewart Review

Dr. Karen Stewart is a clinical psychologist with private practices in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, California. Dr. Stewart specializes in the care of adults struggling with sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders as well as addictions to porn and sex. Stewart also provides treatment for individuals with mental health conditions such as anxiety, trauma and depression. She has provided professional opinions on a number of media outlets including Nightline, Good Morning America and Women’s Health.  While she does not offer medication management, Stewart does provide referrals to partnering physicians and psychiatrists. 

Treatment Approach

Stewart understands that every client’s path to recovery is unique, and that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment. To this end, before beginning treatment clients go through a comprehensive assessment that includes a personal history, mental health evaluation and a complete overview of addiction. From there, Stewart determines the best possible individualized treatment strategy customized to address the specific needs and goals of each client. Stewart specializes in the treatment of an array of sexual disorders such as orgasm disorder, arousal disorder and pain disorders.

Dr. Stewart offers empathy, guidance and understanding in a warm, supportive environment. Stewart seeks to not only treat symptoms of conditions but also to heal their underlying root causes and to further empower clients towards great personal growth. To this end, Stewart utilizes a number of therapeutic models including psychodynamic therapy, CBT, solution-focused and insight-oriented therapy. Stewart also uses holistic practices such as mindfulness meditation, breathing and relaxation. Dr. Stewart received a PsyD from the California School Of Professional Psychology, (now Alliant International University) and has extensive experience working with individuals going through a range of issues. In addition to sexual dysfunctions such as impotence and painful intercourse, Stewart has treated clients struggling with their own sexuality as well as couples with relationship problems such as infidelity, trust issues, and stressful transitional periods. Individuals are treated with a great deal of care and empathy. Stewart also understands the sensitive nature of sexual dysfunction and disorders, and believes in discretion, taking care to insure all clients’ privacy.

A client describes Stewart’s ease and authenticity:

“Simply put the most empathetic therapist I have ever had and I have had the privilege of seeing fantastic therapists over the last two decades. 

I had been dealing with an issue for three straight years that was making me so incredibly sad, I don’t remember a single day that I hadn’t broken down in tears. After about a month I had stopped crying, and roughly a month after that I was thriving. I can honestly say that for anyone who needs healing around the lack of attention, attunement, love or whatever from their mother and they need healing around that, you’re done looking for the therapist that can help you.“


In addition to an expertise in sexual addiction and disorders, Dr. Stewart has also worked extensively with individuals struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. 

Stewart is also active in the therapeutic professional community, where she teaches workshops on sexuality and sexual disorders.

In Summary

Renowned clinical psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Karen Stewart provides exceptional care for a broad range of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. With two locations in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, Stewart offers expertise, anonymity and a supportive safe haven for individuals in need. For any client or couple seeking a brilliant, compassionate therapist, Dr. Karen Stewart is world-class.

Dr. Karen Stewart Location

Santa Monica Office
3201 Wilshire Blvd Suite 320
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Beverly Hills Office
864 S Robertson Blvd Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Dr. Karen Stewart Cost

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