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Dr. Karen Kietzman


Dr. Karen Kietzman Review

Dr. Karen Kietzman is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Billings, Montana. Kietzman provides outpatient psychotherapy for adolescents and adults going through personal issues and enduring mental health conditions. She started practicing in Southern California before returning to her home of Montana in 1994, and has maintained her practice there ever since. Kietzman employs a client-centered treatment model for clients going through transition challenges, anxiety, OCD, depression and ADD, as well as parenting and relationship problems and pre and post-partum mental health.

Treatment and Staff

Kietzman offers a kind and nurturing environment that is safe for clients to open up, share and talk about their problems. She believes in a mind-body-spirit approach to healing, that the “whole client” must be treated, rather than just the person’s symptoms, in order to achieve a long-lasting, sustainable recovery. Before beginning treatment with Kietzman, clients first undergo a comprehensive assessment that includes the individual’s medical, psychological and familial history in addition to their current employment and relationship situation. Based off this evaluation, Kietzman determines the best possible therapeutic strategy to meet the person’s goals and needs.

In addition to individual, couples and marital therapy sessions, Kietzman specializes in the treatment of women with pre and postpartum mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. Kietzman also helps parents with concerns about their child’s development and mental health, and if necessary can refer physicians or psychiatrists. She believes that child care starts with a healthy and educated parent. Kietzman also offers workshops and seminars on healthy living, transformation and managing stress.

Dr. Karen Kietzman is a licensed clinical psychologist who received both her Master’s and Doctorate from Biola University in Southern California. She is not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist, so medication management is not offered.

In Summary

Dr. Karen Kietzman utilizes a “whole client,” bio-psycho-spiritual approach to care for clients with a host of transitional, individual and marital issues as well as individuals with mental health conditions. Kietzman also helps parents and specializes in pre and postpartum mothers. For Billings, Montana men and women seeking an expert therapist with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Karen Kietzman is an excellent resource.

Dr. Karen Kietzman Location

Dr. Karen Kietzman
2475 Village Lane, Ste 104
Billings, MT 59102

Dr. Karen Kietzman Cost

Call for details; accepts most insurance plans, except Optum and United Behavioral Health. Reach Dr. Karen Kietzman by phone at (406) 248-4153. Find Dr. Karen Kietzman on Facebook

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