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Dr. Judith Landau, Interventionist


Boulder ColoradoThe Basics

Dr. Judith Landau pioneered the ARISE method of intervention, a collaborative, non-confrontational approach to guiding addicts into recovery. Landau is a neuro-psychiatrist as well as an LMFT and has done extensive studies on African healing. A Fulbright scholar, she has authored numerous scholarly articles on substance abuse treatment. She works with those suffering from substance use disorders as well as process addictions, mental health diagnoses and eating disorders.

Dr. Landau runs ARISE Networks and its affiliated company, Linking Human Systems headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. Both organizations work together to offer a full spectrum of recovery services that help the addict function in his or her family and community. These include sober transportation and companionship, Intensive Case Management, assessments and monitoring. ARISE trains clinicians to work with clientele who have special needs including veterans, the elderly, trauma survivors, high-profile individuals and those from under-served communities.

The Background

Dr. Landau has been working in the recovery field for over 30 years. As a doctor and researcher, she determined that the process of healing family systems was not given the emphasis required in creating an appropriate home environment for lasting recovery. ARISE was developed to make the intervention process a collaboration that could act as a springboard for better health for the entire family, not just the addict.

Dr. Landau received the Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Marriage and Family Therapy award by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She also gave the popular TedX talk Family Stories, Secrets and Survival.

The Approach

The ARISE method is an invitational intervention that uses three escalating meeting levels. Most addicts decide to enter treatment after the first level called “The First Call.” During this phase Dr. Landau or another ARISE Interventionist coaches the family and sets up the first meeting of the intervention network, which includes a non-shaming discussion with the addict about how their addiction is affecting them.

Addicts who have not yet decided to enter treatment begin at Level Two. In this phase, called “Strength in Numbers,” the intervention network continues their dialogue with the addict as a group in order to re-enforce to the addict that their behavior is a concern of the community and family system. This phase usually includes between two and five meetings.

Level Three, called “The Formal ARISE Intervention,” is a meeting of the addict and loved ones where the consequences of not getting treatment are explored and set by the support team.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Following the intervention, the ARISE interventionist stays in contact with clients and families for six months, working with the family to locate a support group or therapist with the treatment center to coordinate care. During this time, clients set goals for transitioning out of treatment and into independent living. Throughout the process, the Dr. Landau or the staff ARISE interventionist uses the addict’s relationships and positive qualities to encourage them to stay engaged in their recovery.

Dr. Judith Landau is a pioneer in the recovery field, having used her clinical training and practice to develop an evidence-based intervention method that affirms clients’ relationships and the potential of the family to function as a healthy, collaborative unit. In addition to the addicts she has helped, Dr. Landau has trained a generation of interventionists in the ARISE method, who continue to heal addicts and families throughout the world.

Dr. Judith Landau
ARISE Network
PO Box 3648
Boulder, CO 80307-3648

Reach Dr. Judith Landau and ARISE Network at (877) 229-5462 and by email at info@arise-network.com. Find ARISE Network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube

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