Dr. Damon Raskin, Addictionologist
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Dr. Damon Raskin, Addictionologist


Raskin, Damon, MDThe Basics

Based in Malibu, California, Dr. Damon Raskin is a sought-after board certified addictionologist with over 10 years of experience in the field and a frequent addiction expert on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS and NBC on all matters regarding addiction. Specializing in both internal and addiction medicine, Dr. Raskin divides his time between a private practice in Pacific Palisades and three luxury treatment facilities in Malibu. He’s known for creating individualized treatment plans for all of his clients, based on his expert assessment of their unique needs. Emphasizing the crucial element of knowing each person’s specific medical, physical and psychological history, he believes there is no uniform formula for treating alcoholism and addiction.


After graduating with honors from Stanford University, Dr. Raskin attended George Washington University School of Medicine and Distinction in Washington, DC. Once he completed his residency in Los Angeles, he found himself in the addiction field when he applied for an open position for a physician at a rehab. Enjoying both the challenge and variety that comes with his practice, Dr. Raskin is constantly studying updates in addiction research and looking for ways to improve the client experience.


Dr. Raskin’s clients range from 18- to 20-year-old heroin addicts to businessmen in their 60s. Although the bulk of his practice is on LA’s Westside, he also offers private concierge services which could include home visits anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area.


Treatment procedures depend solely on the person. Because some addicts suffer from co-occurring disorders or physical health issues, Dr. Raskin’s experience as an internist is a major asset. He generally sees roughly 15 patients a day, treating and following up with his high-end addiction clientele. Four to five of those clients might be at his office strictly for drug and alcohol related issues. He sees eight to 10 clients at each treatment facility and usually frequents each of those two to five times a week.

Dr. Raskin is open to harm reduction, including Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) when necessary. He normally utilizes Suboxone as a temporary means to ease the withdrawal symptoms of detoxing from opiates or, depending on the client’s needs, desires and treatment goal, long-term Suboxone maintenance. The amount and length of time a person is on Suboxone varies depending on the individual, and the type and quantity of drugs he or she was using. Although he says that there is no “cook book session” for withdrawal medication, Dr. Raskin is famous for his unusually gentle detox procedures that some have said remind them of having mild flu-like symptoms. He ventures to say that roughly 80 percent of the time, clients only need Suboxone for two to three weeks, after which they usually receive Vivitrol. Intended to help with cravings, Vivitrol blocks all receptors so that no type of high or euphoria is possible. Some patients need a time period off Suboxone before beginning Vivitrol shots while others opt for Suboxone maintenance for six months to a year before even considering Vivitrol. For those who need to ease the withdrawal of getting off a prolonged usage of Suboxone, Naltrexone can be used for a minimum of 12 months in conjunction with therapy and 12-step, or other recovery support systems.

Treatment and Recommendations

Dr. Raskin recommends a total mind, body and spirit approach to treatment, which is to say medical assistance in conjunction with psychological treatment. This can be anything from individual therapy or group therapy to AA/NA or Smart Recovery—really anything that resonates with the client and helps identify and heal the root of the need to abuse substances in the first place.

A holistic treatment approach paired with medical expertise, thorough rehabilitation experience and a highly regarded reputation for addiction medicine all make Dr. Raskin an addictionologist the field is lucky to have.

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