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Doug Leech, Interventionist


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Interventionist Doug Leech is the president of Morgantown Sober Living and owner and part of the intervention team of Intervent Consulting, which has two offices, one in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and the other Morgantown, West Virginia. Intervent performs drug and alcohol interventions, family counseling and monitoring services for recovering addicts and alcoholics. Leech works closely with clients and family members to provide resources and facilitate treatment and aftercare options.

The Background

Leech attended Penn State University where he got a BS in accounting, and worked in finance for Ernst & Young and Louis Plung & Company. He founded Morgantown Sober Living in November 2012 after he returned home to West Virginia from an out of state rehab for drugs and alcohol, and realized that his community didn’t have any sober living options. In March of 2013, Leech teamed up with some colleagues in the recovery communities in his home town of Morgantown and also in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to form Intervent Consulting.

The Approach

Leech’s main focus working with Intervent Consulting is to help clients and families find long-term sobriety and design an aftercare plan that will work for them. Generally this involves working closely with the loved ones of the client, educating them about the disease of addiction, then assisting during and after the intervention.

The Intervent philosophy is that intervention is an act of compassion that begins to heal the pain caused by addiction. It is a coordinated process, that typically takes place over the course of at least six weeks, not a single event. Intervent recognizes that individuals and families with loved ones in active addiction have been living with stress, pain, and confusion. The process begins with a series of appointments to educate the concerned parties about the disease in order to help them understand their relationship to the addict, and begin healing. The first contact is to meet with the concerned parties and begin to assess their unique situation and the family system. They instruct the family and supporters in the process of the intervention, and assign their roles in it. They also will explore and address any possible aspect of resistance to ensure a positive outcome. Finally, the interventionists help to select the services that the client may require. This is based on an assessment of needs that include detox, medical and mental health, along with financial and insurance capabilities. The process culminates in an empathetic meeting to encourage treatment and begin a healing process for everyone involved.

Once the client has attended a minimum of 28 days in a treatment facility, moving onto a sober living facility, like Morgantown Sober Living, is an option. The intent of Morgantown Sober Living is to get the clients back into society as soon as possible in their new sober lives. The men’s only facilities offer a chance for the clients to obtain employment, or volunteer, and stick to a daily schedule of 12-step meetings. There are plenty of rules the men in the program must adhere to, like attending a weekly house meeting on Thursday evenings, and maintaining a level of accountability with each other. There are daily chores, like keeping the common and personal areas clean, buying groceries and cooking. There are random drug tests the clients have to take, and a requirement for the clients to commit to at least a six-month stay, though some stay for up to a year.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Doug Leech is unique to his field in that he has a hand in not only the intervention and treatment, but he also provides a living situation and aftercare. This allows his clients to know him well and develop a trust that many other interventionists don’t offer.

Doug Leech
Intervent Consulting
West Virginia Office
206 Spruce St
Morgantown, WV 26505

Minnesota Office
963 W 7th St
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Reach Doug Leech of Intervent Consulting by phone at (304) 413-4300 or email. Find Doug Leech on LinkedIn

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