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Door into the Future Inc. of Passaic, New Jersey has offered comprehensive behavioral health services since 2011. The facility provides outpatient, partial day and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) programs to adults are affordable and catered to the client. Treatment includes elements of 12-step philosophy as well as therapy based methods.

Treatment and Staff

Before treatment begins, clients undergo an initial assessment with an intake counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. Day programs run up to five hours a day, five days a week. Those participating in the day program are also given a mid day meal. IOP traditionally consists of up to nine hours a week whereas basic outpatient only requires an hour of treatment weekly. The latter is often used as a step down option from IOP or day treatment.

Treatment is offered both during the day and in the evenings to fit a variety of schedules. Clients must commit to the program for a minimum of three months, though many stay for six to nine months. Door into the Future introduces both 12-step concepts and evidence based methods, such as CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), in group and individual therapy in all treatment programs. Education about addiction, identifying triggers, coping skills and anger management also addressed. Gender-specific groups are offered and referrals for medication management are available, if necessary.

Staff is made up of 20 Master’s-level counselors, interns and CADCs. A visiting psychiatrist sees clients on a biweekly basis. 


While this is an outpatient facility, partial day and IOP clients are provided with lunch, usually from a fast food restaurant or a local Domino’s Pizza. Coffee is provided throughout the day and clients attend therapy sessions in a cozy room furnished with couches.

Door Into the Future accepts Medicaid and most other insurance plans. They participate in the New Jersey drug court program and MAP (medical assistance program). Clients are offered self-pay on a sliding scale based on income and level of care.

Aftercare is free and alumni meet every other Tuesday in a group setting. In addition, the rehab offers family counseling for clients and their relatives.

In Summary

In all, Door Into The Future offers a variety of goal-oriented programs all with a range of therapeutic practices. Because there are several different tiers of treatment offered, clients can easily find a program that suits their needs. For those in the Passaic, NJ area in search of outpatient treatment, Door Into the Future is an option worth considering.

Door into the Future Inc. Location

Door Into The Future Inc.
823 Main Ave
Passaic, NJ 07055

Door into the Future Inc. Cost

Sliding scale ($120 for initial assessment). Reach Door into the Future Inc. by phone at (855) 214-7744 or (973) 928-4260.

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  1. Ruben Studders on

    Door Into The Future is a well-run programming center for people with substance use disorder and as a dedicated client of their services and a witness to this particular scenario that occurred, its safe to say all clients who were involved did, in fact, not comply with appropriate procedure, and because of their actions alone, were removed from program. The mentally disturbing part of all of this is how all parties involved carried this situation to the extremes it was carried on to. Had all parties involved maintain adult-like composure, Our Facilitating counselor would’ve had every opportunity to correct this situation, and all parties involved would’ve remained where they belonged, and that was with us all who really cared about them. Since your absence(all parties involved) the dynamic of our group changed, and this upsets us all. If you walk away with a lesson out of this, it’s to be mindful, all of you, to what the consequences to your actions changed us all deeply, we miss you, and we wish you all an extraordinary recovery, and a successful future.

  2. This place is absoutley ridiculous! My daughter in group was telling her story and someone yelled out to go jump off of a bridge and to go kill herself ! Not one of the staff members addressed it. My daughter sat down and another person proceeded to speak in the group and the women yelled at the same thing “go jump off of a bridge and go kill yourself” the staff still did not addresss the issue 3rd person got up and told their story and the same lady yelled out to this person “ go jump off a bridge and kill your self “ the staff done nothing ! Several people from the group went and complained how they were bothered by the incident and the staff done nothing! My daughter then blew up and went off on the lady. Went outside to call me to calm down and the staff went and lied to her PO and told them she was on the phone making threats when she was speaking to me ! My daughter later on that night was so upset by this incident and attempted suicide by this women comments !!!! They would not speak to me nor address this situation they went and lied to her PO and they put my daughter in jail. The staff was unprofessional, negligent, irresponsible. Other meme bee reached out to me about the incident with complaints how they no longer feel safe going here because of the way the staff handled this situation. This place should be shut down! What type of therapy are they giving when they allow other people to be disrespectful, insensitive, and promote bullying !!!! These people go here to get help and most depressed and have contemplated suicide and to come here and go through experiences like this puts their lives in jeopardy!!!!

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