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Donna ChavousThe Basics

Donna Chavous is an intervention specialist who works for Intervention 911, an LA-based intervention services company. Chavous, who lives in New York City, is a Bachelor’s-level Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) and a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI). She also joined the cast of the show Intervention in season 11. Besides providing interventions for alcoholics and addicts, Chavous also works with clients that have eating, gambling and other behavioral health disorders. Intervention 911 provides sober companionship, executive interventions, a life skills program and treatment referrals. Ken Seeley Communities, which features three houses is the affiliated sober living facility.

The Background

Chavous was introduced to recovery in 1995 through an intervention by friends, family and the local police department. She got sober for good a few years later. Born and raised in LA, she graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelors degree in English. After getting sober, Chavous suffered the loss of a colleague and a client from the disease of addiction. These losses changed her perspective on life and she took a job at a treatment center in Malibu California. While working in treatment, she further enhanced her knowledge of how addiction affects the family as well as the patient. She has been performing interventions nationwide for the past 8 years. She is open about her own recovery, and utilizes her past experiences to help clients.

The Approach

Along with the interventionist, family and friends synchronize their endeavors to help the client. The preparation includes writing letters to the client, setting boundaries and an intensive rehearsal of the intervention. After the preparation, the actual intervention is set and is conducted by Chavous. Residential treatment and detox referrals are provided.

Executive intervention options include a private jet for celebrities, transportation, a nurse that accompanies the interventionist and client to detox, weekly reports, an aftercare program, and sober companionship. The executive options are not part of a normal intervention, and are offered on a la carte basis.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Due to the popularity of the show Intervention and the unpredictable nature of the clients portrayed, Chavous often finds herself at risk for negative press. In spite of these risks, Chavous has continued to serve the recovery community as a solid interventionist, who cares about her clients and conducts herself in a highly professional matter.

Donna Chavous
Intervention 911
170 North Vista St
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Reach Intervention 911 by phone at (866) 888-4911 or by email. Find Intervention 911 at Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and find Donna Chavous on Twitter

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