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Don Sloane, Interventionist


interventionistThe Basics

Founder of Recovery Care Partner in the DC suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland, Don Sloane has been is a full-time interventionist since 2009 and has worked in the field of recovery for over 30 years. Inspired by his own journey in recovery, Sloane works exclusively with alcoholics and addicts, helping them and their families recover from the devastation of addiction. Along with his team at Recovery Care Partner, Sloane offers support from intervention through early recovery, as well as sober companionship.

The Background

Sloane holds a Master’s in organization development from American University and a Master’s in mental health counseling, as well as a Bachelor’s in computer and information science from The University of Maryland. After training with Dr. Joseph Cruz, a veteran physician who helped facilitate many high-level interventions, such as Betty Ford, Sloane transitioned from the corporate sector to working with clients one-on-one.

He has performed hundreds of interventions, has a long history of educating people about addiction and also has 30 plus years in recovery. Operating out of the Bethesda area in Maryland, just 30 minutes North of Washington DC, Sloane and the staff at Recovery Care Partner offer a unique continuum of services from pre-treatment consultation, interventions to post-treatment services. Sloane also continues to help the business community by facilitating corporate interventions for employees who suffer from addictions.

The Approach

Since every situation is different, Sloane’s approaches to interventions are varied and tailor-made to fit the circumstance. Clients and/or their families meet with Sloane and his staff at Recovery Care Partner to develop a plan of action for intervention, admission to inpatient treatment and continuing care. Prep time with families can vary but Sloane’s mission is make sure all parties understand the process and are on the same page.

Sloane supports the brain-disease model of addiction and is passionate about taking the shame out of being an addict. He explains to families in pain that addiction is a disease and not a moral failing. But because it is a brain disorder, recovery is dependent on not only a physical withdrawal from substances but on dealing with the emotional aspects of addiction.

Though Recovery Care Partner is not a rehab, they do offer referrals to well-vetted treatment programs in the area and beyond. Once in treatment, Sloane continues to act as an advocate for his clients through their primary care phase and then welcomes them back as they transition from sobriety in the bubble of rehab to recovery in the real word.

Sloane connects with his clients by disclosing his own history with addiction. He feels that they is a great deal of power in camaraderie when it comes to recovery and shares his own personal stories of healing so that others can understand that long-term sobriety is truly possible. Sloane advocates for continuing recovery through the 12 steps and the attendance of ongoing meetings for support. In addition to intervention and post-intervention services, Sloane runs a sober living home in Bethesda called the Bethesda House, that offers men continued support in a residential setting after they have completed inpatient treatment.

Post-Intervention and Summary

Recovery Care Partner focuses on the pre and post phases of addiction treatment. With several aftercare programs, like Recovery Care Monitoring and Transition Coaching for adolescents and young adults, Sloane doesn’t just facilitate interventions and send clients on their way; he and his staff stay heavily involved in the first three months of recovery after initial treatment is complete.

Don Sloane uses his own experience as an addict and his vast knowledge of the process of recovery—from intervention to treatment and beyond—to help families understand what their role is and how they can help the people they love. He is a good resource for those feeling overwhelmed by where to start and Recovery Care Partner is a valuable asset for alcoholics and addicts in the early stages of their life-long journey to freedom.

Don Sloane
Recovery Care Partner
2009 Flint Hill Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Reach Don Sloane of Recovery Care Partner by phone at (855) 727- 2887 or by email. Find Don Sloane on LinkedIn and Recovery Care Partner on Facebook  and Twitter 

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