Do You Believe in Guardian Angels? Or Are You Self-Sufficient?

Do You Believe in Guardian Angels? Or Are You Self-Sufficient?


Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?Do You Believe in Guardian Angels?

We’ve all heard about the concept of a “guardian angel” but how about when a high-functioning individual or family realizes they may need a sober companion concierge because they can no longer do it on their own? It’s not officially dubbed “guardian angel.” Wouldn’t that be awesome though? A monogrammed angel costume plus a halo? No need to worry; your sober companion is not going to appear looking like a superhero! Having a coach for any endeavor—whether it’s a professional athlete or a CEO—is a proven successful mentor model. Sometimes a human being just needs another qualified human being for support, and no your co-dependent better half or family member is not a healthy choice. This rings resoundingly true in the world of addiction and wellness. It’s harrowing those first few hours, days, weeks and months. And that’s where the “guardian angel” concept in the form of a clinical or experiential sober companion concierge choice can come into play.

Many times as effective as luxury residential rehab, the right credentialed sober companion(s) concierge on-site is considered a high form of care. Families do the best they can but when a credentialed specialist is right there by your side it can make all the difference in this world. Haven’t you ever thought, “If I could just work with a clinical doctor, or other treatment professional all day for as long as it takes I can see myself getting well!” or are the tattered wings of self-sufficiency “I can handle everything myself just fine, thank you very much!” still barely fluttering?

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD), nearly 19 million citizens are dependent on alcohol and/or drugs—and nearly 50% of people dealing with addiction suffer a lapse after receiving treatment, which is mainly faulted to a lack of support and guidance available to them after the conclusion of their treatment course. People who relapse are in greater danger of relapsing again compared to someone who has never relapsed before.

Reasons Pro Athletes Choose Coaches

Pro athletes choose the right coach to train and perform at their peak. Why is a sober companion concierge a potential game changer, and perhaps a better option than 28 days of inpatient treatment? Many treatment centers follow the Minnesota Model; oftentimes when a corporation has an employee who’s battling addiction, the corporation would demand the employee check into 28-day treatment, with the belief that pow, 28 days later that employee will be magically healed, and ready to generate more revenue for the corporation. The reason it so often fails is it deposits employees back in their previous lives and thus isn’t designed for them to live their healthiest lives. It has the potential to begin a repetitive cycle of flying in and out of treatment centers.

A person-centric model, or sober companion concierge, was developed out of a US Medical Boards Model. Over-burdened stressed-out doctors were ready to lose their licenses due to addiction. The US Medical Boards forced them into a person-centric on-site sober companion concierge(s) model with professionals who are seasoned, well-qualified and chock full of credentials and specialties to match each doctor’s unique needs.

Entities such as follow this model and can assist with alcoholism, prescription drug addiction, pain management, dual diagnosis or many other challenges that arise in the face of changing one’s life. (which is a higher level of care sober companion concierge that branched out of private luxury treatment, The Scott ©) provides highly qualified specialists for individuals, families and couples. It is a specialist (or small team of specialists) who can change the way one deals with addiction and emotions, properly diagnose and help teach new behaviors in real life. So while they can technically be hired help to make addiction madness and more disappear, they are far more than the average alcoholic babysitter and bring decades of intensive clinical or treatment experience to a person’s life. They’re the expert on hand right by your side. A sober companion coach is a game changer.

Family Office Families & Couples & Sober Companions

What are some occasions that might call for a “a guardian angel”—or a medical or clinical sober companion concierge—over another recovery resource? How about when a treatment center forces an ultra-high-net-worth chronic alcoholic adult male detoxing in his first week to attend yoga classes? Someone like this is in no condition to get into downward dog, let alone fear his wife will find out about these young Lululemon pants-wearing yogis. What’s next on the treatment center agenda? Piano class and another 12-step meeting?

What is the reason insurance companies do not pay for higher credentialed experts on their staff? Too expensive. What about paying for anyone to have aftercare? Not in the insurance package. This requires some guardian angel work, or a highly-credentialed sober companion concierge, if you will—they are ready to fly in for a paradigm shift! As more and more people are discovering, one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to wellness or yoga pants. is a welcome relief for the family office and family demographic. Take, for example, a family insisting on having treatment professionals on-site during a festive holiday season to keep the peace. After failed attempts with several treatment centers and years of disjointed therapy sessions, a client may still be unable to get well, and it can become very clear the whole family desperately needs help. When the right treatment team is brought to the home to stabilize dysfunction, it makes for a happy, functional holiday season with true peace on earth.

Moreover, a chosen few sober concierge companions specialize in couples that are on-the-rocks. Honestly, addiction or not, what relationship doesn’t need coaching? The reality is, divorce can cost more than treatment so when someone realizes his or her future or current spouse obviously has trouble handling their booze, painkillers or whatever else is in the mix, employing a sober companion concierge might be the ideal gift or anniversary present that will benefit both parties.

Then there is the unbearable experience of grief or PTSD when one has to deal with the abandonment, betrayal or death of a loved one. Many turn to alcohol, prescriptions drugs and/or hard drugs because the pain is just too insane. Rather than coping with a lethal mix of cocktails, one has the option to order a clinical sober companion(s) team (yes, make that a double please), for safe passage to the sane side.

Do You Require a Divine Intervention or a Scientific Cause and Effect?

Sober coach, sober companion or guardian angel; whatever you want to call it, a highly credentialed sober companion concierge may be exactly what someone needs. As millions before you (all through millennia) have proven: Ending addiction alone is next to impossible; why not make it a neat divine intervention? Or a shake and stir scientific cause and effect? Yes, we know the drink or pipe is still in hand, and if you have read up to this point, you just may be ready, so bottoms up, buttercup!

Our Philosophy Means You Receive the Private Care You Need!

Due to the nature of our business aSoberCompanion is private pay only. Paying privately means you receive the private care you need.

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  1. So it’s been a few days now and my understanding is that my boy ( we’ll call him Jarred) like the poison Subway guy Jarred, has been alcohol free.. Now, he has a limited edition Air Jordan shoebox full of prescription meds but that seems to be accepted as a part of the (((disease))) model everyone involved is trying to get their heads around so basically? He’s still swallowing his reality but he is no longer shitfaced and a whining pathetic sock shooting mess on the couch all day so something is happening. He talks, he engages in conversation and that validates those who are trying to help him so, all ahead full.. ………………………………….

    Focus has turned toward a sober companion and I can see why. A friend of the family contacted me and was calling for help for the alcoholic who would not or could not call for himself. This generally doesn’t add up to anything positive except pacifying the concerned party. Hey, the Book says give it a shot so for better or worse, I give it a shot. That whole “anyone anywhere” thing. What do I have to offer? What do I believe these people need…Help. They are all screaming for help. So, how can I help? Can I help at all? Would I be of better service if I stayed out of the way. After two visits and some calls and texts I decide to bail but not without offering everything I got. ………………………..

    In the last few days of Jarred’s drunken binge his father was down the South shore lurking around the closed up for the season summer house. The mutual friend told me utilities were turned on , snow removal activated, he was settling in for the long haul and going to devote his time to Jarred. Eh.. stalking him basically. Following him to work and back, sitting in his car down the street and monitoring his driving abilities. Good father? Bad father? Babysitter? Enabler? Dad scared shit for his sons safety? Who’s to say. I have my opinion but it’s not my call to judge their emotional situation or criticize their family dynamic as healthy or broken. I’m AA not AAA. I am not the alcoholic wrangler in this movie. I can’t size up a family of close to 40 years together in 15 minutes. ………………………………..

    Sure there’s the hypothetical. A cutter probably has been sexually abused, a manic depressive type probably is way off balance and in need of corrective meds first and foremost, and on and on. But when an axe murder is guilty of making bad choices? I stick to what I know. Big Book 12 Step. How can I be of service to the man who still suffers in his spiritless alcoholic mind, period. Big Book 12 Step stuff… Or what? Act on my world of experience as a healer? An AA Big Book chosen one? I think, right? I think 5 bucks and my thoughts can get me a controversial cup of Starbucks, that’s what I think. So making judgment calls on another’s state of mind? Not my job man. Especially dishonest for me and not fair to them. …………………………………………….

    So anyway, here’s the skinny. Because I am only a sounding board at this point, the hub, or the center of their circle jerk really, I choose to not continue with the heavy drama, the over the top stimulus. To them? AA is great if you are alcoholic but they are blinded by their own individual squeaking closet doors and see Jarred as something of a unique case. They are unwilling to make a correlation between Jarred and the Pine St Inn. Their views of alcoholism are fixed and pretty much media driven as far as I can see anyway. Alone? They see nothing. If they don’t understand than certainly alcoholism cannot be easily understood by any common man. So Jarred is decidedly in need of special attention, hands on, one on one support. After all, he is a good boy, always worked, had a paper route at 12, paid half of his apple crate Schwinn with pictures in the family album according to his delirious mother. And well, they have the cash. Lots and lots of cash to pay for such a higher authority. …………………………………

    So when I received what I thought was the last text thanking me every which way for whatever I did (basically was simply an understanding ear) from the original family friend that got the ball rolling or exposed it anyway. This is how I responded:
    Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the kind gesture and being thought of as some supportive comfort to you and your wife. The choices made by the family to seek private one on one daily counseling is a great idea. I look at it as the best of both worlds. Jarred may keep his job, not be sued for breaking the rental lease, pretty much everything will remain intact. He can feasibly continue his daily responsibilities in an effort to support himself while undergoing what could be considered close second to inpatient psychotherapy which hey, everybody including myself could probably benefit from, right? So my friend, don’t loose my number. If you ever need help with anything related to AA let me know. If it’s out of my scope I will do my best to direct you elsewhere to options better suited to your needs. Either way you both have my support. Best to you. ….

    As of this weekend he moved back in with his parents and is doing ok… .

    By the way, people, places and all things were altered to protect everyone’s anonymity.

    Although taking the hammer out of his hand that he’s beating himself senseless with is in my power. So yeah, lets atleast sober him up and see what we got. ……………………………………………………

    who’s to say Bagdad Café rehab option. Loss of job for most of us little people is an extended leave of absence for him. Moving all his stuff back to his parents spare room? His retired father will load up the family X5 and sneak his soiled mattress back home bungied to the 500 dollar Thule roof racks and take care of that. Good parenting skills? Or endless guilt as he himself suffers from some kind of depressive disorder apparently.

    • I was multitasking. and thought I erased from “who’s to say Bagdad Cafe” on……. I am embarrassed. I am not taking my posting seriously enough to atleast check it before I hit post comment.. I am a hack. I feel like I felt the time I was bad rapping my material supplier at work on the phone after I thought I had hung up and they were still on the line listening. eeesh..Oh well…

  2. I can only speak from my experience in Big Book AA 12 Step recovery where the focus is on the Spiritual before the head wound is addressed. A sober companion for me? Ted Clubber Lang, hands down.. Adult Child therapist? Darth Vader. Maybe replace Farrah Faucet and Bo Derek with a HOT anorexic Nancy Ragan poster leaving two footprints on a deserted beach? scotch taped on my basement bedroom door at Ma’s…….A blow up Tom Horvath clown I could punch in the face repeatedly without legal risk in stead of nervously picking at my scabs. Too dark? Sorry, going through the gears here, I think it’s this expensive coffee I picked up in Little Compton sunday. For 20 bucks a pound It hasn’t been stepped on apparently and and (slap). ANYWAY! SOBER COMPANION, right…………………….

    Lets say I knew someone who had been to Malibu, Newport, and a fine array of expensive recovery prospects. Even the two junkies with the Phd’s place. Lets say this person was intelligent, highly formally educated, held a professional position in the workplace and was backed by family money also. It’s not privilege really it’s just different than the norm. The norm would be insurance backed treatment with local aftercare. The norm isn’t a kitchen refrigerator the size of my car in a Oyster Harbors estate. This guy jets off to rehab with a Louis Vuitton fanny pack and a Rolex. A marquee ready for change or habitual stage presentation, he and everyone else have no idea and hope has become repetition.

    Now the typical disconnect shown to stop a spiraling self destructing addict would be remove the poison, evaluate the poison and continue without it with a supplement of awareness, fellowship even camaraderie. The whole people helping people thing.. Simple really. Why the difficulty? Well “some men’s just can’t be reached”.

    So rather than use AA as a warehouse in between therapy visits (which really is lame recovery) , a person has the “cash” to hire a person or persons who have basically a semi professional working relationship with the client. Now this probably isn’t as good as moving in with your therapist (what about Bob) but is better than wandering around aimlessly trying to divert yourself from the ever impending doom of your addiction where the ticking clock never stops. You will loose another job, another wife, another life.

    I was paying attention to Patty Powers some years back as she was making her mark and she was impressive to me. Professional, no sign of the Jim Jones syndrome or what about me and my perks. It looked to me by her posted example, a recovery coach was possible and also filled a demand. My honest reality is because I couldn’t afford such options doesn’t mean it’s not right for others who can.

    So putting aside all the selfish self validating arrangements, looking at the addiction crisis as it is? A sober companion is as much a part of the recovery methods available as any I’ve seen and should be supported by me.

    Bottom line? If you need 24 hour care and it can come to you? Take it. Pay the money, get what you need to continue on living life to the fullest. If in your success the situation presents itself in another? Tell them how you overcame addiction, how it worked for you. Whether you were sponsored by AA aliens or the Happy Acres transgender softball team, Doctor Moe Curly and Larry or a professional committed to you and your health and wellness. There’s a wrench for every nut these days in the recovery world and well? it’s a good thing to have options..


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