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Founded in 1993, Albuquerque’s Dismas House serves individuals in recovery transitioning from incarceration back to their communities. Having merged with St.Martin’s Hospitality Center in 2013, Dismas House is now a residential program that helps motivated clients to rebuild their lives. While on probation or parole, residents participate in a program that includes job placement assistance, social skills development and, most importantly, the fellowship of peers who are also in recovery.

Accommodations and Amenities

The Dismas House program is 90 days, but there is an additional month-long grace period  to ensure clients transition to a stable environment. The program is located on a three-acre campus with six homes, five for male residents and one for women. The five male homes have a total of 16 residents, averaging three to four per household. The women’s home accommodates a maximum of six residents.

In each home, residents sleep two to a room in twin bunk beds. Bathrooms are shared and a community kitchen is available for residents to learn how to cook and prepare their own food. In the backyard, a community garden full of fresh produce is maintained by clients and staff. Large outdoor seating areas for meetings and fellowshipping are available for everyone to enjoy. Amenities are minimal since the accommodations are almost entirely funded by donations and government assistance.

Rules and Regulations

All residents of Dismas House come from correctional facilities. Staff members conduct an intensive screening assessment to ensure that the appropriate individuals are admitted. Dismas House does not accept individuals with a history of gang violence. Individuals with a history of domestic violence are accepted.

Attending one 12-step meeting per day is an important requirement of the program. Residents have the option of attending AA/NA and even Native American 12-step support groups. Getting in contact with a sponsor, finding a home group and working the 12 steps thoroughly is required. A peer support group is conducted twice per week that residents are expected to attend.

All residents have a curfew of 6 pm and must stay on the property until 6 am. Curfew is only flexible for work commitments. Residents are expected to provide and prepare their own food, but are also allowed to share with members of their house. Volunteers also provide free food and dinners for the residents.

Residents have three days after admission to organize their job search, acquire EBT food cards, seek medical assistance and begin attending meetings. Either attending school, having a job or actively searching for employment is required. House members must volunteer every week at the facility and complete volunteer hours through their probation officer.  If a resident is not abiding by the Dismas House rules, their probation officer will consider it a parole violation.


Dismas House is a relatively short-term sober living program, but aftercare allows staff to stay connected to alumni. The facility has a volunteer dinner program where residents can network for job opportunities, practice their social skills and, above all, build trust with the members of their community.

In Summary

Working with a challenging population, Dismas House is able to provide residents with a second chance at life. Potential clients are assisted with building a foundation for solid sobriety, including health care, job opportunities and housing.

Dismas House Location

Dismas House
701 Candelaria Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107

Dismas House Cost

HUD-assisted (30 days). Reach Dismas House by phone at (505) 344-1172 and by email at [email protected]. Find Dismas House on Facebook and Google+

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