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Discovery Place Review

Discovery Place is a men’s only residential substance abuse treatment facility located about 30 miles outside Nashville in Burns, Tennessee. Offering 12-step and evidence-based programming on many acres of serene farmland, clients participate in programs that explore the beginning of addiction and prepare them for continued sobriety.

Accommodations and Food

Discovery Place is situated on 17 acres of land that is ideal for quiet reflection, and includes two lakes and several walking paths where clients can go to relax during down time between meetings. There is a main house where clients spend the first 30 days of treatment. This is a 24-bed facility that accommodates up to four clients per room and each room has a private bath. A large upstairs living room with a flat screen HD television, dining room, full kitchen, staff offices, a reading room and an non-denominational church, which is used for morning mediation. There is also a game room that has a Ping-Pong table, billiards and some work out equipment.

There are also two long-term recovery residences located on the same campus that is just a short car ride away, where clients stay after the initial phase of treatment. These facilities both fit six clients each, and usually two clients room together. This facility also has a kitchen, dining and living room, has two flat screen TV’s, a large patio, beach volleyball court, fire pit, mini golf course and is where all the recovery meetings are held. In both locations all food, bedding and cleaning supplies are provided, as well as laundry facilities. All the food is prepared on-site by a kitchen staff daily.

Treatment and Staff

The programs offered at Discovery Place are highly structured, providing client focused, evidence based treatment. A typical day begins at seven am with a morning meditation and breakfast, followed by a community meeting that lasts until 11 am. Lunch and down time follows until the afternoon meetings where the groups are split in half and each attend groups for about an hour. Dinner is around five pm, then an off-site 12-step meeting twice a week, house movie night or Big Book study. During the first week, clients get acclimated to the program with the help of alumni. There is no phone use within that first week, but after clients are welcome to the office phone to call home, however there are no cell phones, tablets or laptops allowed while in treatment. After the first 30 days if clients wish to stay on, they move into the smaller recovery homes on the other side of campus where they continue with daily meetings, and begin working with some local volunteer organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, or the local food bank.

Treatment is heavily rooted in the 12-step philosophy and not only includes AA meetings at the facility, but also provides resources for local meeting sites in the community. During all the stages of treatment the counselors, or guides, work closely with each client to design an aftercare plan and provide career counseling and guidance, and skills training. Relapse prevention and identifying triggers are often topics of group meetings, and the staff encourages all the clients who stay on at the facility past the 30 days to become mentors to those who are first arriving.

The staff of 42 consists of a program director, LPCs and many peer counselors. A number of the staff members have gone though the program themselves and were inspired to stay on to provide others with the same guidance.


There are twice weekly family visiting hours that take place in the main house, and frequent recreational activities, like hiking, dinners, or trips to the local gym. There are also trips to sports events, movie nights or canoe excursions.

Discovery Place offers free aftercare at the facility and weekly check in calls with the staff as continued support. For clients who have completed the program but are still struggling in their sobriety may stay at the facility for one week free of charge provided there has been no relapse.

Family involvement is particularly important to the continued success of its clients, and there is frequent family workshops held at the facility on a weekly basis, as well as referrals to Alanon meetings.

In Summary

Discovery Place isn’t going to try to sell you on the latest recovery fads. They have a simple message, which is work the program and give yourself a chance at a better life. This facility offers many luxuries that can help ease one into the first stages of sobriety, but the take away is that there is a sense of having a place to belong to throughout the lifelong process of maintaining sobriety that sets Discovery Place apart.

Discovery Place Location

1635 Spencer Mill Rd
Burns, TN 37029

Discovery Place Cost

$6,500 (first 30 days); $5,500 (second 30 days); $5,500 (third 30 days); $2,000 (per month, step-down program). Reach Discovery Place by phone at (800) 725-0922. Find Discovery Place on Facebook and YouTube

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