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The Discovery House


The Basics

The Discovery House was literally built from the ground up—in addition to 25 years in the recovery field, founder Tom Whiting has a career in home construction. But The Discovery House should not be confused with Discovery House, an outpatient-only rehab with locations nationwide.

Accommodations and Food

The residences sport a fresh and modern aesthetic, with leather couches, tile floors throughout the house and full-length mirrored closets in the bedrooms. The eat-in kitchen is gorgeous, but the facility also boasts a lovely outdoor patio and garden. Rooms are shared and while meals come courtesy of a private chef.

In terms of rules, laptops, cell phones and MP3 players are all off-limits. Clients get very little time alone, and the staff not only monitors their phone and Internet use but also their activity throughout the house, including their bedrooms. While such intense supervision isn’t unusual in the rehab world, it’s slightly less common at higher-end treatment centers.

Treatment and Staff

After sub-acute detox, which is provided on-site with 24-hour nursing supervision, treatment focuses on uncovering the underlying issues that drive patients’ addictions. Each client’s treatment plan can be modified according to their history, any additional psychological diagnoses and how they respond to particular therapies. All clients attend four group sessions per day, which may include stress and anger management, self-care, family issues and communication. They also meet two to three times a week for individual sessions with CADCs.

Additional offerings include music therapy, yoga, mindfulness therapy, psychodrama, neurofeedback and a family program that involves multi-family education groups each Saturday as well as private family counseling sessions. Since The Discovery House subscribes to the disease model of addiction and the 12 steps, residents also attend regular AA or NA meetings.


Each weekend the staff organizes outings like beach trips to teach addicts how to socialize sober.

A continuing care outpatient program called Discovery Transitions is open to those who have completed primary care at The Discovery House or elsewhere. Clients in the Discovery Transitions program receive a sober coach as well as one individual therapy session and nine hours of support groups each week. The staff also helps residents get connected with 12-step groups in their area to help them pursue ongoing recovery.

In Summary

The Discovery House works with many insurance providers.  The Discovery House will appeal to those looking for a rehab that places an high importance on comprehensive treatment and sustainable recovery while still accommodating the need for creature comforts.

The Discovery House
Address undisclosed to protect client privacy

The Discovery House Cost: Call for cost; varies per each individualized program. Reach The Discovery House by phone at (888) 962-8208. Find The Discovery House on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+

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  1. Please beware of the facts of personal loss when considering this facility. The Discovery House is currently under investigation for stealing credit card numbers from ours and other family members and our sons and daughters, their computers were confiscated just recently during an ongoing investigation. Obvious attempts to meet quotas from the intake mislead prospective people coming into their facility and they use tactics like waiving fees and paying for flights to California just to get you in the door and then recoup that money from our insurance payed out for the stay. They have requested reviews from people that they catered to due to high insurance policy payouts, to bury other reviews of truth on yelp and elsewhere. Quotas obviously used as motivation for intake just to get people in the door. The staff constantly look like they are stressed out and the Director David can be heard doling out angry snippets to his staff and comes across as more intimidating than caring. This is not and environment I would recommend. The Director David has had his certification pulled by the state in the recent past. Believe what you will but trust me, I did my homework on this place after the great losses my family and others have experienced.

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