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Devereux is one of the oldest non-profit providers of behavioral healthcare in the United States with multiple locations in more than 10 states. Originally granted its non-profit charter in 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the organization has since expanded. Programs offered now include residential and outpatient care for adults and adolescents, although services may vary depending on the location. Using evidence-based therapies, issues such as substance abuse, mental health, autism, trauma and sexual abuse can be addressed.

Accommodations and Food

Devereux offers residential programs in Arizona, Colorado, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Texas. While the bed counts for each of these programs vary, many of the facilities tend to be large. Clients are housed in spacious buildings with double-occupancy rooms. The facilities also include dining halls, therapy rooms, lecture halls, common areas and offices. Locations like Georgia are able to offer some additional amenities including a swimming pool, volleyball court, tennis court, playing field, a lake and a playground.

Three meals a day are prepared and served on-site. All tend to be health-focused and include items such as vegetables, fruits and salads. Nutritional planning and support for special dietary requests are also available.

Treatment and Staff

Devereux provides treatment for substance abuse and behavioral health through both residential and outpatient programs. Services are available for adults and adolescents, though an initial evaluation is required prior to enrollment. Evidence based therapies and the 12 steps are used throughout treatment. Detox services are not available.

All residential programs use a multidisciplinary approach to recovery and clients receive a great deal of attention based on their diagnoses and medical needs. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy, as well as independent living and social skills. The 12 steps are an important part of the process, as is treatment using CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Trauma-informed care through EMDR is available at certain facilities as well. The length of time spent in treatment varies depending on each client’s needs. For those who are still in school, residential treatment also includes on-site accredited K-12 therapeutic schools.

Co-occurring disorders such as depression and anxiety can also be addressed through therapy. The nursing staff and psychiatrists can provide medication management services when necessary as well.

Outpatient care also includes a mixture of individual, group and family therapy while allowing clients to return to their everyday lives. Topics covered include relapse prevention, 12-step concepts, coping skills and CBT training. The length and intensity of outpatient also varies by client.

Staff specifics vary from location to location, though teams usually include a range of psychiatrists, nurses and Master’s-level therapists.


Aside from the above treatment programs, certain of Devereux’s locations also offer crisis stabilization services, home-based family programs, employment services, drug screening, interventions, mentoring and education support.

In Summary

Overall, Devereux is a large organization well-equipped to offer comprehensive substance abuse care with facilities across the United States. Services are available for both adults and adolescents through a range of flexible programs. Those in need of treatment for addiction or co-occurring disorders are likely to find the help they need at one of Devereux’s many locations.

Devereux Cost

Varies by location. Reach Devereux by phone at (800) 345-1292. Find Devereux on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

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  1. Tyana Rutledge on

    I was sent to this school from 04 to 05 for 8th grade. I stayed at the redidence off campus on Old Lancaster Rd. in Devon, PA.
    This was the worst place ever. A complete nightmare. Some of the staff did their jobs while most contributed to the constant bullying along with the kids and teens that were there. There was this one man who haunts and disgusts me to this day. His name was Mr.Brandon. I remember that for his own amusement, he would take me and other kids who couldn’t fight and lock us in a room with the bullies who loved to fight and literally walk away carelessly. He would even reward them afterwards with candy and sometimes money.
    Sometimes he would even watch through the window and laugh like a psychopath. One time he punched me in my face and laughed. Every time anyone tried to tell the man who was the director at the time, he just wouldn’t listen. My parents even tried to complain but they made it seem as if I was making the whole thing up and so we’re the other kids. I was eventually pulled from the school after suffering a black eye and busted lip due to being locked in a room again that this big giant man dragged me to for no reason. It haunts me to this day. One day my personal belongings we’re stolen from my room, the staff didn’t care at all. I remember the bullies put nair in a girls shampoo one day smh.
    I should sue for such a traumatic experience. The only thing I liked was my teacher at the time. She happened to live right down the street from the residence.

  2. I went to the Devereux Center in Georgia. I was a wild kid and I was in a juvenile facility here in Maine at the time they wanted to send me to Devereux in 97. I was in solitary confinement at the time when a state worker came to show me a video about the place, it was kind of like an infomercial with actors.
    It looked like a great place. It made it look like a prep school with arcades, go carts and swiming pools.
    I was being abused along with other kids in the detention at the time so i did not protest about going to devereux.
    If i only knew were i was going i would have ran away at the air port or refused to go.
    That place was way worse then juvie. I went out of the frying pan and right to the flames of hell.
    A staff member picked my mother myself and state worker at the airport. He must have been 21. The guy was being a blatent jurk to my mother and the state worker.
    Once I got to the place i some Washing D.C kids wanted to jump me for my air jordens. The staff let them come to my room and try. I fought them off but with injuries. I remember the 2 staff laughing and saying “you let that white boy woop you” i never experienced racism being from Maine until i went there.
    I was assaulted by staff numerous times. When ever a fight would break out the staff would watch it then would break it up aftet a good 5-10 minutes.
    Older kids were sexually assaulting younger kids. It was happening so much that they finally seperated the sexual predators from the general population. They had this thick blanket they wrapped me in to restrain me. They also would use leather strap restraints aswell.
    Before I forget, they had this “special day” were all the representative’s from all different Devereux centers came. They put on a great show, rented big screen tvs and nice furniture for all the units. Put up decorations and let all the troubled kids out to injoy outside activities(they never do that) but once corporate left all the furniture and tvs went back and it was business as usual.
    I really thought i was going to die in their so I ran away every chance i could. I finally got sent back to Maine. I told all the kids in the detention center that was on they’re way to devereux what to expect when they get there. That place made jail feel like a country club. I blocked out lots of things in that place but the amount of meds they put me on still give me trouble to this day. None profit my ant sally! The state of maine paid $1,000 + a day for me to be there. Dont send your kids unlest you want them to come back worst

  3. Still Broken and Lost on

    I was a patient at that facility when I was young… Cleo Wallace. I am 35 today, I suffer from C-PTSD now and due to being disabled and on medicaid I have a hard time finding therapy due to financial inaccessibility. I do not trust doctors or authority figures since, even if I am in dire pain I won’t go to an ER till it becomes unbearable. Do not send your kids to this facility, I have no faith they have gotten better since the early 90’s. I am sure “Quiet rooms” are still a thing, and with modern technology I am certain they’ve stepped up how creepy, controlling and abusive they are to the children.

    I wish I had a way to tell my story, but it is so patchy because the time there was so traumatizing that much of it was blanked from my mind… until I got pregnant at age 33. I am still addressed with doubt to therapists and such when I try to open up and explore what happened there to lay it to rest. There is no closure for children who go there, the workers get to do what they want to you, and no one ever answers for it. I just wish there was a support group for other survivors of that place of nightmares and innocence devouring occurrences. I have found myself shamed and shunned by every therapist I have tried to work through it with. Most doctors stand with other doctors and even if they know their patient isn’t dishonest they will delude themselves in denial like an abusively complacent family member who won’t acknowledge a dark family secret.

    IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, DO NOT SEND THEM TO CLEO WALLACE-if it doesn’t kill them they’ll wish it had, even if they seem to have ‘improved’, the sick reality is they didn’t improve they are now conforming to the program and scared to go back, or it was the only way they could get released is to play along through the abuse and be good little boys and girls.

  4. Ramona R Williams on

    I am looking to place my daughter in the Florida home. I have heard nothing but good things but being that she has already experienced trauma I do not see anything from the Florida locations. Need reviews from parents and patients that have been in the Florida locations as adolescent residents.

  5. I have been with Devereux for 14 years in Florida. The kids are very well treated. Of course the children aren’t going to like treatment and will say anything. I have had CPS called on me at least twice a year since I’ve worked there. The kids know they have that right. There are cameras EVERYWHERE except the bathrooms and bedrooms. CPS can review the cameras at anytime. If any staff act out of line the police are called on them. We sometimes have to physically restrain children because the become a dangerous to themselves or someone else. ALL employees have to go through a 3 week training to educate them about what Devereux expects and how and when to properly restrain a child AS A LAST RESORT! we don’t use seclusion ever and never use mechanical restraints. These kids are loved and well cared for.

  6. Hang in there Jayden! If you are being abused, DEMAND to talk to the real CPS. At Devereux Cleo Wallace in Colorado, someone came every Monday to look at the kids’ grievances. Staff told our son she was from CPS and she would always sweep the complaints under the rug. We found out after he was out that this was a lie. Real CPS took the complaints seriously. Unfortunately there are no cameras, so no way to prove abuse unless a doctor has to get involved. Good luck!!

  7. Devereux Cleo Wallace ought to be shut down. Children are not safe there and it is anything but therapeutic. Mentally ill children are abused and traumatized regularly. We pulled our son out after 30 days; he had been abused physically and emotionally and has the scars to prove it. Imagine calling CPS and finding out that your report was not the first to be made regarding abuse to your child. Devereux is a prison for unfortunate kids disguised as a therapeutic residential school. Many of the staff seem to take sick pleasure in tormenting the children and then punishing them for reacting. If you love your child, do your research.

    • Which Devereux in which state did this occur. We are in Florida and struggling with a 12 year old grandchild who is ADHD and O.D.D. and were thinking of sending him to Devereux. Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

      • Colorado. Keep your grandson out of Devereux Cleo Wallace. Comb the web carefully for articles that they’ve buried. Even non-mentally ill people would be driven crazy there. Our kid said, “I felt like I was an animal in a cage.” He’s in a good center now and succeeding in every area. Try the Victor Treatment Centers in CA.

    • Hi my name is Jayden Cormier and i am 17 years old and am currently at Devereux in Massachusetts and I am from Brattleboro Vermont. I agree with you about the child abuse here it is not a joke!!!!!!!. I volunteered to come here and get some help only to find out that I have to stay here for a nother couple Months I have been here since last summer!!!!!. and am still waiting to get adopted by my nice foster family in Vermont.

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