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inexpensive rehabs topanga californiaThe Basics

With locations throughout Los Angeles, California and one in Henderson, Nevada, Destinations to Recovery is a CARF-accredited treatment facility for teens with programs for addiction and co-occurring disorders. In addition to its outpatient tracks, the organization also offers residential treatment for adolescents at locations in Santa Monica and Topanga Canyon, California. Destinations does not offer detox.

Accommodations and Food

Each of the homes has six beds available for a total of 12 spots for boys and girls. The bedrooms are spacious and shared between residents, each with two twin beds, dressers and closet space. While the houses have different layouts, both feature Spanish-style architecture and modern decorations. Additionally, both facilities feature outdoor pools, an on-site gym, zen gardens, computer stations and common areas. Throughout their stay, clients are served three farm-to-table meals a day by on-site chefs. Menus are prepared with the help of nutritionists.

Treatment and Staff

Upon intake, all residents go through an initial assessment process to help staff members develop their individualized treatment plans. While the specifics of each may vary, clients generally attend individual and group therapy that uses evidence-based practices. like CBT and DBT.

Aside from the psychotherapeutic approach, each plan also includes a range of holistic options including art therapy, equine therapy, yoga, meditation, surfing lessons and other physical activities. Programs also include 12-step recovery principles, relapse prevention techniques and life skills classes. Support for co-occurring disorders is available through additional psychiatric sessions and medication management, if necessary. Clients also work with on-site tutors to keep up with their schoolwork. Average length of stay is between 45 and 90 days.

The staff at Destinations to Recovery includes psychologists, MSWs, nutritionists, MDs and additional Master’s-level clinicians.


The organization also provides psychiatric evaluations as a standalone service. A range of family therapy options are also available including multi-family groups and parenting classes. Those who complete a primary care track can work with staff members to develop aftercare plans, which may include stepping down to outpatient therapy.

In Summary

Overall, Destinations to Recovery provides a safe, structured environment for teens in recovery from addiction and other mental health disorders. All its programs are well-rounded and include 12-step recovery, evidence-based care and holistic options. For those seeking a comprehensive adolescent treatment option, Destinations to Recovery’s residential programs are worth considering.

Destinations to Recovery
22029 Canon Dr
Topanga, CA 90290

20851 Cheney Dr
Topanga, CA 90290

Destinations to Recovery Cost: Depends on program and length of stay, most insurances accepted. Reach Destinations to Recovery at (310) 752-1365 (Topanga Canyon) and (310) 752-1363. Find Destinations to Recovery on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

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  1. The sexual abuse that happened at Destinations to Recovery Canon House has been substantiated by the state of California, Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department, and DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services. So that parents and guardians can make an informed decision here is a portion of the State of California Community Care Licensing (CCL) report and their concerns regarding Destinations to Recovery Canon House. “As a result of substantiating that a staff person had sex with a minor client in Complaint Investigation Control Number 34-CR-20160218133114, immediate civil penalties in the amount of $2,500 will be assessed for a violation that resulted in abuse of one or more clients.”
    During this meeting Destinations to Recovery Canon House attempted to change the wording on the report from “sexual abuse” to “sexual contact with a minor” because Destinations to Recovery Canon House said that the minors consented to sexual acts with staff in the facility. Quoting directly from the report it states that, “Licensees* expressed concern that the wording within a citation dated 06/20/2016 appears to lead one reading the report that “sexual abuse” occurred, when minors consented to sexual acts with staff in the facility; licensees would like the wording to be altered to express that “sexual contact with a minor” was committed. The licensees stated that they believe the Type A citation should be a Type B citation, as the immediate threat was removed as soon as reasonably possible. RM explained that the language in the regulations and the type of violation that occurred per regulations fall under strict guidelines and cannot be altered by a regional office. Per the new Enhanced Civil Penalty laws, Health and Safety (H&S) Code section 1548(d), the Department shall issue a civil penalties for a violation that the department determines constitutes physical abuse, as defined in Health and Safety Code section 1548(e)(2), including sexual abuse as defined in Section 11165.1 of the Penal Code. As a result of substantiating that a staff person had sex with a minor client in Complaint Investigation Control Number 34-CR-20160218133114, immediate civil penalties in the amount of $2,500 will be assessed for a violation that resulted in abuse of one or more clients.”
    This link will take you directly to the CCL report:
    This meeting was represented by the following people:
    Lenora Scott, Regional Manager – CCL
    Monique Turner-Marshall, Licensing Program Manager – CCL
    Regina Martin, Licensing Program Analyst – CCL
    (Continued in the review below:)

  2. Brandon Galbraith, Licensing Program Analyst – CCL
    Olivia Rosas, Licensing Program Analyst – CCL
    Ari Stark, Vice President of Operations – Destinations To Recovery
    Daniel Samson, President – Destinations To Recovery
    Candice Till, Clinical Director – Destinations To Recovery
    Linda Kollar, Lawyer – Destinations To Recovery
    *Destinations to Recovery
    Review about: Destinations To Recovery Staff.

  3. concerned citizen on

    Destinations to Recovery on Canon has had sexual abuse between an employee and clients at this facility and they have been found to be true by the State of CA’s Department of Children and Family Services. You can look for yourself on the state’s website;

    The state fined them and they are still open even though this happend. Destinations to Recovery officials also tried to get the wording on the report as well as the type of violation changed. Is this where you want to send someone who needs help?

    • I checked the link and it said that DCFS checked the facility because of complaint, but there was no “proof” that complaint was valid. My daughter was at the facility in Canon, and other than the mean neighbor who threatened them with a gun (could that be you?), there was no problem

      • Hi Sara,

        I hope that Destinations to Recovery called the police (and I wonder what the out come was) regarding this threatening with a gun incident. That is really scary. I would NEVER send one of my children to this facility with such a crazy neighbor so close. I wonder why they haven’t moved to a new house. Thanks for letting the community know.

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