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The world-class white sand beaches of Destin, on the Florida Panhandle, are home to Destin Recovery, an inpatient addiction treatment facility that promises to “integrate recovery into life, and life into recovery.” Its founder, Dr. Roland Reeves, believes in a holistic treatment approach to recovery, but he first and foremost treats addiction as a disease. The medications he may prescribe include methadone, buprenorphine, Naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfiram, topiramate, bupropion, varenicline, Suboxone, Vivitrol, Campral and Revia.

Accommodations and Food

Guests stay in a residential condo building directly on the beach, with five units, each with two beds. All rooms are shared, and units are divided by gender. High, vaulted ceilings and floor to ceiling windows allow in the bright Florida sunshine and showcase the sugar white sands and turquoise ocean beyond. Decor and furnishings are clean, modern and new—much like a trendy resort condo.

There are 18 beds available for guests, but occupancy rarely exceeds 16. Two residential managers are on site at all times, and there cameras in all rooms (except for the bathrooms) to monitor client activity.

Not included in the price of admission to Destin Recovery is food; clients should come with a debit or credit card (which is stored in a safe). There are weekly excursions to the grocery store where they purchase their own food, then do their own cooking.

Treatment and Staff

A typical day includes breakfast and meds, meditation, a 12-step meeting, group therapy, lunch, surfing, swimming, kayaking, dinner, a 12-step meeting, medication and lights out at 10 pm.

Destin Recovery’s holistic approach relies upon three main components of treatment: medical (ongoing care from an MD and prescriptions) clinical (individual and group therapy, acupuncture, pain management, nutritional coaching) and spiritual (12-step meetings, meditation, life skills and spiritual counseling).

The staff consists of licensed clinical social workers and certified addiction professionals. Licensed psychotherapists are also available to enhance treatment and recovery.

Detox is offered at Destin Recovery. Clients stay in one of two multi-story homes on the beach and receive treatment at a facility a short chauffeured van-ride away.


The two treatment concepts that perhaps distinguish Destin Recovery from other rehabs are their emphasis both on medication and on participating in everyday activities and events that “demonstrate how to live life and enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.” The aforementioned extracurricular activities done in the afternoon exemplify this as do the excursions into the real world include day trips to go fishing, golfing, paddle boarding, hiking and shopping.

In Summary

Destin Recovery’s treatment program is based on the belief that the problem of addiction is in the brain. It’s not for those who don’t like the use of medication to help clients get off drugs but with meds, therapy and 12-step work, all bases here are covered.

Destin Recovery Location

4635 Gulfstarr Dr., Ste. 100
Destin, FL 32541

Destin Recovery Cost

$16,000 (30 days). Reach Destin Recovery by phone at (855) 638-7258. Find Destin Recovery at Facebook and YouTube

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  1. This man lied to my spouse and tried to force me to stay at his facility an extra 30 days. He sent me to the emergency room for a condition I DID NOT have. That was an extra $14,000. Thank God the emergency room refused to send me back to his facility. Now, I am divorced and have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I believe he is a sociopath, and his only motivation is money. He has been foreclosed on with mention of a past bankruptcy in the county records. I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to him. If you have been harmed by this man, please file a complaint at Click on the “File a Complaint” link about a third down on the right side of the page. It’s the only way to stop him from harming others. I beg you to stay away from this cruel man.

  2. The doctor only cares about money. Don’t waste yours on this place. Don’t go or send someone you love here. My therapist was terrible and is the reason I’m getting a divorce. She used my family against me.

    Don’t let them contact your family. If you do, they will go behind your back and lie! I couldn’t talk to my wife for 2 weeks and only on speakerphone in front of the therapist. Visits are not allowed. This place will ruin your life!

    If you want to recover, don’t go here!!!

  3. I had a hellacious experience at Destin Recovery. I checked myself in and was treated like a criminal who had no rights as soon as my husband left. The doctor and nurse are only after your money. They tried to force me to stay beyond the 30 days I paid for by Baker Acting me. A psychiatrist immediately rescinded the Baker Act. Don’t go or send anyone here.
    The beach setting means nothing. I was only allowed to go one time and had to walk with the whole group. Sunbathing was not an option.
    You have to cook your own food with little time allowed for it.
    There are no family visits allowed. I didn’t get to talk to my husband for 2 weeks and only on speakerphone in front of the therapist.
    The doctor is a recovering addict himself. Judging by what happened to me, I think he was using alcohol/drugs at the time.
    I have nightmares about this place.

    • I agree with everything you said,,,, I was there Feb thru March of 2016. My family thought they were doing something good for me but as a christian I would never recommend this place to anyone…. I have never heard the F word so many times and G damn word the just hurt my soul for my Lord and Savior……Never ever send a loved one that puts God first there…..It will hurt their heart too….

      • on top of what I said in my last reply, I have so much more to share and would love to share with anyone thinking about Destin rehab……My sponser was a Lesbian and an athiaist and tried to tell me that I had a problem…….WOW God is soo good all the time……


        • If I could give this place a negative rating, I would. I came out much worse than when I went in. They lie to you and your family. The doctor told my husband I had taken drugs. I HAD NOT!!! I am a straight alcoholic. They only wanted our money and lied to get my husband to pay for another month because they knew we had money. They threw out the patients who didn’t have money. Their only motivation was monetary and went to any lengths to part us from our money. The doctor was determined not to let me out at 30 days and had me sent falsely to the psychiatric ward in the attempt to keep me there. He tried to get the Sheriff’s department to do the paperwork. They refused. So, he did it. The psychiatric ward immediately released me because it was unwarranted. I was told the doctor had done this before. That little trip to the psychiatric ward cost $14,000. The doctor refused to pay it.

          They practice humiliation and degradation in front of the entire group. They had me crying in front of everyone by attacking me for caring about the other patients. They said this meant I was not caring for myself. What a lie! I went in voluntarily because my liver was being affected I NEEDED HELP! Another week in this same group, my roommate was attacked for dressing like a slut. The next week, my other roommate was attacked for looking sultry. She was a beautiful woman and did absolutely nothing to look sultry. The last week, he attacked a lovely lady in outpatient therapy. Again, she did nothing to deserve it. The doctor only attacked women and has a deep seated problem with them.

          The website looks like a fun time at the beach. They only let us go 1 time, and we all had to go for a walk only. There was NO sunbathing, kayaking, swimming, etc. even though they advertised it. DON’T BELIEVE THE WEBSITE!

          The absolute worst of all this is that it broke up my marriage. The doctor involved my husband in this horrible scam with his lies. The doctor knew my husband had serious controlling and narcissistic tendencies and played my husband like a fiddle. Because of this, my husband lied to me and verbally and emotionally abused me for months after I left Destin Recovery. The doctor gave my husband justification to abuse me. I had to leave my husband for my survival. We were in the process of building our dream home and had to give it up.

          The doctor also makes a big deal out of being a general and vascular surgeon. He is no longer certified as such, and there is a malpractice claim that occurred in 2009 and settled in 2011 for $250,000. The doctor’s notes in my case state several medical conditions he thought I had. I HAD NONE OF THEM!!! My test results from the psychiatric ward back this up. I wouldn’t let him treat my worst enemy!

          They do charge different people different amounts and highly discourage the patients from discussing it. I don’t know how he gets away with it!

          They discourage family communication. I was finally allowed to talk to my husband after 2 weeks but only on speakerphone in front of my therapist. My husband agreed to research other centers for me. She called him behind my back to ask him not to do it. My husband pushed her for when we could visit in person. She finally agreed to a date that was after my discharge date. They were not going to let me out and convinced my husband not to pick me up on my discharge date. I only got out because they sent me to the psychiatric ward. I now have PTSD because of that experience. The psychiatric ward determined I should not be there and sent me home. They refused to send me back to Destin Recovery!

          Now, I have PTSD and am divorced from what I thought was a happy marriage. I came out worse off than when I went in. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO OR SEND ANYONE HERE. YOU WILL WASTE YOUR MONEY AND GET HURT!

          By the way, the doctor’s nurse is his wife. Between the two of them, they have a horrible addiction treatment scam going. Also, many of the 5 star reviews are from staff members who were there when I was. Most of the time, these reviews say how great the staff is. WHAT A HOAX! THIS IS EXTORTION!!!

        • Sandra I’m also one of the reviewers on this Hell Hole of a place. I have some good news for you. Destin Recovery is closing their doors. God and justice have prevailed.

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