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Based in Corona, California, Signature Healthcare Services is one of the largest networks of private psychiatric hospitals in the country. It delivers mental health and substance abuse treatment services for children, adolescents and adults at ten hospitals in five states. Residential, outpatient and aftercare services consist of treatment plans that include a variety of therapeutic modalities, including 12-step and holistic approaches. Part of the vast Signature Healthcare network, Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It provides inpatient psychiatric treatment and substance abuse detox, as well as an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP).

Accommodations and Food

Detox clients are admitted to a wing of the 83-bed psychiatric hospital. They are housed two or three to a room in dorm-style rooms, and all meals are provided in the cafeteria. Dietary restrictions can be accommodated upon request.

Treatment and Staff

The detox unit is for clients struggling with chemical dependency and the average length of stay is three to five days. The PHP and IOP can be a step-down or an alternative for those who need a intense level of care without inpatient treatment. These programs feature all the components of inpatient treatment while still allowing clients the freedom to go home at the end of the day. The PHP consists of six hours a day, five days a week for two weeks. The IOP consists of three hours a day, three days a week for three weeks. Schedules can be varied to accommodate the needs of clients.

Both treatment programs are highly structured and include individual and group therapy using a CBT approach and medication management (if necessary). Groups focus on addiction education, mood disorders, managing cravings, post-acute withdrawal syndrome, stress management, coping skills, relapse prevention and the culture of addiction. Dual diagnosis support is available in individual sessions if needed. These are aimed at educating clients to the consequences of addiction and building life skills. Family therapy is available to help repair relationships with loved ones.

Staff includes CADCs, psychiatrists, registered nurses, case managers, LCSWs, activity therapists and a registered dietician.


A specialized treatment track for active duty military members or veterans consists of the same therapeutic elements, but is available in dedicated groups tailored for veterans and their families. Co-occurring disorders common in this population such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, psychosis and other psychiatric issues are treated concurrently.

In Summary

Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital provides a wide range of treatment options. The facility hosts a highly-trained interdisciplinary staff, with tailored, 24-hour care available to all. The clients benefit from psychiatric support as well as highly structured treatment plans that keep them busy. Treatment costs $4,500 for the first five days of inpatient care, and $900 a day thereafter. The outpatient treatment is $200 a session.

Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Location

3247 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital Cost

Depends on program. Reach Desert Parkway Behavioral Healthcare Hospital by phone at (702) 776-3500.

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  1. Don Dierdorff on

    This place is horrible! They won’t even let you drink water without having to grovel and the only time you get to go outside to get any sunlight is to go out for a smoke break.

  2. I currently have a friend there and I am seeking legal counsel to sue this place and St. Rose where she was initially seen. I am an educated person and I am very articulate. I am direct and I do my homework. So far I have received a barrage of misinformation. This is a tactic employed by health care providers designed to keep patients in play for the insurance proceeds or get them out of their facilities when they have reached their cap. I have scoured approximately 100 reviews from google to yelp and they are all similar. Even is you wanted to assume some patients are here for free meds and wrote a bad review, you could eliminate those and you would still have enough well written reviews to formulate an educated opinion on the abuse of authority, lack of patient rights and ineptitude of the personnel from nurses and doctors to admittance and administrators. Anyone who is currently involved with in a lawsuit or had knowledge of one or an attorney may contact me 24/7 at 702-207-9817. Presently I am interviewing attorneys and expect to file a motion for her release Monday morning April 24, 2017.

  3. All these reviews are truly sad I’ve only dealt with them for one day my wife is on 200 west if you’ve been here you know what that is. I believe every last one of these reviews 100%. I will be putting my energy to get them shut down.

  4. Where to begin. My husband was just in this facility for 7 days. Unfortunately, we have had inpatient stays elsewhere across the country prior to this. This facility is hands down the WORST. My husband ended up going to court to secure his discharge but they made him leave against medical advice. He saw the same staff each day and they never remembered him, his name, why he was there etc. I called to talk to him and they told me they would give him a message. They never did. They have ridiculous call times and visiting hours. We honestly felt like they were milking his time there because we have insurance that will pay. No one even talked to him about a treatment plan or medication until day 6. Well once they start you on a new medication they want to watch you for another week or so. There was one phone for the entire facility. They did nothing useful or helpful in the slightest. The only thing they accomplished is giving my husband more anxiety. I would love to joint any suit if there is one. Also, I am from out of state, is there a news station there that does shady business practice pieces? I am tempted to start there.

  5. Speaking of the court process, patients are forced to go through and face a judge by monitor to decide their fate. Who’s the judge that the patients are facing each week, day month to state their case to? How intense is this court case situation, what does it mean to the patients? How does it affect their livelihood?

    • now my son at desert parkway in las vegas signed four additional release for information forms and is told by staff that it takes 72 hours for the releases to be initiated and active. I let him know via telephone call with him this is not true, the releases are immediate as soon as he give authorization for release to whom ever he is placing on the form. When he signed a release of information for me it gave me immediate access to his medical information This is the same as it would for Social Security and any other entity or person he places to release information to on the form regarding his medical information at Desert Parkway.

  6. The facility and staff make a persons that needs help not want to seek help: This is because of the aspect of business practice, policies, staff management over patient management, and not to mention a Dr. that no one knows about: what are the Dr’s credentials, where did they study at, how much experience do they have to treat the mental ill or the addict person? And yet the facility staff submit court paperwork to have patients stand before a judge to get released. Even patient phone calls are recorded and listen to by a live person on the other line… the way read the mission statement for this facility, it’s not accurate.

    • TREATMENT AND STAFF: “The detox unit is for clients struggling with chemical dependency and the average length of stay is three to five days.” Our son will be there after tonight going on his 8th day…..and no real valid medical reason why. But several different reasons why…which one do we pick?

      • Dual diagnosis/dual diagnosis support

        Dual diagnosis/dual diagnosis support: Dual diagnosis (also known as a co-occurring disorders) refers to someone who is afflicted with both a mental disorder and a substance abuse problem. It’s a term that can be used to describe anything from a combination of depression and addiction to psychosis or schizophrenia and addiction. Rehabs which offer dual diagnosis support are equipped to diagnose and treat both issues separately.
        How long is the treatment for this “dual diagnosis”? in patient or outpatient? Who determines the length of treatment, where, when is a person determined stable enough to decrease treatment if needed?

  7. Well, apparently my husband was transported to this place 3 days ago, the freaking RUDE nurses at St. Rose hospital wouldn’t tell me where they transported him, the only way I found out was he called and left a message on my cell phone. I called the number back, and of course they won’t even tell me if my husband is there! So, I drove down to talk to someone, but the place is locked up tight! You can’t even get in the front door! !! WTF??? I called them again, explaining the situation, and again, they can’t tell me if he’s even there! Okay I get the privacy laws, but when your husband is MISSING for 4 days, you think SOMEONE would help you out a bit!! Maybe I should go to the police and report him musding, and tell them to start their search at St. Rose hospital, since that’s the last known place he was at!!! I’m TOTALLY FRUSTRATED at this point with the entire “F”d up backwards ass system! No wonder people SNAP!!!

    • Darlene Lewisq on

      There are some things that I believe the facility is not abiding by per NRS…..especially when they have you complete your paperwork for authorization for treatment days later after they have already been giving you medications….then tell you don’t date the paperwork…hmmmm…

  8. This is a great treatment center if you truly want to be a drug addict your whole life or die quickly from the amount of drugs they prescribe. My son went there for anxiety and depression treatment he is now addicted to Xanax the last prescription 60 pills was consumed in 3 days now we are dealing with withdrawals

  9. Tiffany has caused me to loose wages and possibly my job. She is the most conveying person I’ve ever come across. She and I sat down and did my disability paper work. She then released me back to work prior to my knowledge. I have been battling this for a few weeks. No matter who I speak to, countless of voicemails. From the CEO Steve to management no one ever calls me back. Then if I don’t call from a blocked number they don’t answer or pick up and transfer me to another floor who then passes me back to the receptionist. Today I called a private investigator to price the cost of a polygraph test 500 dollars with Western Security Consultants just to prove that TIFFANY IS A BOLD FACE LIAR. Once I do that I intend on getting an attorney. The entire program and hospital itself needs to be checked. I’ve seen staff give people the “booty juice” out of spike then brag about it as though it’s a joke. I’ve seen them talk shit to patients they know can’t articulate what was going on… some days they had “group” yet no one was available for group. This place only takes the money from the insurance companies and throw pills at you. There is no true rehab. And there is no accountability. I plan on making Tiffany and Desert Parkway accountable for this simple mistake that could have been corrected. Instead they prefer to write it off as miscommunication. Big mistake.

    • Jon Tenesia on

      Please contact ASAP regarding a class action law suit involving this facility and its staff members.

      • Mallory Clark on

        Jon Tenesia I am interested in being a part of that class action suit. This place is nothing but a drug front for insurance money. The services they list are not offered. They lie to families about patients while treating patients like inmates. The psychiatric help does more psychological harm than anything and shower chemically dependent people with mind altering drugs to keep them docile.

        • Yep, class action law suit is the way to go. Did you Know the Owners of this facility can be found on the State of Nevada official website under a Business License search?

        • Mallory, you’re right, drug front for insurance money. Where is the family counseling that’s mentioned in their online site? Yes they provide more psychological harm than good to those that seek help, not only for the patient but for the patient’s families.

    • you have only 12 months to do so, so you can contact attorney Bill Terry to handle your case. You’re right, not even the CEO will return phone calls. And you can do more than you say on your comment page. Email me and I’ll let you know what other resources you can take action with. Darlene Lewis,

      • Darlene, How do I contact you? My daughter is in this facility right now and getting the same abuse and run around. I want to contact the attorney as well. Please respond with your contact info so I can get my daughter out of here. She’s been wrongfully put in there by St Rose as it is. PLEASE HELP!

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