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Sunspire Health: Desert Palms


Sunspire Health: Desert PalmsSunspire Health: Desert Palms Review

The behavioral health network Sunspire Health has nine locations; Desert Palms is its California campus, located in Cathedral City, two hours east of Los Angeles in the Coachella Valley. The residential program offers detox and treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Small and intimate, its goal is to optimize care for clients by maximizing individual attention. Treatment employs evidence-based methods, experiential therapy and abstinence. It also offers Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and a special track for LGBT clientele.

Accommodations and Food

It would be easy to mistake Desert Palms for a resort as it used to be a luxury hotel. Its buildings are arranged around a pool shaped liked a keyhole and carefully planted palm trees, with mountains looming in the distance.

Inside, the decor is reminiscent of a beachfront property: shades of white, wicker furniture, glass tables and hardwood floors. The meditation room has a Buddha shrine in the corner and pillows scattered on the floor. The intimate family room is clad with comfortable couches and chairs facing each other, surrounded by tables covered in flowers and recovery literature.

Desert Palms has 36 beds in total, for adult men and women. The large bedrooms accommodate two clients, each with its own bathroom and outdoor patio. The full beds are made up with fluffy white comforters and clients have a dresser, nightstand and a view of the pool.

Nutrition is an important component of recovery at Desert Palms. Meals accommodations can be made for dietary restrictions, including vegetarians, vegans and those allergic to gluten. Clients eat three meals a day together in the dining room.

Treatment and Staff

Treatment for many clients begins with detox and Desert Palms provides American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM)-certified physicians to supervise. Clients typically remain in this phase between four and 11 days, after which they transition to the residential program.

The residential phase lasts between one and three months but the specific length of treatment is dependent on each client’s individualized treatment plan and his or her financial capabilities.

All clients participate in individual and group therapy, as well as educational sessions. Groups are scheduled daily while individual appointments are twice a week. Group discussions focus on grief and loss, resolving trauma, anger management, stress management and relapse prevention. Non-discussion based groups include meditation and mindfulness as well as physical fitness and structured recreation. Lectures educate clients about the cycle of addictive behavior. Counselors who facilitate the program are trained in CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing (MI). Desert Palms also offers LGBT-specific programming.

There are 32 staff members at Desert Palms—an MD, psychiatrist, nursing staff, MFTs, certified addiction specialists, techs and nutrition staff.


Cardiovascular exercise, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi are all included in the residential treatment program.

Clients can schedule family therapy sessions at their convenience and family is included in select outings to encourage the rebuilding of strained relationships. For family members who are far away, Desert Palms also offers conference calls and video conferencing.

Aftercare is available in the form of continued treatment stepped down to an outpatient basis at the same facility.

In Summary

Desert Palms looks like what a rehab at this price point should be: evidence-based treatment, alternative therapies, qualified professionals, almost a one-to-one staff-to-client ratio and a full continuum of care. In addition, clients are treated to resort accommodations, semi-private rooms and healthy meals across the spectrum of dietary considerations. Desert Palms even offers extended stays for the client who needs more than the standard 3o days.

Desert Palms Location

67580 Jones Rd
Cathedral City, CA 92234

Sunspire Health: Desert Palms Cost

Depends on program; financing available. Reach Sunspire Health: Desert Palms by phone at (888)-291-4453 or by email at [email protected]. Find Sunspire Health: Desert Palms on Facebook and Twitter

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  1. This program is a joke, they lie to you to get you there and take ur phone away so you can’t leave for at least 6 days.. treat you like sub par humans when it is suppose to be a “luxury facility”. They seriously over drug their clients long after detox, the food is soooooo bad, basically not edible, they won’t work with special diets, I was personally discharged a week before I graduated because I yelled at another patient that deserved it and he told on me that I threatened him so the staff made up extra excuses to discharge me that were so far from the truth it’s a disgrace to their facility and company name.. the staff is i knowledgeable and mean for no reason, treating grown men and women as children.. just because they have “nice” facilities they feel they can get away with murder, and they have.. the website lies about massages (that cost crazy extra), all kinds of personal and family therapy included (that no one on staff is qualified to actually do example edmr and many other cognitive therapies). The overprescribe their patients to overcharge the insurance companies and the “cocktail” of drugs I was given made my left hand go numb and unable to function to which they told me I must have shot up in a nerve, when I’ve never shot up in my hand in my life.. when discharged they stopped all meds cold turkey (which is irresponsible and dangerous) especially with the sheer quantity let alone kind of drugs I was given.. during my stay there I was actually threatened by other patients, which was witnessed by staff and ignored, as well as actually witnessed multiple patients destroying property which they blamed on my for not “ratting the offenders out”.. if you love your family member/significant other and treasure their mental wellbeing DO NOT send them here.. head my warning please… I can’t possibly say enough.. I truly tried to get the most I could out of my stay there, tried to keep positive and say “it could be worse” but in reality we paid way too much for this kind of treatment to be so ineffective and outright terrible.. I’m scarred for life from just having been here..

    • This is true I have been through the facility not once, not twice, but three times and they treated me worse everytime. The rules are made up on the spot and some staff are more tolerable than others. The lessons are repetitive and staff will admit that. All staff treats patients with disrespect buy expect to have you mirror them. All in all don’t go here.

  2. My stay at Desert Palms saved my life and my relationships with my family. When I tried to go to a local facility it was in a basement and the beds were like jail beds. At 11:00 the circuit breaker was tripped and the door to the bedroom hall was slammed. I’ve never been more scared in my life. I left after the first night and quickly turned back to my addictions. I hit rock bottom and called the first place I found. I thought I would go somewhere local. Never had any idea I would end up in California. The accommodations were wonderful and so comfortable. I was so blessed to have such a beautiful place to recover. My counselor was so straight forward and called me out on my bullshit many times. The medical staff was awesome. The best thing for me was the established tolerance and understanding of things and people who are different from myself. I learned the skills I needed to start over and heal the relationships I had damaged. Meditation, group therapy, counseling sessions, outside meetings, hiking on weekend trips and the support of staff and residents. I opened my back door every morning and stared at the mountains. I thanked God for allowing me to get better in such a beautiful place. As I said, it savedoesnt my life and my family.

  3. I checked in at Desert Palms on Monday morning at 12:10 am September 13th. I was placed in detox for approximately 72 hours, which is standard for someone portraying no withdrawal symptoms like myself. Their level system encourages participation in both small groups, local AA, NA, and CA gatherings. If you work the program you will achieve results. Desert Palms dietery commitment to their patients is sub par at best serving salty meat with very few vegetables. Nothing from scratch unless you consider scrambled eggs a home cooked meal. Their beds are probably a half notch better than homeless shelter cots. The purpose of this information is to make aware to those that believe that recovery is multi-faceted And comfortable sleeping quarters could make or break a successful treatment plan. I was not looking for luxury but a good night sleep without psyche medicine that was given to me as a sleep aid would have been suffice! My stay went south when I expressed that the various techs that drive us to our outpatient events were speeding up to 20 mph over the speed limit. Other patients thanked me for speaking up and correcting this anxiety inducing behavior. However, the facility reprimanded me and told me I was disrespecting staff. At that point I decided I wanted to find a more suitable treatment center. The family therapist there was set on making me stay. When I expressed I wanted to stay only long enough to transfer to another facility he then told me he was sorry for my family and children that I was not open to criticism. His name is Daryl. He made me feel very vulnerable and I was worried for my safety. He did let me have a monitored call to my wife in which he hung the phone up one twice because I was describing to her( who is located 3000 miles away) what was going on. Far from humane treatment nevermind professional innovative care. I also witnessed 4 other people leave in the week I was there. Beware to all that may consider this facility because they kicked me out which for their record looks better than me leaving for another treatment center. Good luck to all those grabbing the nasty demons of addiction by the horns but do some research previous it may make the difference.

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