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Desert Cove is a 12-step and holistic treatment rehab in the affluent Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, a peaceful desert surrounding (at least during the times of year where the temperature isn’t stiflingly hot). The desert and rivers to the north make this treatment center, which launched in 2012, an ideal location for the outdoor therapy that is integral to Desert Cove’s treatment.

Accommodations and Food

The facility isn’t as homey as others but what it lacks in that department, it makes up for with its minimalist, calming desert design. Group therapy rooms are stocked with leather office chairs and native cacti and the hallways are lined with art and photography. Residences are carpeted with twin-sized beds. While they’re corporate and apartment-like, Desert Cove has made an effort to give them a relaxing touch. Every client has a roommate and private rooms are not available. There’s a pool and community TV available in the media room for clients to watch during free time.

The food is organic with an emphasis on health to restore the body in recovery. The Nutrition and Wellness Program at Desert Cove is supplemented with exercise and balanced food planning and preparation to enhance healthy living. Lots of protein and vegetables are in every meal.

Treatment and Staff

With a minimum 90-day stay, Desert Cove offers treatment based on the 12 steps of AA with an added holistic approach. All clients are required to go to off-site AA meetings seven nights a week. The on-site meetings are from local home groups that bring in speakers and lead meetings. Group therapy and one to three one-on-one sessions a week are also integral to the treatment plan. Expressive Art Therapy is offered as an alternative to lectures and courses on addiction. The therapy is CBT and DBT. Desert Cove’s specialty is chronic relapse and relapse prevention so they emphasize teaching clients how to deal with trauma and pain without relying on drugs or alcohol.

The holistic approach encompasses their goal of treating the mind, body and spirit and involves a three-part approach that addressees physiological, emotional and spiritual needs.

The staff of 14 is highly credentialed in recovery. They range from MDs to RN’s to specialists of all other relevant stripes. The male-to-female ratio is split in half and the overnight staff is highly credentialed as well.

Clients who need medical detox can get it in a supervised setting close to the rehab. Dual-diagnosis support is available as well. Family members may visit their loved ones six weeks into the program where they receive education about addiction and treatment. One caveat for those who may like distractions from all this serious recovery: cell phones and computers aren’t allowed and WiFi isn’t available.

A typical day at Desert Cove means waking up and eating breakfast at 7 am and attending group therapy from 9 to 10:30. From 10:45 to noon, clients have a variety of things to do depending on the day, including educational group courses, expressive art therapy, healing trauma courses and yoga. From noon to 1:30, clients get a long break for lunch, which is followed by educational courses, lectures and group or one-on-one therapy until 2:45. From 3 to 4, they either listen and talk to outside speakers or have more therapy sessions. After that is exercise and a break until dinner at 6. An AA meeting follows dinner and then it’s free time until lights out at 11.


Exercise, as stated earlier, is a huge part of the treatment program at Desert Cove. There is an adventure program that is integrated with Tierra Wild, a local therapeutic outdoor program in Arizona that manages to incorporate a 12-step model into the activities. These activities include hiking, backpacking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, challenge courses and service projects. There’s also a local gym where clients receive memberships. Additional activities include bowling and trips to the movies as well as a local amusement park.

Equine therapy is offered in conjunction with Scottsdale Horseback Riding company Hunkapi Programs. 

In Summary

For what it offers, Desert Cove is a great deal: alternative therapy, a highly credentialed staff, 12-step emphasis and holistic treatments. Still, the accommodations aren’t as luxurious as they could be and the program here could be too serious for some. Still, at the right time of year, a serene desert experience could make for a highly soothing place to begin a healthy new sober life.

Desert Cove Recovery Location

15170 N Hayden Rd, Suite 4
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Desert Cove Recovery Cost

Desert Cove Cost: $12,700 (30 days). Reach Desert Cove by phone at (877) 775-9943. Find Desert Cove on Facebook or Twitter

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  1. confidential on

    They say they can help with mental health ,please dont believe them . A man picked me up at the airport ,his car looked like he had been in a destruction derby and lost. He took all my personal things to send home (phone ,wallet ,money ) to be sent home. They sent everything except the money.My first day going to groups i was warned about a certain person , well i met him as soon as i walked in the building. I was a hat in the building not knowing it was a big no no. I was yelled at with the f word flying, if he would of said we dont allow it . When we got broken into little groups he belittled me ,asked me if i dont have a substance problem then what the fuck am i doing there ? After about a week of being there belittle by several other employees i realized this wasnt the place for me . I tried to take my life there. It took them about 3 weeks and finding out that i made an attempt to realize they couldnt help me , they could not get me out of there fast enough. They told my family if there wasnt a place found soon they were sending me home. When they took me to the airport to leave ,any money that i had saved from what they give you ( which you are billed for ) they took and never mailed back home. I was in a very bad place mentally and they did not and could not help so pleas dont think they can help mentally.

  2. Vogue Recovery on

    Vogue Recovery Center Treatment Philosophy

    We agree with the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the United States Surgeon General, and the broad consensus of behavioral health experts that addiction is a biological, psychological and sociological disease. This illness is chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal and is known to respond only to aggressive and long term health care treatment.

    The illness of addiction arises from a dysfunction in the brain’s reward center, causing a person to obsessively fantasize about and compulsively seek alcohol, drugs or behaviors which offer them euphoria no matter what negative consequences may occur along with it. In time the cycle of using becomes painful and the person’s health, sanity and life sharply decline.

    Eventually a person does not use alcohol, drugs or prescriptions because they want to, but because they have to. Without it they will experience physical, emotional and even spiritual pain which is unbearable and beyond the person’s ability to overcome alone.

    At Vogue we combine the best practices of science driven health care and time tested recovery to treat the disease of addiction. Through medicine, psychotherapy, group counseling, neurofeedback, and individualized care we provide evidenced based solution-focused care for every patient. These are combined with yoga, nutrition, exercise, art, music, and recovery fellowships to create an all-of-the-above approach.

    We offer Nevada’s Finest Addiction Treatment, because we personalize each patient’s care in a relaxed, luxury environment with an abundance of comfort.

  3. Desert Cove saved my life! All the petty shit that people are complaining about was never enough to keep them sober in the first place. Of course Desert Cove did not give me everything my entitled self wanted… they gave me what I needed. I needed people to call me out on my b.s I needed to hear the truth. The fact of the matter is I didn’t like everything I heard… but it was the truth. I’m forever grateful for Desert Cove and the amazing staff.

  4. If you go here your name will always be thrown around whether you are doing well or not. Aftercare with Bill is a complete joke and he thrives on spreading drama and rumors. All therapists here are so unprofessional and feel it nesseccary to use deragatorty statements or cuss words to speak to you.

  5. Confidential on

    Desert cove doesn’t care about your family member. They care about money and how much they can bill insurance. Have a hint of an insurance issue and they will find a way to kick your family out for minor manipulated issues while looking the other way on infractions as bad as drugs in the facility My family member was in almost 90 days they withheld family contact as punishment then family got kicked to the curb with no notice for trumped up ridiculous reason Healthy organic food? U mean the trip to grocery for cigs and sugar. No guidance just a monthly bill. Special activities? Yes when not withheld. I think DC used to be good from what ai hear but now under leadership and the staff is very mean all the good people have left or leaving. Relapse prevention? Kicking to curb by dropping off at Community Bridges who don’t know why dropped there and no transportation or time to find any. Coed groups but punishment for out of group speaking to opposite sex. Huh?
    This place is horribly sad
    Don’t send your family here there are plenty of good places

  6. I went to tour this rehab and was told that I could talk to my husband every single evening. LIES!! I wasn’t allowed to talk to him at all. I also was promised that the mens rehab was completely separate from the ladies. LIES! These people at Desert Cove are SO SO MEAN. They talk so rudely to all of the residents there. They want no interaction with the families at all. No support at all. I had to pull my husband out of there. They made him feel like total shit and bitched me out on the phone in front of my husband! Anyway! Thank God we live right in Scottsdale and I could get him into a better rehab!!

  7. This place fucking sucks the staff is psycho and don’t give a shit about you I’ve been here and other rehabs and not one other rehab was near as bad as this one. It’s nice but everyone is mean and they litterly don’t give a shit about you just you’re money if you send you’re kid or yourself or anyone here you are the devil yourself

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